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Posted by surferguy | Sep 23, 2016 @ 01:06 AM | 2,188 Views
My IDEAFLY F210 just came in this week. This is a decent fpv quad for anybody who wants to start out in fpv. It comes with a 3S Battery so it flies way more mild than some more aggressive racer quads. When you are ready you can fly on 4S and turn up the rates in Cleanflight.

Pretty cool quad with everything you need for some fpv fun. Check out the field test and some bench tips for yours to make sure it's setup properly.

Drone Camps RC - PROS vs CONS :

Who it's for:
Beginner / Intermediate / Expert Level Quad Racer

- 3mm carbon fiber frame.
- Low Cost
- 3S battery suitable for mild to wild flights.
- Comes setup with horizon and barometer modes
- Use Cleanflight to make Flight controller changes
- F3 SpRacing Flight Controller
- Compatible with other controllers and receivers ( Taranis, Futuba, Spectrum)
- Boscam - 10 Video Freq Channels
- 700 Tvl camera
- Good carbon housing around camera for protection
- 5min flight time
- 2204 Motors
- 2 Sets of 5" props
- Motor guards
- Industrial plastic landing gear

- Needed receiver antennas moved behind camera deck
- Video transmitter was heat shrinked so I could not find the
channel switch button. I had to cut a hole in the heat shrink to
find it. Not a big deal. I would like to see them use clear heat
shrink so we can see it in the future.

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
- 5 for the vtx and receiver antenna placement.

Review by Pro Pilot, Justin Davis
Drone Camps RC

Ideafly F210 Racer Quad - Pro Pilot Flight & Tips (23 min 39 sec)

Posted by surferguy | Sep 17, 2016 @ 02:21 PM | 1,355 Views
Floureon 250 - Flight test, Firmware update, and Airmode help

The Daddy of all beginner race quads is now updated! Newly updated NAZE 32 edition FLOUREON 250 Racer Quad is out! This video shows you a flight test, how to update the firmware, mode setup, mode switches, failsafe setup, props, and rates setup. Great info in this video if you purchased a NAZE 32 edition Floureon 250.

Full review and video below.

Drone Camps PROS vs CONS:

- Upgraded version with Naze 32 Flight Controller
- 20Amp BLHeli Escs
- 2204 Race Spec Motors
- Carbon/Industrial Plastic Frame
- Led Headlights
- Very bright Led bar on rear. Seen in daytime.
- 8 Durable props included
- Durability test: Passed. Forward crash, no damage.
- Easy to work on. Remove top easily with hex wrench.
- Updatable Firmware. See video.
- Airmode optional. See video.
- New failsafe options. See video
- Programmable radio & switches
- Includes 3S 1500mah battery
- Includes 3-4S charger
- Great value for the cost
- Flies fast and agile in acro mode

- Plastic mixed with carbon frame. Like to see all carbon.
But the plastic arms are easy to replace.
- Poor instruction manual.

Review by:
Justin Davis

Drone Camps on Youtube :

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FLOUREON 250 Racer - Flight, Crash, Firmware + Airmode Setup (26 min 53 sec)

Posted by surferguy | Sep 12, 2016 @ 11:26 AM | 1,146 Views
TINY WHOOP / Inductrix indoors!

New Episode. - MultiGP Pilots flying micros "Tiny Whoop / Inductrix " races in a local Bar. So much fun in this episode.

Check it out,
Justin Davis @ Drone Camps RC.


Posted by surferguy | Sep 11, 2016 @ 12:57 PM | 835 Views
Grasshopper F210 - Pro Pilot Review
" Flies more like a hornet than a grasshopper. "

My first impression of the Grasshopper F210 was a little comical. The bright yellow canopy and bug like appearance made me not take it seriously. Until I unboxed it and saw the motors and escs on this quad. It is no joke that this quad is made to rip. 2205 motors and 30 amp escs are what pro pilots are using to win races this year. Ideafly has obviously researching the fpv community and responded with something fun, but also a quad that flies smooth and fast like a bat outta hell. A very nice bundle with a carrying case and 4S battery. Just add 4 AA batteries in the radio and start ripping. Oh yeah. remove that canopy. It looks fun but it flaps up if there is any wind
from behind the quad.

More review details below...

