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Posted by crazyj | Aug 20, 2011 @ 07:06 PM | 6,595 Views
Here's my FPV setup...

FPV Equipment on MultiWiiCopter.com Carbon Scarab Quadcopter:
~ DPCAV V-Dipole 1.2Ghz Antenna
~ 1.2Ghz 800mw VTX
~ HobbyKing E-OSD

Ground Station Setup:
Custom albumin case with:
~ Two +8db 1.2Ghz patch antennas
~ Two telescoping monopods (holding the patch antennas)
~ Two 1.2Ghz receivers (came with VTXs)
~ Two 4000mah 3s lipo batteries in parallel
~ Two 12v Buck Inverters to power the VRXs and Diversity
Eagle Eyes Ground Station for video Diversity
~ Digital Voltmeter for battery status
~ Two covered toggle switches with LEDs (one for equipment, other for TV)
~ Three video, audio and 12v output for goggles, laptop, etc (RadioShack parts)
~ Composite to USB video capture dongle (used with laptop to capture downlink video)
~ 10.2" LCD TV (runs off 12v)
~ Custom Shroud around TV (not shown in picture, craft store foam)
~ Custom made lid brace to reduce strain on hinges and keep lid open
~ Folding table as a base for the case (to keep it off the ground)

RC Transmitter/Receiver:
~ JR 11x (yes, I don't fly out of range / crazy distances)

Close ups of the GS and inside the GS are below. Everything seems to work great, and I've flown my MultiWiiCopter Carbon Scarab, GWS Slow Stick, Grim Reaper and Fun Jet with the gear above with great results.

Posted by crazyj | Mar 28, 2011 @ 11:11 AM | 4,878 Views
Hello folks,

I tend to blog a lot about my RC exploits but it's tough to keep multiple blogs updated. Here's the link to my other blog:


Also here's a link to my Youtube channel - subscribe if you want to see my latest videos!