Lumenier RB2205C-12 2400KV SKITZO Ceramic Bearing Motor
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Patrouille Suisse FunJet (5 min 7 sec)

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Micro quad 2.4g Tx , AUW 11.5g
Tx is mode 2 with these quads, people hack the Tx converting it to mode 1 but I've got a mode 1 Hubson 4x Tx coming , the Tx for the ProtoX and Hubson are interchangeable the Hubson Tx is bigger and has more features mode 1 or 2 , High /low rates, tricks etc. All work when you use the X4 Tx with the Proto X .
Hubsan X4 Vs. Estes ProtoX - Which is better?!? (14 min 20 sec)
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Multiplex Funjet Ultra Push/Pull config.

Reverse rotation prop on front standard prop in pusher config on rear , 2x BL motors, 2x ESC,2X Lipo batteries .

2X 1900mAH 3s 35c .One front mounting battery , Second pack mounts in rear through hatch made in turtle deck .

1X Rear (Pusher)
1x Front
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Pusher prop car
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2010-08-22 01.24.14 (2 min 52 sec)

Wasn't happy with bungie launch on this model even on a hot day with a stiff breeze sink rate was pretty amazing given it's weight and size.
Never get to a slope .So
Conversion consists of a completely separate system for throttle , seperate Eflite 200mAH 2s cell lipo, a 8amp speedie , second DSM2 Rx . Removal of the tow release assembly.
Prop Graupner 4" cam prop Reading
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ASK - 21 UMX
Micro glider.

Model looks really nice .
Fits back in original box for easy safe transport.
Carbon reinforcing in wings, tail
Auto stabilizing system AS3X
Canopy fit is poor , inner canopy lining glued in un evenly causing an asymmetrical poor fit, gaps .
Canopy has been trimmed very roughly coupled with the ill fit takes away from the overall quality appearance.
Depression line in wing again pre shipping damage which takes away from the models appearance.
If you want to transport model in it's box.
1) Aileron plugs need to be plugged and un plugged to remove wing for transport, from experience these micro plugs are fiddly and easily damaged .
2)Wings attach with 4 micro screws again these need to be installed and removed each flight, fiddly / easily lose ....Continue Reading
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Add outrunner make up coupling to run existing differential drive for twin contra pusher props.
Add twin rudder and elevator 3ch RC control services .

wRIGHT FLYER 2012 010 (1 min 39 sec)

2010-08-02 23.09.06 (2 min 36 sec)
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