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Posted by Chophop | Feb 05, 2016 @ 08:18 PM | 2,001 Views
I suppose I'll be building an Entertainer from plans at the AMA site. I had the PDF printed at the local print shop, qty 6, 36x60 inch. Two each of the fuselage, and two each of the short and long wing. I plan to build both wings.

And it looks like it will be powered by a Cobra C-4120/18 and MAS 12x8x3 on 6S lipos. A very peppy airplane by the looks of the plans. 1.5:1 thrust and 73 mph pitch speed.

Looks like a large but simple build with low parts count. No outrageous jig needs.
So next I order the balsa, my mind is set. I like the designer's graphics, so I will clone them. I do want to make a clear windshield and extra round set of side windows. Hopefully no more mods, just build it.
Posted by Chophop | Oct 23, 2015 @ 04:30 PM | 2,727 Views
I think I would run and shake my $4800 at him, but I of course would have to make sure it's as good as it looks. Someone I don't know is selling this locally. Some better wheels for the front and that's it.
Posted by Chophop | Oct 18, 2015 @ 01:27 PM | 78,315 Views
A few items of interest here at our airport, Portsmouth Municipal Airport, Portsmouth, Ohio

This one, an EC130, I like a lot. Wish I could get a joy ride in it.
I watched several times as it spun up through liftoff and the blades are spot on. I have seen other heli's flop around a bit out of track. I expected to see some inertia caused buckling and flutter in the fast spin up but they were in exact track in the fast spin up also. It has flown reliably now for a year or so. Most apparently well cared for.

I was surprised at how powerful it is, it can spin up to flying speed very quickly and sounds really good when it does.
Posted by Chophop | Sep 24, 2015 @ 08:21 PM | 2,844 Views
I tried an AeroSport 46 from Value Hobby. It's ok for a low wing taper wing trainer, but I would wait until you know stall recovery well. The taper wing airplanes do not stall as gently or recover as easily as the boring look rectangular wing. I figure what keeps me in the air is the best.

So far it is sort of sloppy at lower speeds maybe 40 mph and below. I'm testing it at only 570 watts, I would say it really needs 750 to 800 watts. It will fly modestly on 600.
I will need to upgrade my 6S 20C batteries as I am getting over 4 lbs with the airplanes. Those 20C's get stressed at that draw. It was nice getting by cheap on the lipos but when ya move up, ya gotta pay up.

Here's how I solved the ventilation situation without carving it up too badly. Cut a hole in the bottom of the cowl, carve the wide hole in the firewall bottom. That slot has two purposes, ventilation and also to simply be able to mount the ESC without scrunching the wires up in some desperate attempt.

The exit vent is made by removing the covering from the underside, between the cowl and landing gear. Then two pieces of aileron stock and some balsa sheet make the vent. I'm sure I can get by with the small exit because it generates a low pressure as the flow rushes past the ramped vent. You might want to close the air intake side of the esc with scotch tape to keep dew and condensation from getting rammed into the speed control.

I did this on another such plane and it makes a nice sort of hiss and bit of high speed whistle sound at high speed. Just a little bit of whistle, not a screamer.

I tore the landing gear off two days ago because of an ESC with bad soldering and a heat sink/rf shield that shorted out. It was not heat that caused the failure, but I decided to carve the sleek look up for practical purposes.
Posted by Chophop | Sep 07, 2015 @ 07:58 AM | 2,975 Views
Since the Holyday approaches and the nature of the Holyday will be enhanced in my corner of the world by what I do, I will not make raw jokes at least until that special day and spirit of the season passes.

I think they might know their methods are spawning rebellion to their Three Stooges punishment methods, and making things worse. Even so, I will not mud the season with such rebellion.
Posted by Chophop | Jul 22, 2015 @ 06:55 PM | 3,536 Views
Here are some photos of my Phoenix Edge 540 build. There were some problems, not a really bad amount, some split wood in the frame here and there, a few crooked hinges, a bit of wavy in the leading edge, and some minor problems with some of the included hardware. Mainly the wing bolts were badly molded and I had to clean them up with a cutting die. Since I didn't have that size, I filed a nut out to serve as a die.

I just tore it up and threw it away. #1 , can't fly it, no room, #2, driving me crazy because I can't fly it. #3 These airplanes are keeping me here in a place I have always been shafted, my home town where I was run over by a car at 4 years old, humane it would have been if the job were done correctly.
#4 I hate the Viet Nam war. The South Viet Nam people however were good friends.

