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Posted by Smokin_Joes | Mar 31, 2013 @ 10:16 PM | 2,957 Views
As of late, one of the best looking out of the box planes is the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver from Flyzone.

Although I've had this for awhile, it's only recently that I've had time to get to giving her a new paint job and some mods.

From the main thread (accessible here), I have no reason to change the motor/esc or need to "strengthen" anything such as adding stronger carbon wing spars. I did however want to mod this up, making it as scale as possible. Again, see the thread for countless examples from around the world that modelers like me have or are doing!

At any rate, although this was a busy "holiday" weekend for me and my family, I accomplished quite a bit since the sun came out.

First a picture of the livery I wanted to model. Kenmore Air is local to me and it's been great to see beavers fly over my house and see them land in Lake Union while I am at work. Bright colors, kind of loud, but I like it!

The one main mod has to do with lighting. Although the plane comes with bright navigation and landing lights, it was missing a few. I've also been working with Evan Designs who sell various kinds of miniture/LED lighting for modelers in creating a realistic wig-wag LED landing system. I plan to highlight it soon!

Below is quick pic of my progression with the her new new livery.

I don't know if mine will get as nice as Paul-RC's beavers, but nevertheless, he's been an inspiration and great source on how to's/improvisor!
Posted by Smokin_Joes | Mar 16, 2013 @ 11:27 PM | 2,838 Views
Although it's been out for awhile, I saw that Great Planes came out with a 36" long 22.5" wingspan F-20 Tigershark. I've been eyeing to build a Steve Shumate designed X-29 and it dawned on me; why not see if the GP F-20 could be converted to an X-29 similarly like Grumman did when creating the real full size X-29 albeit with two F-5A Freedom Fighters.

First thing I did was to re-size Steve's plans to suit the Electrifly fuselage. The wingspan will be similar to the stock F-20 at about 22.5" I decided on reducing his plans down to 80%.

I will most likely add carbon strips (rod) in the triangular fashion as Steve designed and built into his wing.

I am going to mirror what Grumman/NASA did with the first X-29 and use the first one primarily for testing high alpha flying. If that goes well, I will see what kind of speed I can get with it, or perhaps build a second one with an even stronger wing and see what kind of speed I can get with the forward swept wing.

Should be fun!

Canards (will be functional) and wings are cut. Need to hit the hobby store for some carbon. Also need to cut out and shape the vertical stab which will have a functioning rudder.

Pics of my current progress below:
Posted by Smokin_Joes | Oct 01, 2012 @ 03:28 PM | 3,043 Views
My build log for the Windrider 737.

Plan to replicate this beaut:

Out of these pieces:

Posted by Smokin_Joes | Aug 31, 2012 @ 01:27 AM | 6,041 Views
Here are my initial thoughts during the unboxing.

I ordered the new FMS V7 P-51 Mustang from PW-RC on Friday 08.24.12 and it arrived today Thursday 08.30.12. The box came in it's usual black plastic wrapped that Philip sends. The box art designed by AROS looks great.

Everything was nicely packaged in it's own bag and fit perfectly in it's styrofoam box.

I then pulled out the propeller blades. Guess this makes for the first 5 blade Mustang!

The Spinner has been updated and now uses machine screws with lock nuts instead of the former self tapping screws. The blades are supposed to be same length and pitch BUT are now reinforced- perhaps FRP?

Next up, the drop tanks. Big boys they are. They have a plastic slide on clip. They slide from front to back which makes absolute sense.

Next up, the gear doors look great! The inner (half) doors are controlled by servo. Per the manual, there appears to be a sequencer.

The fuselage looks great. The canopy has been updated with more cockpit detail and the glass (well plastic) canopy can slide back. There are different stop points either and the leading edge of the canopy has a lip that slides under the windshield. Nice!

Upon lifting out the cockpit, it appears to be a little weak as it can bend a bit. Shouldn't be too much a problem.

The tail feathers are different that previous versions. The main wings mount differently to the fuse, so these don't appear backwards friendly. Meaning if you have...Continue Reading
Posted by Smokin_Joes | Nov 26, 2011 @ 04:43 PM | 4,497 Views
The new FMS A6M in gray paint scheme arrived at my door on Nov 22. Thanks Philip!

Initial QC check and the results are great. No missing parts, no bashed noses or in this case, tail.

Which gray is it?

Below is a pic of it's wing by my HK AT6 I repainted as a A6M using Testors Camouflage Gray

It color looks similar to this

Which is Testors Dark Gull Gray. Notice I say similar, not that it's a perfect match.

It is definitely darker than Imperial Japanese Navy Sky Gray as seen here

This is arguably the correct green gray used on the aircraft, though many feel they were painted a whiter or lighter gray.

Below I've also added shots of the drop tank, rudder and elevator detail that may not have been as apparent through pics of the darker variant.

Not very exciting pics, but overall I'm very excited about the amazing detail found on this plane! Well I should restate that as the amazing detail on all of the FMS planes I have.

***Pic upload has been hit or miss for me as of late so I'll re-add as I can/it works.

Planned mods:

Canopy detail and new pilot
WWII Japanese aircraft were known for crappy paint life, so will add some weathering effects.
Changing to 514 retracts and add VQ suspension struts.
Update to 19g elevator servo.
60A ESC with CC 10A BEC.

Elevator- FMS seemed to have added a second spar.
Posted by Smokin_Joes | Aug 09, 2011 @ 01:49 PM | 4,887 Views
HobbyKing had the aformentioned 5B "clone" (if you will) for a low price and just about free shipping. Since I live in Washington State, where HK's USA warehouse is located, it was delivered in one day- yay me!

Though it comes with a 26cc weedwacker type gas/petrol engine, I planned to convert this using Castle Creations super small (sarcasm) Mamba Monster conversion kit with V2 ESC.

Here is the unboxing (sort of) the 260S. I guess I'll call this part one.

I am ordering some goodies;

So far have;

RPM front suspension arms
RPM rear suspension arms
GH Black Alloy Front Hub Set
Castle Creations/Mamba Full Electric Conversion Kit w/ v2 ESC for HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC
Hyperion G3 Vx 5000 Mah 7S 25.9V 35C/65C
Tarmac Buster M Compound
Hitec HS-805MG

On order:

Dark Soul Front & Rear Axle Extenders

Looking to source:

PhatDad-RC 5mm 300m Series 5mm Dowel-Pin Cross-Over Dogbones
and Drive Cups

As I move forward and order more goodies for her will certainly update.

8.22.2011 Update: Castle Creations this weekend sent out a recall notice on several of their high amp ESC, including the Mamba XL ver 2 that came with my E conversion kit.

However, I probably can move forward with the project since I still need to remove the gas engine et all, and can install all other conversion parts sans the ESC. So hopefully more pics and progress to come.

11.02.2011 Update: FINALLY got confirmation that CC is sending me a brand new XL2 ESC. Hopefully the issue in the...Continue Reading