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Posted by Smokin_Joes | Aug 31, 2012 @ 01:27 AM | 5,953 Views
Here are my initial thoughts during the unboxing.

I ordered the new FMS V7 P-51 Mustang from PW-RC on Friday 08.24.12 and it arrived today Thursday 08.30.12. The box came in it's usual black plastic wrapped that Philip sends. The box art designed by AROS looks great.

Everything was nicely packaged in it's own bag and fit perfectly in it's styrofoam box.

I then pulled out the propeller blades. Guess this makes for the first 5 blade Mustang!

The Spinner has been updated and now uses machine screws with lock nuts instead of the former self tapping screws. The blades are supposed to be same length and pitch BUT are now reinforced- perhaps FRP?

Next up, the drop tanks. Big boys they are. They have a plastic slide on clip. They slide from front to back which makes absolute sense.

Next up, the gear doors look great! The inner (half) doors are controlled by servo. Per the manual, there appears to be a sequencer.

The fuselage looks great. The canopy has been updated with more cockpit detail and the glass (well plastic) canopy can slide back. There are different stop points either and the leading edge of the canopy has a lip that slides under the windshield. Nice!

Upon lifting out the cockpit, it appears to be a little weak as it can bend a bit. Shouldn't be too much a problem.

The tail feathers are different that previous versions. The main wings mount differently to the fuse, so these don't appear backwards friendly. Meaning if you have...Continue Reading