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Posted by Deserteagle | Jul 09, 2016 @ 04:38 AM | 886 Views
The ultimate Camera Drone

What would be the ultimate Camera Drone for prosumers and professionals?

The answer depends on what you are going to do with it but for the most part, normal hobby type of users just use these to buzz around or get on the forums and buzz around talking about them.

Not ONE manufacture has come close the the ultimate regardless what the shills (paid or unpaid) have said and to be honest most within the price range of the “prosumer” is lacking in features, both safety and programmable ones. I look at what is available NOW for under $2000

The inspire.

The inspire certainly made a splash when it was released but honestly it is now actually behind the P4 both in features and price to performance. The Inspire's lightbridge lags badly compared to the P3 as I have flown the P3 and owned the Inspire (surprise!) for about three months last year. Compared to the P4 the Inspire is simply dated, and one of the reasons I sold it was because I knew something better was going to come out and I didn't want to lose money on it (also it was winter). I really thought that DJI would have released a new version after the new year but alas, they have not so I should have kept it.

The P4
The P4 is the best in the Phantom series but it's starting to become a one trick pony and it's time for DJI to move on to a different design. If they continue with the Phantom series they will become much like the Porsche of drones because they will...Continue Reading
Posted by Deserteagle | Jun 24, 2016 @ 01:53 AM | 1,263 Views
There are many touting that in the future drones will be everywhere, doing... well pretty much everything from delivering our groceries and much needed medicine to people in remote areas to farming, bridge and cell tower inspection and so on, but how much of this will be true?

Well I believe the answer will be dependant on where you live in the world.

Even though I believe there will be uses for drones in Agricultural and inspection here in the US, I don't believe we will see much in the way of delivery for many many years, if ever. The reason is simple. Liability.

Liability is a huge expense to companies and one that is hard to factor in the price of goods and services. As the saying goes, "things just happen"' and successful businesses have workforce policies to reduce liability by reducing another important factor in their day to day operations, Risk.

Risk and risk management is one of the many ways a company tries to reduce the cost incurred by accidents and therefore reducing a chance of monetary liability. Monetary liability to businesses in the US costs billions and therefore Risk management becomes an important part to the bottom line of a business. To offset the cost of monetary liability, individuals and companies rely the insurance policies.
Insurance policies help protect companies and individuals by off setting the cost of monetary losses but depends on whether the amount of coverage in the policy is enough to cover the cost of the liability....Continue Reading
Posted by Deserteagle | Jun 13, 2015 @ 05:12 PM | 3,720 Views
Looks like imageshack took down my pictures for sharing on forums Oh well I got my moneys worth LOL

Lady Shannon Clyde Puffer

Sorry about the long read but there are plenty of pictures and movies for those that don't want to.

The project started about 9 years ago when I bought a Hemmens Caton V4 from a collector. I have dreamed of owning this engine since the early 90's when I seen one at a model train show. The one I purchased came with all the original documents, manual and boiler certificate. It also had the optional attenuator which was perfect for what i was going to use the engine for. The engine had been run a couple of times but was very tight and the timing was a little off so I ran about a couple of gallons through it and readjusted the valving as per instructions. After the break in the engine runs very smooth almost clock like in precision.

The Ship.

Since I was a child I had always wanted to build a Clyde Puffer. My Grandfather had a picture of a Puffer hanging in the guest bedroom that he took while he was stationed somewhere in the UK during WWII. He told me that he took a ride on one while he traveled around Scotland after the war and it was a very memorable experience for him. He also liked the movie High and Dry (The Maggie) and I was able to get him a copy of that movie while he was still alive.

picture of the Rivercloy I found on the internet

I searched around and found the Puffer in kit form from Mount fleet Models and also found a...Continue Reading
Posted by Deserteagle | Jun 13, 2015 @ 05:11 PM | 3,487 Views
Posted by Deserteagle | Jun 13, 2015 @ 03:55 PM | 3,548 Views
Puffer part Part 3

...Continue Reading