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Archive for October, 2011
Posted by Xpress.. | Oct 29, 2011 @ 09:35 PM | 135,322 Views
I know this has very little to do with radio control airplanes whatsoever (it is however my only mode of transportation to and from the local slope, which requires a 4x4), but it's my blog so I figured i'll post it anyways.

Was driving to the local slope to get more stick time in on my recently acquired HalfPipe (not mine, but I might as well fly it anyways) when I heard some bad vibrations and noticed smoke coming from my rear left wheel. Was going to pullover as soon as I could to turn around and reluctantly head back home (about 2 miles).

Next thing i know I'm hearing a bad vibration from my rear axle. The next moment I heard a loud SNAP as I see my wheel and axle shaft rolling past me, and then it dawned on me that I was in deep crap when I felt my rear axle hit the ground. Since the wheel was off and it took the brake drum with it, my brakes lost most of their stopping power because the rear cylinder was extending out all the way. FORTUNATELY there was enough stopping power to skid to a stop on the one small stretch of dirt in the road for a couple of miles. Even more fortunate is that it parked itself in a location that most could easily see, but with the speed limit being 55, and everyone not giving a care in the world, it hardly mattered as the not so intelligent residents flew on past me. Even with a police officer there directing traffic, people were still hauling quickly.

Anyways, I plan on doing an axle swap. Jeep for some reason decided to include a light duty rear axle with YJ and TJ Wrangler models (except for rubicons) and my axles time just happened to come yesterday. Going to swap in a Ford 8.8 axle out of an Explorer, hopefully one with disk brakes for more stopping power when offroading. Have yet to find my axle shaft and wheel (it was a decent wheel too, would make a good spare even though it's very close to being bald).