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Posted by wdwimbish | Feb 16, 2016 @ 10:37 AM | 1,519 Views
Dear Friends,

I do a fair amount of buying and selling here on rcgroups and all but one of my transactions have been handled via PayPal.

I have found PayPal to be a valuable and indispensable aid to the transactions that we all make.

I do have an ethical concern that I feel the need to voice however.

PayPal is a service for transferring payment for purchases but can also be used to send money to friends if a purchase is not being made. That second option is one that is quite frequently abused here on the groups.

PayPal exists through the collecting of fees for purchase transactions. If they did not do that, they would cease to remain in business.

When you make a purchase here on the groups, and use PayPal to pay for that purchase, then it expected that a fee needs to be made. PayPal expects the seller to pay that fee, but buyers often scale up the amount in order to cover the fee to the seller.

When you use the transfer funds to friends option to circumvent the fees, that is fraud. Plain and simple.

My occupation is that of a pastor of a church. I am expected to hold to a higher standard and to hold others to the same. When you send funds to me for a purchase using the transfer to friends option, you have included me in that fraud.

My simple request. Do not do that.

If you make a purchase, use the purchase option. That way the fee will be paid. Normally I include that amount when I calculate my sale price.

If you wish to cover my cost of the fees that is ok, but PLEASE do not defraud PayPal just to avoid the fee. That is unethical on your part, and it puts me in a very untenuous position. I may let it go by once, but if you do it again, I may be forced to refund your sale and cancel the order. That would not make anyone happy.

Thank you for your consideration,