BTW the airplane was built like a tank. I was impressed with the ruggedness....Continue Reading
Posted by Chophop | Jun 16, 2015 @ 02:38 PM | 3,442 Views
The stinking attitude of many people had been on my nerves lately, so I worked up a plan. Being tired of my day being turned into a stinking unpleasant time, sort of brought a vaporous plan. I made myself stink, an awful stink, and went around making people smell it . I got me a good laugh at how they could not get past that smell.

So maybe now they will better appreciate people in proper hygiene. They are rarely happy with anything.

So, anytime the kids do something wrong, make them smell the jar of Limburger Cheese. Say you have been bad. You have to smell the Limburger Cheese again. Open it up and try not to laugh.
Posted by Chophop | Jan 05, 2015 @ 06:14 AM | 5,137 Views
This funny and sad. People take work in the defense industry because they need a job and they like the idea of protecting their country. All great until they are no longer needed. Well, they spent their time of employment learning to solve a problem by some means of destruction. Now the funny part.

When they loose their job and wife, the option of using destruction to solve the problem comes up. Most seem to ignore it and pass on to a better option. But some insist on taking the skills they learned and run around town kicking ass.

I, not knowing how to manage that situation when younger, decided it would be better to leave the country if I felt it had done me wrong, rather than go psycho. Now when I get problems related to government and large scale social offenses that make me upset I simply start considering a better place to go to, and say some stupid go nowhere statement about leaving. It means nothing, pay no attention it. I'll cool down in a few days and start trying to put this confused world back together. Better than the example of the guy in the movie "Falling Down". I know from experience, there are really more than a few who think like that guy.
Posted by Chophop | Jan 03, 2015 @ 07:04 PM | 4,984 Views
What an accomplishment, they worked up a gang and annoyed me and got me to post some weird gunk in anger.

A person some time ago said I should get into RC aircraft and learn something. I learned something, what a bunch of jackasses people can be.
Posted by Chophop | Nov 28, 2014 @ 08:00 PM | 5,047 Views
I ran into a need to detect a flame or fire and sound an alarm (again, still trying to get out of here). Suppose you have a bunch of glow fuel and often worry it might somehow catch fire.
Here's how to make one that doesn't use any electric until it senses a fire.

You need a microswitch. Preferably, one with a long arm that has a roller or hole at the end of the arm. Wire your horn or whatever to be turned on by the NC (normally closed) contacts of the microswitch.

Now find the thinnest fishing line you can find. Fix the microswitch to a 100% firm structure and so that you can tie one end of the fishing line to the arm, the reason for the roller or hole, a place to reliably tie the line.

Mount the switch so when you pull on the fishing line, it pulls the arm in and opens the NC contacts. Now stretch the line across the area you store flammables and fix it reliably to some structure.

So with a horn or some sort of alarm connected to receive power when the arm swings to it's natural position, you are now protected. A flame will melt the fishing line, and the arm will swing, the NC contact closes, and the horn (etc.) sounds.

Good luck and use it at your own risk, I am simply explaining how I make one.

Of course you want to mount the switch where the fire can't get to it, at least for a very long time. The string will pull the switch (and any of them) in the down direction. It has a spring that returns it to the up position as shown. Some people haven't seen these.
And you might want to attach a stronger spring to it to be sure it trips.
Posted by Chophop | Nov 01, 2014 @ 04:33 PM | 5,273 Views
I made a mistake of announcing I was working on my occasional speaking of profane words and jokes. It was dwindling down to nearly nothing. Now these worshipers of the golden snake think they are going to FORCE me to stop by pressuring and annoying me when one comes out.
I studied Larry Flynt's rise to be the most powerful man of that genre. They harassed him about it, it angered him, he fought back with worse, they harassed back worse and eventually he has an empire. I think they must have seen it was doing the same to me.
I generally refuse to allow such methods to work on me, else I'll be getting some sort of problem for every word I speak that they do not like. And it's going to go on and on.
Until they practice what their messiah preaches, they will get a worse condition back. Truthfully, I think they like it and want some more good stuff, in addition to the pleasure of inflicting distress on a person. If such people were allowed to cause physical wounds, there would be a lot of people with scars, burns, what every way they cook up.
Good luck monkeys , go learn and try again, find a better minister than those witch doctors that scream and brainwash.

