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mothflyer's blog
Posted by mothflyer | Feb 24, 2015 @ 12:53 AM | 2,336 Views
Time to update...

I built a CNC router and am working on making molded SG2 tails. I have started machining the cores for the vertical tail and have the vacuum fixture done for machining the other side of the tail. Thanks to Tom Siler for showing his process. Next step is to cut some molds.
Posted by mothflyer | Feb 24, 2014 @ 11:06 AM | 2,471 Views
Hey Guys,
Since there is already a several lengthy threads about building the SG2, I figured I would document my build in my blog.

I built my first SG2 back in 2004, before I had kids. Now that I have kids, I have a little less spare time but I am making some good progress. I have since sold that plane and I am very excited to have a new one.

I am building it per Marks original plan to start with and after I get it done, I may make some zone v2 wings for better performance.

There are a lot of new ways of building composites these days but I think I will continue using a pod mold and rolling my own booms. A big Thank You to shaper dave for his awesome instructions for making booms. I could not have been successful with out his help. he also has some really nice planes available for a good price if anyone is interested in just buying a plane.

I am excited to try out making a "disser" wing and tails. it looks so cool and seems like it makes the parts much stiffer in torsion.

I will post some pictures of progress thus far, enjoy the show ...Continue Reading