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Posted by motorhead540 | Mar 27, 2016 @ 04:42 PM | 1,170 Views
Well this weekend has been extra busy so no flying so far and now the wind and rain has moved back into the area .

Did get a chance to maiden two of my planes last weekend on Saturday morning up at the Funflyer club field . Was kind of pressed for time so only able to get 1 flight on each .

First up was the Aeroworks Su-31 profile that I built since the beginning of the year and showed the progress in my build log my first attempt at building from the box , ARF , kit , or otherwise . the plane turned out Ok for my first build guess I am my own worst critic , but it flew well with little to no trim will take some more flights to get it dialed in but it flies good as is .

Second up was a Extreme flight MXS that I had purchased as a BNF from a local flyer from another club from 40 miles to the north last year sometime . Well as my flying has progressed I finally decieded to give it a chance and take it out to fly . I installed one of the batteries that I received with the plane and checked the CG ... Fellow club members at my club agreed that it looked to be well within a flyable range , so down the runway and off the ground it went . I gained some altitude and backed out of the throttle . This plane on the other hand was a handful I added quite a bit of up/ right trim and cruised around getting a feel of the plane . Then hit the throttle to see how it would do it almost instantly climbed 45 degrees up under throttle . Well I got it down in one piece and home came...Continue Reading
Posted by motorhead540 | Feb 20, 2016 @ 10:53 PM | 2,068 Views
Well not like I really need a new one but, Was offered a good deal on a JR DSMX 12 X transmitter today .... Well I bought it and brought it home well at least my receivers will still be compatible , This is my first DSMX transmitter my other 2 are DSM2 . Well I guess now my JR XP9503 DSM2 will be my backup and my dx7 will be my throw and go radio . Now to figure out which aircraft to move over first ! The reading begins many more available options and functions with this radio even when coming from the 9503 .

ps ... anyone have a printed copy of the manual they would be willing to sell me
Posted by motorhead540 | Feb 03, 2016 @ 08:49 PM | 2,514 Views
Well it took longer then the instructions said it should but it is finally finished .

Have not checked CG or weighed it yet and I
Still want to put it on the watt meter before I take it to the field for maiden, but I plan on taking the plane to our club meeting Friday evening for show-n-tell here are the pictures I took of the finished product!!

Well show and tell went great, but from the demonstration of control surfaces and motor run up. I have decided to forgo the wattmeter test on this airframe lets just say it feels like it has plenty of pull !!

Do not Want to subject the airframe to any unwarranted stress test to see what the motor puts out I will just fly it . lets just say at barely 1/2 throttle the aircraft wanted to fly out of my hand. while being held by the back spine of the fuse .

C.G is right in the correct range exact to be determined after a few flights . Still no scale
Posted by motorhead540 | Jan 10, 2016 @ 12:10 PM | 1,709 Views
This months club meeting was a week late due to the holiday being on the first Friday on the month . So we ended up pushing it back a week to the 8th well, I have been very fortunate in the raffle prize winnings recently, This month I was lucky enough to win this new UMX Pitts S-1S . Which my wife has affectionately named " Peppermint" . I took a few pictures of it and thought I would post them .

now if my raffle luck could carry over to the powerball I would be all set
Posted by motorhead540 | Jan 01, 2016 @ 08:01 PM | 3,302 Views
well I'm no builder , so bear with me and make suggestions if you see me going in the wrong direction, but I will try to keep updating this build as I go . I won this ARF in a club raffle contest back in Sept and figured in need to start building as well as flying so here goes nothing ... wish me luck here are todays pictures I opened the kit looked over the pieces read thru the instructions . had to shrink the covering on the fuse it was terribly wrinkled . marked the wing centerline . then gathered all the components I think I might use for the build .....Continue Reading
Posted by motorhead540 | Oct 25, 2010 @ 12:07 AM | 3,580 Views
Well here in the Pacific Northwest it has started into our rainy season not much good flying weather now till march i guess well i am starting to work on getting a few planes and helis dialed in for next spring got my new Hawk Pro on a governor and have started breaking in the new OS 37 heli lots of power over the old OS 32 heli engines . My Sig kobra is close to being ready to fly it came back from my friend looking great but still needs some small tweaks before i maiden it . My Predator Gasser is now on the table i'm setting it up with the new JR921 reciever that came with my new JRXP 9503 radio system . And i'm getting ready to sell off a couple aircraft with a 7chp radio system on the local craigslist site. Goofing off and i took some group heli pic's hope you like them
Posted by motorhead540 | May 30, 2010 @ 10:17 AM | 4,260 Views
here are a few of the old rc items i have had will get some newer pictures up soon