Got this one from

Drone Camps PROS vs CONS:


- Great carrying case included. ( No props on in the case though you can cut to mod it. )
- Includes a Nice 3.5mm unibody high grade carbon fiber frame.
- 30 Amp Raptor BLHeli Escs! - This is what pros fly.
- 2205, 2300kv Motors ( kick butt power for this frame )
- 4S 1300mah battery with XT60 Included
- Two sets of props included. Standard and Tri-Props.
- Very nice 1,2,3,4S Battery Charger included with USA AC Wall cord.
- Nice quality 700 TVL Fpv Camera
- Great camera protection by the large head on this quad.
- Built in front and rear LEDs
- Motor guards
- Landing gear
...Continue Reading
Posted by surferguy | Sep 09, 2016 @ 12:01 PM | 975 Views
Redbull Air Race FPV - Tiny Whoop style with my SBACH...
I really need to race some gates with this setup.

We should all do this!
*** Flight footage & fpv start at 4:38

Enjoy guys.

Justin @ Drone Camps

FPV ANYTHING! - $40 Micro FPV Cam - Redbull Air Race Style! (9 min 29 sec)

Posted by surferguy | Sep 07, 2016 @ 07:53 PM | 1,489 Views
DJI Mavic Selfie Drone - LEAKED IMAGES & SPECS

Sources from the Verge and Heliguy say that DJI is slated to release the MAVIC "Selfie Drone" in a New York City presentation. This sub 1.5lb drone is sporting GPS, 4K Camera, 2 Axis Gimbal, and more. Check out the initial specs and images released today. New releases also coming in September: Yuneec Breeze, and GoPro Karma Drone. Fall 2016 seems like the rise of the "selfie drone" where 4K drones gets smaller, foldable, and more portable ...

by Justin Davis
Drone Camps RC

Drone Camps on Youtube
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DJI Mavic Selfie Drone - LEAKED FIRST LOOK & SPECS (3 min 8 sec)

Posted by surferguy | Sep 06, 2016 @ 12:17 PM | 1,263 Views
New this week : Tyrant 215 Race Quad ... "A Real Tyrant."

We just got a Diatone Tyrant 215 this week to fly for you guys. The quad seems to be named correctly. A tyrant! On the field I was doing laps with a friend and he was having a hard time keeping up with me. The second set of Pids I added to it now make it float like a butterfly in Airmode. And it's super locked in on the straight lanes. With 2206 motors, 20Amp Ecs, and 4S this quad is a solid winner with me. Read the Pros and Cons below. 5 Stars from me.

Enjoy guys, Justin Davis

Got this one from Geekbuying.

Full review below ...


- Programmable Naze32 Rev6 Flight Controller with Blackbox.
- 20A 2-4S Escs with Oneshot
- 600 TVL micro camera
- 200mw on this one guys. Fly with your friends or change up to 40 channels.
- DAL Props included
- Recessed Pdb. Easy to replace if you have to.
- BX2206/2000kv motors are very powerful on 4S!
- Low voltage beeper alarm. Very nice.
- 5" Props. *Standard 5045.
- Price for this one is around $230. Not bad for what you get and
not having to build anything. Just choose your receiver and fly.
- 5.8 Cloverleaf antenna included with the Tyrant.
- 4mm bottom plate. Very durable and trending now.
- Place for your GoPro with slots for a strap.
- XT60 battery connector at the rear of the drone.
- Adjustable camera mount. Also comes with a larger mount so
you can mount a popular size camera like an HS1177.
- Long battery...Continue Reading
Posted by surferguy | Sep 03, 2016 @ 03:48 PM | 1,190 Views
Waterproof quad review in the rain... yep I got soaked.

WATERPROOF Quadcopter JJRC H31 Review - I GOT SOAKED. (6 min 10 sec)

Posted by surferguy | Aug 27, 2016 @ 03:58 PM | 1,408 Views
NEW CHARPU QAV-X came in the mail today. Check out what parts we suggest to build yours with. If you are not familiar with Lumenier quads and components this is a fresh look at some top shelf gear.

Charpu QAV-X frame and part links below :

Charpu QAV-X Frame Kit:

Lumenier 30A BLHeli_S ESC OPTO (2-4s) : x4

Lumenier RX2205-12 2400KV Motor x4

Lumenier TX5G2R


SP Racing F3 Flight Controller (Acro)

TBS Triumph 5.8GHz CP FPV Antenna Set (RP-SMA)

Lumenier CMOS-1200 16:9 Widescreen Mini FPV Camera

Lumenier Graphene 1300mAh 4s 80c Lipo Battery

Part 2 - Full Review - Coming Soon.

Enjoy the overview guys,
Justin Davis @ Drone Camps RC

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NEW' Charpu QAV-X - RACER QUAD & PARTS LIST - POWER UP! (12 min 11 sec)

Posted by surferguy | Aug 25, 2016 @ 11:51 AM | 1,555 Views
HUBSAN H501S Review and Flight Test

The affordable "Follow Me" Drone with GPS called the Hubsan H501S just came in and I got to test it for you. I show off the main features, gps hold, altitude hold, return to home, and the cool Follow me mode. Enjoy the flight test and follow me footage. This is one of the best drones with GPS for under $300 out there. I will be keeping this one for myself to fly.

Drone Camps RC - Hubsan H501S Advanced Review


- GPS for modes: GPS Hold, Altitude Hold, and Return to home.
- Follow Me Mode for filming with no hands!
- 1080p HD Camera and Photos
- Brushless Motors
- Upgraded Transmitter with Video Patch Antenna. Makes a huge difference flying FPV at long range of 300 meters. Clean video signal is really important.
- Micro SD card slot on the under side of the drone. Up to 32gb
- Comes with two sets of props
- 2S Battery provides up to 20mins of flight time
- Spin on props. Use the included motor hold wrench. It makes it much easier to tighten the props on the motor shaft.
- New Transmitter has a 3.7 inch built in screen with full telemetry from the drone. Displays : Flight Modes, video, photo, lat and longitude, Transmitter battery voltage, drone battery voltage, position from home, height, and sub menus.
- Compact drone size. Great for traveling.
- Flies really well in wind. We tested in 15-20mph.

- No stabilized gimbal for video. But price is good for what you get.

Final Thoughts :

The...Continue Reading
Posted by surferguy | Aug 19, 2016 @ 12:57 AM | 1,039 Views
5S BEAST... if you want it!

The GEPRC "True X" 190mm quad kit came in to me this week.

Drone Camps Review of the GB190 Quad or Gep-ZX5 by GEPRC.

I took a few days to build, tune, and set it up.

When I finally got to fly it I was really happy with it.
It has replaceable 4mm arms. Super durable and tough as nails in my testing. I crashed it hard, it rolled, hit trees, and didn't crack a single arm or main plate. I did break the vtx, but that was my fault. I would build this one again. It comes with everything you need to build it except your receiver and battery. I got this one from GearBest.

Check out the full review and flight footage...

Overview :


- TOUGH as nails
- Comes with 5" Tri-props
- 4-6S! I really want to fly this on 5S. Footage coming...
- 30 Amp Little Bee ESCs. ( worthy ).
- 4mm Carbon Frame Arms ( replaceable ).
- Sturdy carbon top for camera
- EMAXX RS2205 Motors ( loved by many who fly fpv ).
- Add your own PPM receiver
- Made by GepRC that makes top shelf DIY China kits
- Gopro / Mobius mount
- Battery rides on bottom for better Xframe 3G
- Runs Cleanflight - Naze 32 Rev6 Flight Controller
- Camera that comes with it is 5V. Don't try 12V!
- Good cam housing. Changeable camera angle for tilt.
- Standard XT60 connector
- Nice rubber battery pad included
- Easy to build. But I did do a few different setups before I got
to a FC stack and receiver setup I liked. Don't put the vtx outside
the...Continue Reading
Posted by surferguy | Aug 16, 2016 @ 12:13 PM | 925 Views
Lightning 210 Full Review, Pros, Cons, Fixes, and Flight test.

What is it?

The Lightning 210 racer quad is available as an ARF "Almost Ready to Fly" and RTF " Ready to Fly".
Foxtech sent us the Arf version. Also includes Naze32 Rev 6 and you can setup in Cleanflight. The 210
is compatible with Taranis, Futuba, and Spektrum Radios with your cPPM Receiver. The 210 is a nice
relevant size and flies super quick on 4S and tuned in Cleanflight.

Check out to see the Lightning 210.
We get no commission for this review. Just information for you.

