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Archive for December, 2008
Posted by Jurgen Heilig | Dec 23, 2008 @ 02:34 PM | 64,151 Views
The Organization Team (Dick, Derk and Bert van der Vecht and Jeroen van Gog) invited top Indoor Pilots from all over Europe and some travelled more than 1500 miles (one way!) to join this fantastic event. Synchronous Flying, Air Race, F3P-A Pattern and Freestyle, Night flying to live music ... it was fantastic, a real pre X-Mas treat.

Video Clips as promissed:

Synchronous Flying

1. Donatas Pauzuolis & Gernot Bruckmann

2. Christoph Lausberg & Kai Heuzeroth

Corrected iaw official results:

3. Dennis Horn & Markus Zolitsch

4. Martin Gulla, Kai Anderl & Karl-Ernst Overdick

5. Derk v.d. Vecht & Bert v.d. Vecht

6. Martin Müller & Stephanie Schwan

F3P Pattern

1. Christoph Lausberg

2. Dennis Horn

3. Donatas Pauzuolis


1. Donatas Pauzuolis

2. Derk v.d. Vecht Reading