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Posted by Jacques.Eloff | Feb 07, 2016 @ 02:07 AM | 1,216 Views
I recently completed a Skywalker X8 build for aerial mapping and here are the details of my build:

Sony RX 100 with Gentwire trigger running off flight controller (this will be replaced by Sony A6000 on 2 axis gimbal)
3DR Pixhawk flight controller, telemetry radio, GPS, airspeed kit, OSD
Immersion RC 5.8g 600mW VTX
Turnigy SK3 4240 620KV
14 x 9 Aeronaut folding prop
Hobbywing 60A ESC
Hitec HS85’s on elevons
4S 10,000mAh
Fatshark FPV camera
ABS plastic nose cover

Main modifications are as follows:
2 x full length 4mm x 4mm carbon box section stiffening spars in each wing, recessed into lower surface
12mm OD/10mm ID bi-directional fibre carbon tube in fuse and wings as an outer sleeve to the stock 10mm OD carbon wing joiner
Balsa elevons

Build was fairly straightforward and I though the parts fit was not too bad, but my specific mods did require quite a bit of extra build time (total was around 70 hours). I thought the stock elevons were totally inadequate and I cannot see how these could work with all that flex.
The space in the fuse is cavernous which makes component installation and wiring so much easier. All up weight including Sony RX100 is 3.3Kg, max power on 14 x 9 prop is 720W. Launch method is bungee and ramp.

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Posted by Jacques.Eloff | Jan 09, 2016 @ 03:45 PM | 1,501 Views
I posted details of my build in the Aerial Photography forum but thought I would start off my own blog. This is specifically for AP, rather than FPV for which the airframe is intended. I really think it has great potential for mapping as well as other AP applications. There is a long thread in the FPV forum here: and many of the required mods are common to both applications.

Here are the details of my build:

1. Sony RX100 Mk 2 with Stratosnapper v2 trigger (fuse is wide enough in “landscape” orientation).
2. Hitec HS65’s on flaps, ailerons and rudder and 2 x Futaba S3113 in elevator.
3. 3DR Pixhawk flight controller, telemetry radio, GPS, airspeed kit, OSD
4. Immersion RC 5.8g 600mW VTX
5. Turnigy SK3 3542 1000KV
6. Hobbywing 60A ESC
7. 4S 10,000mAh
8. Sony FPV camera – not mandatory for AP but nice to know that I have a chance of navigating home if something happens in auto mode, GPS loss, etc.

Build Mods:
1. Control horn mounts from 1/16 ply recessed into control surfaces (top and bottom).
2. Hinging of all control surfaces rather than moulded foam (a number of elevator and aileron failures were reported in the FPV forum)
3. Carbon tube reinforcement to fin
4. Replacement wheels/axles
5. Landing gear raked forward, to prevent nose over tendency on take-off
6. Change to thrust angle
7. Re-glued carbon stiffening rods in wings and control surfaces
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