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Posted by rocketscience | Oct 17, 2010 @ 11:49 AM | 2,999 Views
Blog and discussion on high voltage systems. So far I've only done this on 450s and very soon a 500.

Details to follow. Reasons, advantages, disadvantages, how-tos.

Believe it or not the main reason I did this was 2 instances.. 1) I wanted to stretch a pro (clone) frame and needed the extra weight in the front. 2) I had a 450 v2 with a mini servo on the tail and needed slightly extra weight on the front. More details on those 2 helis below. Next I will take my 500 and go from 6S to 8S and see what happens. I have 3 out of 4 of my batteries going bad and it's a shame the 6S batteries cost so much and I don't have anything else to use them on. 4S 2200ma batteries I can use on my other hv heli and my pusher prop plank.

This has been discussed elsewhere quite a few times but strangely enough I couldn't find many people who did it here on rcgroups. With higher voltage you don't need the crazy C ratings. For example on the Pro I used 35C 3S batteries and when I went to 20C 4S the temperatures were about the same, maybe even lower. I actually took temps on 1 day between a 3S pro and 4S stretched pro.

Longer flight times. On the trex pro I get about 4.5 minutes (2200 ma 3S). On the 450v2 I get 5.5 minutes (1800ma 4S). On the 450pro stretched I get about 6 minutes (2200ma 4S).

No way to get around this one. Extra weight. On the stretched 450, it's expected. Longer boom, larger blades. On the v2, I WANTED it to balance out the...Continue Reading
Posted by rocketscience | Dec 27, 2008 @ 12:01 AM | 3,369 Views
I got a new camera in December of 08 and tested out the video function on the Exceed blueray. Note it's better viewed in HD: