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Posted by motorhead540 | Oct 25, 2010 @ 01:07 AM | 2,522 Views
Well here in the Pacific Northwest it has started into our rainy season not much good flying weather now till march i guess well i am starting to work on getting a few planes and helis dialed in for next spring got my new Hawk Pro on a governor and have started breaking in the new OS 37 heli lots of power over the old OS 32 heli engines . My Sig kobra is close to being ready to fly it came back from my friend looking great but still needs some small tweaks before i maiden it . My Predator Gasser is now on the table i'm setting it up with the new JR921 reciever that came with my new JRXP 9503 radio system . And i'm getting ready to sell off a couple aircraft with a 7chp radio system on the local craigslist site. Goofing off and i took some group heli pic's hope you like them
Posted by motorhead540 | May 30, 2010 @ 11:17 AM | 3,176 Views
here are a few of the old rc items i have had will get some newer pictures up soon