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Posted by bah7566 | Oct 06, 2012 @ 12:37 PM | 5,823 Views
Here is a look at my new foam board FPV airplane. It has a 56" wing span and a 9.5" chord. That adds up to 532 sq in of wing area. The total length is 44". The Hacker A30-10L V2 motor and I'm running it on a 3300mah 4S pack using an APC 10X5 prop. It is pulling 465 watts at 35 amps. The total airplane weight with flight pack and GoPro is 4 lbs. It should have plenty of power to pull itself around pretty well.

The building techniques are from Ed with Experimental Airlines. My design is a spin off of Ed's AXON. I decided to put the motor in a tractor configuration to help quiet the airplane down a bit. The main idea was to build an airplane that could carry my GoPro and have a descent duration with sufficient power. I was also looking to build an airplane that was fairly quiet and stable.

Motor - Hacker A30-10L APC 10X5 prop
ESC - Jeti / Hacker Master Spin 44 ESC
Battery - Hyperion 3300mah 4S
Servos - (3) Emax 12g ES08MA Metal Gear Sub Micro Servo
Castle Creations - 10A BEC
12 volt regulator with LC filter to power the video equipment
Tiny 5V Regulator to power the 5V camera
Camera - Fat Shark 922 NTSC 5V camera
Video TX - 300mw 1280 with home made V antenna
RC link - Thomas Scherrer LRS UHF with 8 channel receiver (custom dipole antenna)

56 inch FPV wing walk around 5 Oct 2012 (24 min 50 sec)

The maiden:

Pride Plane entry and 56 inch FPV airplane maiden 8 Oct 2012 (HD) (Pride Plane contest entry) (6 min 20 sec)
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Posted by bah7566 | Jul 09, 2012 @ 08:54 PM | 6,046 Views
Introducing my new idea inspired by ExperimentalAirlines and his super neat building and design techniques.

I am calling this one the "Hot Wing". My intent is a super simple, good performing wing to haul my FPV camera and transmitter. It is meant to fly low and fast as well as being very maneuverable. It is cheap to build and the risk factor will be very low so I am hoping to get some fast, low and daring FPV around, below and between objects. It has a 30" wing span and has 255sq in wing area. The wing chord is 7" and the elevons are 1.5" wide.

It was made from two sheets of dollar tree foam board and some colored packing tape from Tape Brothers on the net. Total cost was less than $10 for the air frame only because I used a fairly light but pricey carbon spar in the wing. This cost isn't necessary as you could build it much cheaper with a simple wooden dowel as the spar I just had the CF spar laying around so I used it. It has taken me about three days of tinkering off and on in the shop to put it together. Once I get it maiden-ed and see if it flies, as well as find out exactly where the CG should be, I think I could build one in a day or so.

Equipment list:

Multiplex Permax BL-480 6D brushless motor
Aeronaut 7x4 folding prop
Castle Creations 25A Phoenix ESC
(2) Emax ES08MA servos (metal gear)
1.3GHz 300mW video TX on 1280
RMRC 480 OSD camera
LC filter off the main pack to power the video equipment
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Posted by bah7566 | Feb 12, 2012 @ 09:15 PM | 6,564 Views
My newest project is a home brew FPV wing. My main objectives with this design is a fast, stable wing capable of carrying full FPV gear including the GoPro camera.

I have been thinking about designing my own wing for a couple of years now and I am finally getting around to making it a reality. I know there are a few FPV wings out there on the market but I am always finding an issue here and there with those available designs so I have decided to design one with my own twist.

So far I have got the wing cores cut out and all my supplies purchased. Now it's just about getting the work done to make it into the wing of my dreams.

Intended dimensions:

Wing Span: 59.5"
Square Inches: 866
Weight: to be determined - shooting for 5lbs or less flying weight w/GoPro

The gear I intend to use:

Hacker A30-10L V2 motor
Aeronaut 10X6 folding prop w/38mm yoke
Castle Creations: 60A Phoenix ESC
Castle Creations: 10A 4.8/9.0V BEC
Servos: HS-645MG
Battery: (two) Hyperion G3 CX 14.8v 4S 3300mah 25C/45C Lipo
Voltage regulator with LC filter for 12V and 5V video power off main packs
Video TX: RMRC 300mw 1.2ghz Transmitter, with IBCrazy style V antenna
Camera: FatShark RCV922 CCD Camera (NTSC)
Thomas Scherrer Long Range UHF V4, 8ch NR receiver

