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Posted by mintie | Jan 22, 2011 @ 04:46 PM | 5,305 Views
a test run down the drive way ....
1/4 scale gokart test run. (0 min 13 sec)

then mounted my key cam on one of the side pods and did a run down the street.
a spin down the street with my 1/4 scale gokart (1 min 1 sec)
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Posted by mintie | Dec 11, 2010 @ 09:51 PM | 4,809 Views
Now have the Zero cowl done with the panel lines and top coats.
Baffles for the engine half done.
Getting very close to flying. Test flight will be in the new year as we are away for the next two weeks.

I cant help myself just have to have toys and have just bought two 1/4 scale gokarts.
Now if it is to windy to fly, can use my boat, if the water is to rough for the boat , I can use the karts. Have to be able to cover all avenues of the hobby.
The hangers at work have very smooth concrete floors so they are going to be my race track.
At home , the street out side is very smooth road carpet so that will get used as well.
Posted by mintie | Dec 01, 2010 @ 02:10 AM | 4,886 Views
Time for an update on the Zero.Airframe all ready ,all radio in ,control surfaces all working,retracts working,motor bench run.
Cowl needs the panel lines and black paint.
I am making up the engine baffles at the moment so as to direct the air flow straight onto the cylinder head.
Need to airbrush the burns around the gun turrets
Do a final check on the CG ,and we are then ready to fly.
Getting excited now as this is really starting to look good .
Posted by mintie | Nov 02, 2010 @ 03:02 AM | 4,690 Views
A few pics of my ultralight FLM and the Autogyro at a recent indoor event.
Never flown at one of these events before and wasnt sure how the models I took would go .
Both these models I normally fly out doors so was very pleased that both performed well indoors,and had a good time hooning around the Gym
Posted by mintie | Oct 24, 2010 @ 11:38 PM | 4,465 Views
Like most of us here we tend to have a few models in various stages of build. I am no different and sometimes have trouble deciding which one should be done first even though I have others on the board.
My latest plane is the osprey 1x 28. I have had a dissire to build this for some time now and finally decided, get it done before time runs out.
Some time back I found a very small plan for a three channel indoor model ,took it to work and enlarged on the machine.Didnt come out very good but I really only wanted the out line as would build how I wanted.
Construction is with Blue foam,depron,fiberglass,balsa & carbon. It has been a design as I build and so far pretty happy with the out come.
AUW target is 600 gm and it looks like it might just finish at 420 gms..
Not bad for a 1100 mm w/s 4 channel with a 3s 1300 battery.
I am doing a build log and progress can be found here...
Posted by mintie | Sep 09, 2010 @ 01:40 AM | 4,684 Views
A good spell of sun shine allowed me to get the green sprayed on the airframe [once the power came back on]
Just need to get the airbrush out now and do all the dirtying on the plane
It has to look used and old.
Can still do some modelling as our home is not bad for damage,can still live in it . Others are far less fortunate than us,losing every thing they own,including house and employment.
Posted by mintie | Sep 06, 2010 @ 03:23 AM | 4,235 Views
Well this weekend no time for modelling after we where hit with a 7.1 scale quake in the early hrs of Saturday morning.A pretty scary experence when it is pitch black dark and your whole world is shaking so bad you can not stand up.
Very lucky that there was no deaths at all from the quake,but the city and out lying areas have a huge mess to clean up and at this stage a figure of $2 billion to start the rebuild.
In the city center of Christchurch [population of 450 .000] there are 120 buildings are to be demolished and 500 are in need of repairs now.
We ourselves got out very sweet with very little damage,but just around the street there are at least 12 or more homes that will be dozed down,as others over the other side of our town will be in the same situation.Our town [Kaiapoi population of 5000] center is closed as are the schools and most of the surrounding areas. Residents only allowed in.
An interesting site to follow the quakes This shows the fault line and all the shocks we have had since.
Another site for info updates Reading
Posted by mintie | Aug 14, 2010 @ 06:59 PM | 4,222 Views
test flight of model Ultralight (2 min 54 sec)
As promised I would update the ultralight progess.
Well it flys and It is going to be quite a good model.
