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Posted by healthyfatboy | Jun 02, 2014 @ 04:16 PM | 4,583 Views
Main Taranis Thread

Taranis Resource Thread

Taranis 2.0 Thread

Taranis Summary Posts

Taranis How To

Taranis Hardware Hacks

Video Directory

EPEE Settings Site

Screen Protector

How to Create Model Artwork

How to Change Splash Screen

Taranis Battery Low Voltage Option

Ghost "Game" LUA Script

Two Quad FPV Setup

Taranis Trainer Explanation
Easy Trainer Control

Taranis Sticky Flight Modes for APM

Taranis Sticky Explanation Post 1
Taranis Sticky Explanation Post 2

Taranis Throttle Lock/Hold Variation 1
Taranis Throttle Lock/Hold Variation 2
Taranis Throttle Lock/Hold Variation 3 (Throttle Kill)

Taranis Elevon Mixing 1
Taranis Elevon Mixing 2

Crazy Sailplane Mixing EPEE

Taranis Buddy Box 1
Taranis Buddy Box 2
Taranis Buddy Box 3
Taranis Buddy Box 4

FrSky Rx as Model Beacon 1
FrSky Rx as Model Beacon 2

DIY Easy Head Tracker

Loud Buzzer for Quad

How to set up D4R-II Failsafe properly

Naze32 Thread

Nemesis Thread #1

Nemesis Thread #2

Nemesis Tilt Camera
Nemesis Tilt Camera Software

Dominator Receiver Pinout

Nemesis 3D Printed Parts

How to cut down a 6" prop to 5"

Naze32 Bluetooth

FPV Camera Recommendations


MinimOSD Starter Thread
MinimOSD Extra
MinimOSD Adding Extra Stuff
Basic Char Editor
Ascended's MAX Font Editor
Epilepsy Online Font Editor
Comparison of Font Editors
How to Remove Label Characters
Interference/Power Issue Solutions
Supposedly Rock Solid Way to Load Charset
Newest Plane Update (11/28/14)
Reminder with Newest Toolset
RSSI from DTF UHF to MinimOSD for APM

UMX Radian Mods

UMX Radian Magnetic Wing (See June 4, 2014 PM for instructions)

AS3X Windows 7 Driver Installation

AS3X General Information

Advanced AS3X

AS3X Tips 1

AS3X Programming Tips 2

UM Servo Reversing 1

UM Servo Reversing 2

Expo Explanation

UMX Icon A5 Waterproofing Links (post 7 and on) (post 536 on) (post 1007 on)

Figure Out Instant Trim (post 1009 on)