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Sticky: plans links
Posted by burkefj | Jan 06, 2009 @ 12:48 PM | 26,376 Views
Here is my main plans page. These can be flown as pusher parkjets or as rocket boosted gliders. I have personally built and flown all of these and all have flown as pusher jets, and all but the Hustler and Goblin have flown as rocket boosted gliders as well. These are profile designs which I like because you have very low frontal area and increased wing/lifting surface which gives them both slow speed landings and high speed flight.

To build them as a pusher, you just need to fit and install a motor mount for your motor, ply plate etc, and recess it as desired or mount it right at the end, just keeping in mind prop clearance. The Grayson microjet v3 and an apc 6x4 with 800mah 3s is a good power setup for all but the B-58, on that I use a grayson super parkjet with 6x4 apc prop and 2100 3s pack.

For rocket boost you need to fit and install a 24mm rocket mount in the tail. For rocket gliders since they don't use much current, you can get by with a very small battery in the middle of the body and just add nose weight as needed for CG. I prefer the Aerotech RC 24mm case and E-6 RC rocket reloads exclusively as this gives a 7 second burn time, gentle boost, and they are very controlable. I do not have to shift any weight for the CG shift, I use a slightly tail heavy launch condition and slightly nose heavy glide and it works perfectly. Use of higher thrust motors may lead to overspeed and flutter. I use a launch rail as it doesn't flex, if you use a rod,...Continue Reading