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Posted by Smokin_Joes | Aug 09, 2011 @ 01:49 PM | 4,879 Views
HobbyKing had the aformentioned 5B "clone" (if you will) for a low price and just about free shipping. Since I live in Washington State, where HK's USA warehouse is located, it was delivered in one day- yay me!

Though it comes with a 26cc weedwacker type gas/petrol engine, I planned to convert this using Castle Creations super small (sarcasm) Mamba Monster conversion kit with V2 ESC.

Here is the unboxing (sort of) the 260S. I guess I'll call this part one.

I am ordering some goodies;

So far have;

RPM front suspension arms
RPM rear suspension arms
GH Black Alloy Front Hub Set
Castle Creations/Mamba Full Electric Conversion Kit w/ v2 ESC for HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC
Hyperion G3 Vx 5000 Mah 7S 25.9V 35C/65C
Tarmac Buster M Compound
Hitec HS-805MG

On order:

Dark Soul Front & Rear Axle Extenders

Looking to source:

PhatDad-RC 5mm 300m Series 5mm Dowel-Pin Cross-Over Dogbones
and Drive Cups

As I move forward and order more goodies for her will certainly update.

8.22.2011 Update: Castle Creations this weekend sent out a recall notice on several of their high amp ESC, including the Mamba XL ver 2 that came with my E conversion kit.

However, I probably can move forward with the project since I still need to remove the gas engine et all, and can install all other conversion parts sans the ESC. So hopefully more pics and progress to come.

11.02.2011 Update: FINALLY got confirmation that CC is sending me a brand new XL2 ESC. Hopefully the issue in the...Continue Reading