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the_only_kris_20's blog
Posted by the_only_kris_20 | Nov 19, 2008 @ 01:20 PM | 2,396 Views
1. NO low ball offers
2. I have a life so I will get it in the mail when i get around to it
3. I reserve the right to ship by whatever carrier and speed i see fit
4. I usually ship priority but when its not cost effective i ship slower
5. I wont fall for your scams so dont try it
6. If you harass me about getting it out or anything i wont deal with you again period
7. Look closely at all pics because thats exactly what your getting unless otherwise stated
8. Ask all questions before offering to buy a item if something comes and you dont like it because u didnt verify something thats your fault not mine
9. I accept only paypal preferably direct funds
10. Dont say ill take it then back out once you say ull take it its urs
11. If i ship a plane it will be taken apart as much as possible to avoid damage during shipping and to keep shipping prices down
12. Upon offering or saying to purchase an item you enter a verbal contract to agree to all these terms