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Posted by RCWorks | Sep 26, 2016 @ 09:26 AM | 3,338 Views
The five stages of grief and how I have come to know them.

I have a long term terminal illness...

One day my world was fine, the next day I was in intensive care getting diagnosed as hopeless and terminal.

Denial: This started in the hospital... It continued as I tried other doctors and tried to work afterwards ending up in the ER about as often as I could put in 8 hours.

Anger: This was where I was when I figured out I was home bound and the house I had worked for and bought was now my prison.

Bargaining: This was a accompanied by denial and anger as I tried to take in work at home and wound up back in the ER.

Depression: What I just put behind me. I hit the point where I no longer give a fat rat's butt about anything.

Acceptance: Where I find myself these days. Making my last plans and taking care of things and educating my wife on my holdings and what things should sell for after I go.

I used to think it Kübler-Ross model was just laughable BS. I am here to say it's dead nuts on.

Now my wife is still in denial, she thinks she can keep the Reaper off of me, but he's already got a hand on my shoulder.