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Posted by Hellysmack | Feb 22, 2010 @ 06:37 PM | 3,409 Views
I started out with models, then had Testors Voltswagon bug that went in circles on a string on a nail, Had the Testors P40 control line (flexible plastic you could touch the wing tips together). Cox Dune buggy (free run) Model Rockets, Tyco car, Tamiya Falcon,
Concept 30 Bought used in 1991, learned to hover Tail in, sold after I got married, Along with two R/C 40 trainers. When I realized I had to have a helicopter but something I could afford. I was shown the LiteMachine 110 that later I converted to a LMH Corona Would still own this model but they quit supplying parts for it. Save up and got the Trex XL (kit only) for $145
When the Honey bee CP RTF came out it was a great deal at that time to have a Helicopter in the air for $150 (after some investigating it had a better rotor head out of box than the Blade cp for less money) I got sick of tail motors burning up and sold it.
I then got an Esky Lama V2 (after some investigating) I liked the fact that the blades folded making it more durable than the Blade CX and motors were spaced one on each side of main shaft creating less heat and again it was way cheaper than the Blade CX. I enjoyed IT for some time but sold to get the Trex SA and used the XL for parts.
The Trex still seemed expensive to maintain and so I had to try the Honey Bee King V2 smaller and cheaper and NO TAIL MOTORS it was a belt drive like my Trex. Rotor head is not that good of a design, tried some cheap CNC that was a waste. Best improvement was...Continue Reading