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Posted by JimHSoars | Sep 23, 2011 @ 06:32 PM | 2,002 Views
I thought I had done a good job of informing those who needed to know that I had a new address. I missed PayPal! What a misstep. As soon as I bought a couple of items from the FS forums the problems started.

I had set up a forwarding address with the Postal Service thinking that would cover any problems – not so. Three packages of RC things were sent to my old address, two of them neither insured nor tracked – big mistake! How do I know they were delivered wrongly? The package from Altitude Hobbies in Colorado was paid for through PayPal so it also had the old address but was tracked, thankfully. Tracking showed it was delivered to my old address despite the forward. I can only assume the two other packages, which I checked on with the sellers, were delivered to the address they were labeled with. You guessed it, my old address.

Calling the USPS' customer service number resulted in a inquiry ID number, but no results yet. A call to my current postal station got me the phone number for what I thought was my previous address' postal station. They quickly straightened me out so I could call the actual previous postal station. At the correct postal station a very nice woman took down lots of information and forwarded it to their supervisor. Their being her and the delivery person who she said was responsible for getting the forwards right. I guess I'l see what happens. I sure hope I get my motors, speed controls and an Rx all in one piece.