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JPHen's blog
Posted by JPHen | Nov 13, 2011 @ 11:38 AM | 2,071 Views
Just waiting for me to get this thing up here... Going to run a DA-150 on cans with a 3 blade. No hurry to get this done however.

The all red plane is a CompArf MX2. Going to run this one with a BME-150 on standard mufflers and single HV servos all-around. This one I hope to finish in about a month. Just need to mount the tank, and throttle servo and I'm pretty much done.
Posted by JPHen | Mar 18, 2009 @ 05:20 PM | 3,086 Views
Our day at Fredericksburg Area RC Club in Thornburg, VA.
Posted by JPHen | Feb 16, 2009 @ 02:27 PM | 4,076 Views
Some pics of the Velox out of the box. Yes, I know, the airbrushing on the cowl and canopy frame doesn't match the fuse too well. It's not as noticeable in the daylight. Yes, I plan on adding some graphics to mask some of it. I'm also thinking of a peel away effect to the silver fiberglass.

Also a pic of the powerplant.
Posted by JPHen | Feb 15, 2009 @ 11:38 AM | 3,921 Views
Just added the Krill to my fleet, but I currently have the following flying:

TopModel Honda Giles
76 inch WS
Hacker A60 18M
APC 20x10 prop
Spin 77
12s Evo 30C 3200 packs
Hyperion Atlas Servos

3dFly (www.3dfly.co.kr) Edge
70" WS
Neu 1915 3y (backmount with 6mm shaft)
CC HV 45
12s GE Power (Ebay special) 25C 2800 Mah (good price $80 shipped each - 2x6s)
Hyperion Atlas Servos
APC 17x8 prop
I can fly pretty hard for 7 minutes and I still haven't been able to drain more than 1300 mah from my packs.

3DHS Extra SR
Kontronik Kora 15-12w
CC 60
Hitec 65MG's
TP, FP, Fusion Pack - 3s 2100's.

These are the planes I bring to the field. If I fly at my neighborhood soccer field, I take the SR and I can get away with flying the Edge there also, since it lands so ridiculously slow. The Giles I'm still trimming out. Three flights so far, but I haven't gotten the guts up to push it, eventhough I can tell already it's less of a 3d and more of a precision flyer.

When I finish the Velox, I don't think I'll be able to fit any other plane (except maybe the SR) in my Tahoe. So I better have a lot of batteries ready to go.

TP 1010
FMA Cellpro 6s

Medusa PowerAnalyzer

Planes I want to sell
HL AT-6 (Aeroshell)
HET F-18
SBRC Me-163
Magic 2
NeSail Samba
Posted by JPHen | Feb 12, 2009 @ 02:12 PM | 3,668 Views
Well just got my new winter project: http://www.krill-model.com/foto/velk...5d9ecd6b3a.jpg

Going to run the following setup:

Neu 1527 2d w/P42 GB
CC 110 or new Scorpion 130 amp HV controller (when it's released)
I have 4 packs of Zippy 6s 5000 packs as well as 2 6s packs of FP 30C 4500
3 HS-7955 TG (rudder and aileron) and 2 HS-5985MG's (elevator)
I've ordered some red weave carbon fibre gear from GraphTech to replace the 22 oz stock.
JR 921 Receiver with 2 satellites.

Here's another pic of this baby...