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Posted by bionicbone | Oct 09, 2011 @ 10:47 AM | 2,145 Views
Oct 2008 - Belt CP

Around October 2008 I bought my first ever RC Heli, OK I'd had some of those little polystyrene things, and a cheap £20 one that went up and down and could turn with only weight on the front flying it forward so I guess the Belt CP was my first real one.

It was a difficult decision to splash the cash (I donít part with it easily), but the guys in the local hobby shop (LHS) talked me into it and a few minutes later I was walking out the door with a big grin on my face, yep 40 years old and smiling like a teenager J.

I done quite a bit of research about the Belt CP, I knew it was in my price range and more importantly I could get spares locally, of course it wasnít long before I was at the table doing my first repair job!

I spent much of the UK winter out in the cold, fingers freezing trying to learn how to fly using the Esky rate gyro to hold the tail. I remember once it was quite foggy and very cold. I was trying to do my hovering when the Belt CP started to shack. I quickly landed to find icicles stretching from the back of the blades; they melted too quickly for me to grab a camera, I knew I was hooked then.

I spent a good year learning with the Belt CP, it was an expensive time with buying spare parts for the many crashes, all the CF and CNC bling, along with all the tools required for this hobby.

The last crash was the hardest of them all, it resulted in a major repair job after a literally broke both sides of the CF frame in two, hence my...Continue Reading