I have never done a build thread so this will be a first for me. I mainly only have time to build on the weekends and that is my flying time too so this build may progress in surges. I am going to try and take advantage...Continue Reading
Posted by bah7566 | Jan 29, 2011 @ 11:31 AM | 9,102 Views
The Hobby Lobby Super Miss II. This is a simple FPV set up I put together for those "around the house" FPV flights. The idea is an airplane to handle a little more wind than the Miss Vintage. I have constructed a custom "Blue Foam" fuselage for this airplane. This airplane is equipped as follows:

Hobby Lobby Super Miss II
TLRS normal range receiver
Hyperion Z2213-24 AXI 2808/20
Turnigy Plush 12A ESC Castle Creations Thunderbird 36A ESC
1 Hitec HS-55 on the ailerons
2 Hitec HS-60's on the (elevator and rudder)
1280MHz 300mW audio/video transmitter / IBCrazy style V antenna
FatShark RCV922 CCD Camera (NTSC)
One Flightmax 3S 2200mAH main pack (powers everything)

The all up weight was 2lbs 4oz with the camera pod and the Hyperion power set-up. After upgrading to the AXI power set-up I gained 2oz of weight but I also gained about 130 watts of power. It went from 130watts to 260watts and now it weighs in at 2lbs 6oz all up with the camera pod. This should prove to be well worth the extra weight.

The maiden flight flown LOS with the Hyperion power set up. It was underpowered:
Super Miss II Maiden flight with FPV equipment. 23-Oct-2011 (3 min 23 sec)

The first actual FPV flight with the Hyperion power set up. It was underpowered:
Super Miss II 1st FPV 23 Oct 2011 (8 min 49 sec)
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Posted by bah7566 | Dec 07, 2010 @ 09:04 PM | 9,701 Views
Here is a look at my Miss Vintage FPV airplane. It is a replica of the old timer free flight airplanes. I built it as a calm day easy fly-er for relaxing FPV. Too bad there isn't such a thing as a calm day where I live.


Scorpio Miss Vintage electric ARF
two china 9g servos
AXI 2212/26
APC 10X7 slow fly prop
Thomas Sherrer NR 8ch receiver
Rino 3S 1250mAH pack
1.3GHz 300mW Transmitter / IBCrazy style V antenna
FatShark RCV922 CCD Camera (NTSC)

Miss Vintage 20 August 2011 (10 min 2 sec)

Miss Vintage & GoPro HD (4 min 10 sec)
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Posted by bah7566 | Nov 13, 2010 @ 06:47 PM | 13,025 Views
Art-Tech Diamond 2500 FPV long range set up.

The last three pictures show I replaced the LR receiver with the NR 8ch receiver to break the NR (unlimited) record. The rest of the equipment remained the same and I successfully flew 12.3 miles (19.8km) one way with the NR 8ch receiver on 7 Oct 2011. I used the TS 7W booster for the flight and had a 13dbi yagi up about 40' or so. The flight took just at 1 hour due to a pretty good head wind on the way out. The trip home was fairly quick in comparison to the flight out. Yahoo! I finally broke a record!

I did it again today. I broke the NR receiver (limited) record with the Diamond 2500 today 10 Oct 2011. I went out 13.2miles (21.2km) one way on .5W and the stock 6" whip antenna that comes with the Thomas system.


Art-Tech Diamond 2500 from Banana Hobbies with stock brush-less motor. It also has 6 stock Art-Tech servos.

Castle Creations: 60A Phoenix ESC
Castle Creations: 10A 4.8/9.0V BEC
Battery: (two) Hyperion G3 CX 14.8v 4S 5000mah 25C/45C Lipo
Voltage regulator with LC filter for 12V video power off main packs
Eagle Tree: Guardian Flight Stabilization System
Eagle Tree: eLogger V3 with Wire Leads
Eagle Tree: OSD Pro Expander
Eagle Tree: 10Hz GPS Expander Module
Video TX: Lawmate 1.2Ghz 1W Transmitter, with IBCrazy style V antenna
Camera: RMRC-480 OSD Camera / 480-Line CCD (NTSC)
Thomas Scherrer Long Range UHF 12ch LR receiver

Nothing real stunning as far as range (3.17miles) but...Continue Reading