The weight shift system on the wing worked really well,flew most of the test flight using that. The rudder is real powerfull and needs toning down a tad,the elevator is very positive just need to get use to only using small imputs. The video was taken using my key cam mounted on an old pair of safety glasses...this system works very well as the cam then follows where you look. BUT when looking up one needs to move the head as well as the eyes as the cam misses the plane. You will see in the mid part of the video I didnt look up enough. This was a test run as well as the flight so will get sorted in time. The video is not editored as I have no way of doing that so this is what took place on the testing.
specs on the model....BW 1700 kv motor with a plush 18 amp ESC
1300 mah3c battery weight shift 1x HXT900 servo
rudder and elevator Dynam servos =to HXT 500.
RX Dynam 5 channel micro.
auw 13.25 oz 376 gms.
Posted by mintie | Jul 27, 2010 @ 01:27 AM | 4,384 Views
My wife and I decided to do a float fly weekend away so headed up to Blenhiem which is 3.5 hrs from home.
This is the first time to this event and was surely not dissappointed.
During the past few weeks the weather has been garbage and lots of flooding but this weekend gave us some really good flying weather.
I used my trusty Super Club and my foamie float plane along with the boat.
I would say about 12 people attended with about that many planes and one chopper
As you can see from the pics the lake was absolutely superb.I have never had such an amazing day ..thanks guys ..will be back again....Continue Reading
Posted by mintie | Jul 23, 2010 @ 03:09 AM | 4,638 Views
Tuesday night saw the AGM and the hand over of the model BNL
There was a good attendance and alot of surprises when the model was put onto the bench,as most had not idea that the project was being built.
In general business the president did a speach about the project and its significants to the club and half way through I produced the model from the next room ,bought out and put on the bench.
The club now own the model and it will be hung in the lounge when all the repainting is finished.
Posted by mintie | Jul 23, 2010 @ 01:22 AM | 4,615 Views
.A month or so back a student hit a concrete post at an airport away and damaged another Tomahawk. I have just got one back flying and now another one to repair. With the Tomahawk, if the wing tip hits an object while the plane is moving on the ground, if it hits hard enough the forces transfer right into the rear of the cabin where the wings rear spar attaches.
In this case the wing tip and inner trailing edge where damaged as was the whole rear cabin bulkhead.
The aircraft was stripped and transported back to our base where we then start to assess if repairs are going to take place or not.
The decision was to repair.I then had to build a fixture to hold the fuse in the correct postion for the repair work to begin.
Once that was done then strip out all the damage then start on manufacturing the new replacement parts.
The job is on hold at the moment as we have just bought in two near new aircraft and doing a bit with them to get ready for use with training.
Will update as the repair progresses.
Posted by mintie | Jul 18, 2010 @ 02:16 AM | 4,125 Views
Now have the wing all made and fitted
Posted by mintie | Jul 16, 2010 @ 02:34 AM | 5,110 Views
I came across this build a while back and thought this is something different and I have to have one.
The thread can be found here ..
It has been an interesting build and have done a few changes to suit myself.
The rudder is controlled by pull/pull cables,the elevator is done with a wire drive through a bell crank and push rod,and have made the ragallo wing weight shift with a push rod.This part is an experiment so as yet there are no positive results on performance.
Now have to make up the ragallo wing covering and fit to the carbon fiber framework then fit the ESC ,battery and pilot.
At this present stage the airframe weighs in at 210 gms or 7.3 oz.
Will post flying results as they happen.
Posted by mintie | Jul 14, 2010 @ 04:09 AM | 4,542 Views
Some time back a committe member[now the president] of the Aero Club where I work approached me and asked if I would be interested in building some scale models of our full size fleet to hang in our comference rooms .
After some serious thought [on my part]and negotiations we came to a verdict and I started the first model.
At least four models are to be built over a period of 3-4 years in some of my spare time.yeah right.
I decided the first one would have to be the Super Cub we own .The club has had it since new and it is now 54 years old and still gets a heap of use.
Lots of pics and measurements and 18 months and 200 hours later it is to be handed over at the AGM on July the president and committee members.
Good not having to go far for documention as I work on this aircraft from time to time.
Every thing was hand made right down to the glass cowl and pilots head set to match the units we use at the training part of the club.
All the graphics where hand cut and they took a fare amount of time to get right.
Will post the hand over celebrations next week.
Posted by mintie | Jun 08, 2010 @ 12:54 AM | 3,885 Views
A bit of an update on the Zero...have spent a bit of time doing the wing and tail feather panel lines and now have them all painted, and pretty pleased with the result.
