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antennahead's blog
Posted by antennahead | Sep 15, 2008 @ 01:50 AM | 4,629 Views
Well, after being a member on here for some time now, I guess I got a little sick of this blank space and have decided to do something about it. I'm completely new at rc airplanes and heli's and although I had tried building and flying an rc airplane at around 13 years of age, I was not at all successful. my first attempt was to build an all balsa plane over the winter. I spent all of my paper route money on a hobby lobby 4 channel transmitter (about $100 at the time) and although I do not remember the exact airplane it was, I believe it was manufactured by Sig. ( ARF's were unheard of at the time )After 6 months of building, I took it to a large field, fired the engine and let her rip. after a short take off run, it started to climb, banked to the right and crashed bad. I never even thought of seeking the help of an experienced rc pilot. after a little thought, I decided to build a glider, they must be easier to fly.......I called tower hobbies and shortly had a glider kit on it's way. After another 6 months or so of building, I hooked it up to my hi start and let it go, about 20 feet in the air, the wings folded and the high start proceded to drag the airframe another 200 feet through some really rough ground. I'm sure my building techniques were not up to par and my first clue that a career in carpentry just wasn't for me. fast forward 30 years. A friend of mine dragged me to the annual hobby show in chicago......and I got hooked again, planes everywhere........and they...Continue Reading