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Posted by dankar04 | Dec 10, 2015 @ 01:40 PM | 2,992 Views
Gliders are now my new pusuit. Good group of local flyers. Thremal right now, tomorrow whoi knows ?
Last summer and into fall build two new 2 meter gliders. Kestrel/ Sig Riser. i wanted to have two new kit built gliders built by me. Both have flown and fly fine. Before these were built assembled a new G/P Vista ARF. I had this sit around in box for years. anyway bird fklys fine also.
All use same Hi-Tech new but older 72 mhz radio. Lazer 6 ch. All three share same TX. I hjave one more 7 ch hi-tech RX and go into a Windfifter
Standard size glider. That will be last 72 mhz bird.
I look foward to new adventure with gliders. I still fly helis but mostly 450 sized c/p's. Fly them couple times a week.
Going to build couple smaller gliders also. One is being framed up now. Scratch built Bridi Tercel. Chrysalis 1.5 m to follow.
Posted by dankar04 | Apr 12, 2012 @ 02:21 PM | 9,590 Views
Having some fun. Just started but I'm in !! Couple co-ax 4 ch/ couple of Xedia 9958. Just ordered Solo-Pro 328. Latter get back to mini-heli's. New stuff is awesome.
Much has changed. Been flying c/p's since march 2013. Now fly mostly 450 c/p's. Helis have taken back seat to new wave of quads. Noobs don't like to leaarn to fly. buy/ and fly no experience needed. Thats why FAA has entered out hobby due to reckless numb sculls.
Sticky: Cox/ customs
Posted by dankar04 | Mar 30, 2010 @ 03:45 PM | 10,560 Views
I will be doing alot of work on allmost all the .049/.051 cox engines. Mostly the reedies and use the best parts I can get. I have done one pdoduct engine is a ME-109 Stunter and very/ very happy with it. Just worked on a stock Black widow and happy with it also, but this will be a Venom soon. Also just worked on a Sure Srart hand fitted looks and feels great.

I sold off most of my Cox ARF's. Kept ME-109 stunter/ Super Chipmonk stunter/ Cox Viper. Saved several of real good TD.049's/.051's. Plus five excellent Holland Hornets. Took years to get real good ones. I have a PT-19 is decent shape but wing is distorted. Hope to recieve a replacement soon. I taught a few people how to fly with PT-19's.