The photos dont really do a good job but they can be seen.
This will be a slow process as the weather is not in my favour at the moment.
Next will be the whole fuse,then all the flying surfaces.
That is going to be a few weeks away as now, I have a big job to do on a Cessna over the next few weekends.
Posted by mintie | May 12, 2010 @ 04:10 AM | 5,177 Views
I have had an interest in gyros for some time.Finally found a build and decided to have a crack at building and flying one of these machines.
The site can be found here ..
I had a bit of a stock of depron and all the electronics so there was nothing holding me back.
Had the gyro built in about 3 days,then had to wait for some good weather.
First flight one night just before dark and it flew but had a head vibration. So home and built up another head base and that cured the vibration. Have now had about 5 flights ,and just coming to grips with it. Orientation was my biggest problem but I just landed and started again.
No action shots as I fly by myself,and very hard to take pics and fly.
But I have now built up a cam frame for my TX and will be experimenting with that.
Posted by mintie | Apr 24, 2010 @ 02:05 AM | 3,912 Views
Never been really interested in 3 D flying,but my mate was building a model so thought I would give it a go.
Built a Yak from the scratch built foam forum,think it was a leadfeather posting...anyway built it out of 3mm depron with carbon rods and flat and kevlar wing supports.
Well I can say that it has been very interesting trying this 3 D flying. Have mastered a few moves but by no means an expert.
The guys that do all the demos I have to give them credit as they are aces.
It is getting a bit worse for wear now so will build another to replace this one.
Plane wt.169 gms.34 in w/s, blue wonder 1700 kv with a 8x3.8 sf prop.10 amp plush controller and 2s 450 mah Hyperion G3 battery, 3X HXT 9 gm servos
Plane hangs on 1/2 throttle and will just climb vertical on full power.
I have decided to continue with 3 D flying as it really brushes up ones skills for other flying.
A 5 min walk to the park, fly two batteries [16 minutes]then home.
Posted by mintie | Apr 10, 2010 @ 04:43 AM | 4,163 Views
Spent the day at one of our annual flying events.It is the Warbirds and classic Scale flyin,held at the now disused military base in Christchurch NZ
A good turn out of A/C and pilots.
Most A/C where military and a few civilian where represented in the line up.
Weather started very cloudy then came out sunny and windy.
Flying took place most of the day ,there was always an A/C of some kind in the air. A few pics here to give an idea of what was on hand.
My Tomahawk EYE was in the air for three flights.Turned out quite windy with very rough and turbulent air as the day progressed.
Over all a good day out.
Posted by mintie | Apr 09, 2010 @ 04:52 AM | 4,177 Views
After these few posts thought I would add a bit about myself.
Married with a very good wife and two growen up boys and one daughter inlaw.One a teacher and the other a Computor engineer and the wife a banker.
I am a licensed and rated aircraft engineer working for the Canterbury Aero Club in Christchurch NZ....we own a fleet of 36 aircraft. These are for the members but also another part of our operation is the International Academy of Aviation which is an International Pilot training facility.We lease our A/C to the Academy for their training.On an average we fly 20.000 hrs a year.
I help the other 5 engineers if and when they are busy but most of my work is in the rebuild, accident, hanger rash area.
A few years ago decided to specilize in the fabrication area,which is an area I enjoy as there is a great lot of satisfaction in the finished job.
We have a whole area that is used for this work and have now rebuilt 7 A/C in the last 6 years.Two twin engine Partenavia P68,4 Tomahawks,doing the 5 th one now.Rebuilt the wings on a Cessna 172 H.Put a whole new bottom in a new Piper Warrior.Rebuilt wings and tail plane for a Piper Arrow. Reskinned the wings on a Robin 2160 and all the other wee mishaps that appear along the way.
A good part of this work I am by myself all day,making all my own decisions and planning my work.
Over the last few years have been doing all the fiberglass work as well. My hobby part of the work that I was able to bring to the aero club we I started.I make all our molds, them fab all the parts we need. Also handy for models.
In all a good life, enjoyable and rewarding,with plenty of challenges.
The hangers are handy as we use them to fly our indoor models in when the Aircraft are all out.
My little hughes 300 chopper has done many hrs in the main hanger.