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Posted by Cesco | May 22, 2013 @ 10:14 PM | 8,886 Views
Arduino multiwii 2.2 version stripped for the HobbyKing Pocket Quad Ultra-Micro DSM2 MultiWii Quadcopter .

The attachment has DSM2 1024 / 22ms sat enabled and acro_trainer enabled. The default ESC rate is 8khz (up from 490hz of original).

Load MultiWii_2_2_pocket.ino with arduino software, switch tools->board to leonardo and set your com port. You may make changes in setup config.h file. Then, upload the firmware by pressing the green "right arrow" symbol. For a first start you need to load multiwii_config program, connect, and do a Calib_acc on level surface. Then check your receiver is working.

Hope you have as much fun with this thing as i have


When using ppm-sum it expects the signal on the throttle input, and it expects you to set "#define SUM_PPM_CHANNELS 8" to the actual number of channels you have. You can not use individual PPM channels with this version.

I have stripped the RC command averaging filter except for PPM_SUM, and i have stripped out expo and stuff.

The V4 version will store the direction at arm, and then turn to this direction if the HH switch is activated. I use this to get the copter back if i loose orientation.