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Posted by camoy | Oct 29, 2013 @ 12:28 PM | 12,243 Views
Since I have answered quite a few questions on the Bavarian Cortex and it seems like the same questions keep coming up. I am going to consolidate all my videos that I make and step by step write ups here so it is easier for me to find and point people to.

Here is a list of important info to know about the Cortex

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Also, never plug power into Output 2. It will cause the system to malfunction.

2. Stick priority controls how fast the Cortex "lets" go of the plane and stops stabilizing it. So the further one moves the sticks away from center the more the Cortex stops stabilizing the plane. In a 3D plane this setting is better if higher since a higher setting will cause the Cortex to let go of the plane earlier. Higher setting equals the stick taking priority.

3. Latching controls how fast the Cortex starts to stabilize the plane again as the sticks are returned to center. In a 3D plane this setting should be lower as a lower setting means it take longer or the sticks to be closer to the center before the Cortex starts to stabilize the plane again.