Full Overview and Opinions :

Drone Camps PROS vs CONS:

-Rips on 4S. Buy a 4S 1300mah it will fit better.
-Great racing quad for those who don't want to build a DIY.
-Available as an ARF or RTF
-2205 Motors are really powerful and punch outs are nice!
-210 is a great mid-size racer
-Dal Tri-props included
-ESC protectors
-20amp escs
-Cloverleaf antenna included
-600mw Video Transmitter good for flying alone. Max penetration.
-Sony CCD 700 Tvl camera. *Good quality fpv camera.
-Durable 3mm carbon bottom plate. 1.5mm carbon fiber side plates.
-Action Camera mount upfront
-Easy to work on and take apart.
-XT60 Battery connector.
-3mm motor shafts

-RTF has receiver on the front where the mobius or Gopro goes.
-FC pins stick out the side. This is a design flaw in my opinion.
Use your soldering iron to remove them and do a "pinless connection&...Continue Reading
Posted by surferguy | Aug 11, 2016 @ 08:41 PM | 1,004 Views
NEW Review : CX-10WD TX

This is what you buy first when you want to fly drones. It has realtime Wifi video using your android or iOS smartphone... We go outdoors and test the newest micro drone from Cheerson. I liked the other CX-10s for indoor flying. CX-10WD has altitude hold so I thought it would be fun to review it outside. Check out the flight footage. Enjoy guys, Justin Davis.

Buy a CX-10WD Tx here:

Drone Camps PROS vs CONS:

- Altitude Hold.
- Auto Take off & land
- 3 Flying Modes, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
- Store video and photos on your phone.
- Easy to setup
- Uses app for video screen, modes, and features.
- Transmitter/Storage case included.
- Flies way better with the transmitter than a smartphone.
- Nimble and fast with the advanced Mode
- Does 3D flips
- Records 640x480 video
- Takes Photo stills
- Auto land on low battery
- Affordable price
- Nice to fly indoors when there is bad weather
- Can course race in your house. Build a racing course
and video your laps through your homemade gates!
- CX-10WD WIFI App works on Android or iOS.
- 5 Min flight time

- There is some lag in the video after the drone is on
for some time. But that is expected because the video transmitter
inside the drone is very small. Even the larger video transmitters get hot.
- I would like more flight time. But wouldn't everyone?
- Does not like wind. Stay out of wind!

Notes: Be sure to push the...Continue Reading
Posted by surferguy | Aug 11, 2016 @ 08:04 PM | 981 Views
This just came in today.
Check out the Lightning 210 racing drone from Foxtech Fpv.

This has race ready components on this one guys. Beginner to pro this 210 has 2205 motors, Naze32 flight controller, and 20Amp escs. I pop the top for you, and go under the hood to show you all the details (good and bad) about the 210. Also some good pro racing advice in here for setting it up to fly at your local race field.

Full review and flight test coming soon. *Please Subscribe guys.

RTF and ARF Versions available on

Foxtech Lightning 210 Racing Drone - Pro Advice, & Bench Talk (8 min 32 sec)

Drone Camps Community :

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Posted by surferguy | Aug 11, 2016 @ 12:51 PM | 1,213 Views
Fpv Community Raises $310 for this kid's innovation.

Drone Camps RC episode featuring a young fpv pilot.
Also some background on how this happened and why I support young pilots.
Pass your RC knowledge forward guys.

Enjoy this Episode.
Kindly, Justin Davis.

Drone Camps - Youth Aviation Award, Kid awarded goggles! (16 min 51 sec)

Posted by surferguy | Aug 08, 2016 @ 08:31 PM | 1,129 Views
NEW this week... JJPRO 175 - Complete Review

Check out the full review and flight test on 4S. This is different that traditional H style quads. This is a true X frame. Very popular in the fpv racing community. It really rips on 4S and turns on a dime.

Enjoy the flight test guys and girls.
Kindly, Justin Davis

Complete : Drone Camps RC Review

Drone Camps Review - PROS vs CONS:


- Already built. No building required for this awesome quad.
- True X Carbon Racer Frame
- Includes GoPro Couch/Holder. Yes!
- Naze32 with Clmeanflight USB support for updates, rates,
and PID tuning.
- Supports PPM Receivers
- 3S or 4S compatible
- Lightning 20Amp ESCs
- Fast Racing Motors: RS 2205 EMAXX with Red Bottoms
- Durable motor guards
- Replaceable Carbon arms.
- Includes 2 Sets of 4" Props
- Fly on Tri-Blade props for better punch outs and power.
- 800TVL CMOS Camera. Bright and clear.
- Great video distance with the stock 5.8Ghz Video Receiver
- Acro mode is set to off on Default setup. You will need to open
up Acro mode in Cleanflight
- 48 Channel Video Receiver
- Includes Beeper
- Rear LEDS
- Includes a carbon fiber battery protector plate
- Tilt adjustable camera.
- 5mins flight on 4S if you aren't pushing full throttle
- Able to fly in small courses with tight turns.
- Flies easy through small gaps
- Not a super durable antenna.
- I don't like the pdb connected to the front posts, but it was no
problem in my many...Continue Reading
Posted by surferguy | Jul 29, 2016 @ 11:21 PM | 1,441 Views
Holybro SHURIKEN 180. - Complete Review & Flight

