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atmosteve's blog
Posted by atmosteve | Jun 20, 2008 @ 11:31 PM | 5,214 Views
At an early age I was building my own models of different kinds, in my early teens began flying RC powered and RC gliders both flat field and slope.
However I did keep up an interest in rubber powered models in the form of handbuilt indoor duration micro's. My dad mostly built the RC craft, I mostly flew them. I learn't so much from my father, he was a consumate model builder and made many beautiful planes that were a joy to fly.

Through my teens I found myself competing in gliding competitions and also mucking around with F3A with the encouragment of my club, but by the age of 20 I gave up the aeromodelling for the usual pursuits in life that many young men have like getting out and travelling and working in different parts of my own country and other nations of the world and experiencing life. I haven't done much modelling and flying since the late 80's, but in my idle time since I often penned rough model designs which I would like to further investigate again if money and time allows.

I've been back in the flying saddle since 2007, mostly flying slope with a number of planes including foamies, mouldies and woodies and going on from there. I think the affordable technology we can all enjoy today is wonderful, I'm catching up with new technology but luckily one thing has never changed; flying an aircraft itself regardless of gadgetry.

Current build projects are a Skybench 141" OlyIII for flying some basic thermal competition again (edit; now built), a...Continue Reading