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Sticky: plans links
Posted by burkefj | Jan 06, 2009 @ 01:48 PM | 23,368 Views
Here is my main plans page. These can be flown as pusher parkjets or as rocket boosted gliders. I have personally built and flown all of these. All but the shuttle and dynasoar have flown as pusher jets, and all but the Hustler have flown as rocket boosted gliders. I have built them with a rocket mount and have an adapter that allows me to slide in an electric pusher and fly them either way. When I fly rocket boosted I use a 2s 800mah pack and when I fly pusher I use 3s 800mah pack, my CG works out perfectly that way and I don't need to add or remove any other weight.

To build them as a pusher, you just need to fit and install a motor mount for your motor, ply plate etc, and recess it as desired or mount it right at the end, just keeping in mind prop clearance. I usually just make a ply disk, glue in a 2" piece of 1/8" carbon rod in the center and then poke a hole in the depron and glue the ply plate/rod into the end of the foam with foam safe CA+ and it has never failed me. The Grayson microjet v3 and an apc 6x4 with 800mah 3s is a good power setup for all but the B-58, on that I use a grayson super parkjet with 6x4 apc prop and 2100 3s pack.

For rocket boost you need to fit and install a 24mm rocket mount in the tail, and use an appropriate battery for RC power and to meet CG, I use a 2s 800mah eflite battery and that weighs the same as my loaded rocket motor.

For rocket boost, I prefer the Aerotech RC 24mm case and E-6 RC reloads exclusively as...Continue Reading