We do a quick flight test and some in studio commentary of the best parts of the new 180.

The 180 is 3S or 4S capable, has 20A Oneshot BL Heli Escs, and 1806 2700kv Motors with 3mm stems. Best thing is it comes with your choice of receiver for Futaba, Spectrum, or FrSky Transmitters. Also it comes with a video system that can be switched from 600mw to 25mw for racing.

This is literally the quickest quad I have bound and setup for flying within 10 minutes of opening the box. I would recommend the Shuriken 180 for beginner to advanced level pilots. There are way more good points about this quad than bad points. So I consider this a lot of bang for your buck. Especially if you want to get into racing. I had a lot of fun with this one.

Enjoy the full flight test and overview guys.
Kindly, Justin Davis.

Special thanks to for samples for our review.

Grab a Shrunken from these dealers. - Texas,US - Florida,US - San Diego, California, US - Los Angeles, California, US - Arizona, US - AU

Drone Camps RC PROS vs CONS:

- SBus or PPM
- 32bit SPRacing F3 Flight Controller
- Easy setup in 10mins. Bound and Cleanflight setup.
- Minim Osd
- Advanced design and replaceable parts.
- Very tough durable frame
- Choose from 3 receivers Futaba, Spectrum, & FrSky.
- Fly on 3S or 4S
- 20a Oneshot BL...Continue Reading
Posted by surferguy | Jul 28, 2016 @ 04:48 PM | 905 Views
Epic CRASH video into a 65 foot tree top from Sunday.

- Ending with some FPV tree climber rescue footage. Enjoy the rescue and crash from all angles... Do not try this at home!

Kindly, Justin Davis.

RC AIRPLANE CRASH in 65 FOOT TREE - See all angles (4 min 57 sec)

Posted by surferguy | Jul 26, 2016 @ 07:31 PM | 1,199 Views
TAROT 120 Review and Flight Test
by Drone Camps RC

This week we got to setup and fly the new TAROT 120. I was actually excited to fly the 120 because the motors, Escs, and flight controller are the same as the 130, but in a small package. This is a review, setup tips, and a bash session. Flight footage starts at 18:00.

Drone Camps PROS vs CONS:


- Lightweight, and durable
- 3S 450-800mah.
- 5.8Ghz 300mw Video transmitter, good range.
- Compatible with SBSUS or PPM receivers.
- Same 4000v brushless motors as the Tarot 130.
- Same 6Amp Escs as the tarot 130
- 520TVL Camera
- NTSC or PAL versions available
- Decent flight times at 5-6 minutes
- Small enough to fly into tiny gaps
- Very fun to fly. Good power to weight ratio.
- Very good video range with the tiny antenna and 300mw vtx.

Pro Tip: Order yourself a "pinless" SBUS receiver so you
can direct solder the wires and save space.

Star Rating: 4.5
- .5 star for Video transmitter cable up front.

- Less room than the 130 obviously.
- Video transmitter now sits up front.
- Video cable sticks out the front. ( cover it ).

My final thoughts on the Tarot 120 :
Honestly I really like this quad. I'm deciding on which quad to give to a friend. The 120 or the 130. Both of them fly great. My advice to you is get either one. You will love either one. The 120 is smaller, but not by much.

Tarot 120 Parameters:
Wheelbase: 120mm
Empty Rack Height / Assembly Height:...Continue Reading
Posted by surferguy | Jul 18, 2016 @ 05:01 PM | 1,019 Views
A local pilot crashed his Flite Test foamie in a 40ft tree. So I came to help with my Vortex Pro.

I also did a quick Syma X8C giveaway to help him get started with flying quads.

Enjoy guys, Kindly,

Justin @ Drone Camps RC

Vortex Pro Rescues Airplane, and Syma X8C Giveaway (4 min 23 sec)