Who the @#$%^&& cares if I cuss. I have plenty of reason. 37 kw of electricity to heat just under 1000 sq ft and one room closed off for 18 hours so far, and that is about $6.30 . Now this is Oct. the 18th. Imagine a winter here.
Posted by Chophop | Sep 24, 2014 @ 04:55 AM | 5,601 Views
I am not the least surprised to see the big fence thrown up to stop me from enjoying anything. An air ambulance service moved into the airport and as you would know pass too low over the farm for me to chance flying without guilt. I talked to them about it and the pilot says he can tolerate my flying if I monitor Unicom, but I do not like this.

Just as with my robotics, astronomy, and model aviation, a fence was thrown up to stop me from it. So I figure I should move to a legal pot state and veg out until I drop into my hole, and leave the rest of this military meatball thing called humans to beat each other up. There is no use in pursuing anything else. Just go on back to drugs and music as I was born to be. They will not stop.

Looks like I got talked into this so some sado can see me sad and defeated, science is bad, staggering around disoriented is good.
Posted by Chophop | Jun 16, 2014 @ 11:02 AM | 5,261 Views
Here is an old photo I found of my grandfather and uncle, both named John. We all three served, John Jr. was killed in Korea, John Sr. Europe WW1, made it back, and I was on my way to Viet Nam in the Navy. Just as I got there the peace treaty was signed and our mission was changed to a "Peace Making Mission".

I do not need for what was here to be where it was any longer. I found what I needed to know. No hard feelings.
Posted by Chophop | Jul 23, 2013 @ 08:14 PM | 8,443 Views
Check this Star Wars thing out, I had to buy one. It's outrageous.

Hermi Odle was one of the aliens in Jabba the Hutt's employment at his desert palace. Odle was a large Baragwin who wore a tattered cloak and had droopy lips. He took up residence on Tatooine after his ship was shot down by an Imperial patrol. He was employed by Jabba after he impressed the Hutt with his weapon-making skills, and tasked to make the palace impenetrable.

Odle was a faithful servant of the organization, designing weapons and the palace security system, and kept his position until Jabba's death.
Notably, his greatest foe in the palace was Pote Snitkin. Their rivalry took a turn for the worse, as Snitkin sabotaged a weapon of Odle's, which resulted in the death of one of Jabba's pets. The Baragwin got his revenge when he shot Snitkin on Jabba's sail barge in the frantic battle over the Pit of Carkoon during the attempted execution of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. Although only stunned, Snitkin was unable to escape the blast. Odle, however, did escape and traveled to Mos Eisley, where he stole one of Jabba's starships and left Tatooine for good. His fate after leaving the planet is unknown.

In Return of the Jedi, mime artist Phil Herbert wore a full-body creature suit to portray Hermi Odle.
Hermi's deformed lip is unique to him. Baragwins generally have normal lips, like the Jedi Astaal Vilbum.

Although Odle is supposed to have shot Pote Snitkin on Jabba's sail barge, Snitkin was not aboard the barge; he was driving one of the skiffs.

This thing already snags a pretty good price, the unopened collector's item will bring the best price.
Posted by Chophop | Jul 23, 2013 @ 05:50 PM | 8,111 Views
Edit :

I would avoid the Howard family of cattle ranchers in southern Ohio, northern Kentucky. He works with locval doctors that use torture tactics to steer people into thinking the way the militias wants. They will kill you, maim you, or simply drive you crazy. The rumors between engineers are correct.
Don't let them trick you into coming here. I got the Tramadol induced seizure that can cause venous (brain included) or a heart attack. If some hot shot here doesn't trust me with technology, then I'll try to be an Amish for you. Until I'm gone. Until then peg this area as deadly. Lots of wannabe assassins. This is real, no joke.

The rules of this forum made it difficult to speak in my true words.
Those words blow this paragraph aren't really mine. Save yourself from that gilded gobledygoop.
Some people with a grudge on me tried to make me look like the guy in the video. After 2 years of it I gave them a much deserved scare but no harm.
Whoopty do.

The fluffy talk :

I got in a fight with some neighbors, they saw what they could do to me by trying to hook my face up with an RC Heli, they pushed me until I fought back. It's been going on for 6 or 7 years, but actually goes much farther back.
That is not me in the video, it is only a demonstration. I'll tell ya, keep hugging that club and you'll get a kiss from it.

One reason I am so disgusted from them is I used to sort of go into battle mode when I saw an aircraft, especially helicopters. I was in the...Continue Reading
Posted by Chophop | Feb 10, 2013 @ 02:44 AM | 6,931 Views
I'm interested in the neutral field on the right. The uncoupled accumulation of stray fields EVERYWHERE may cause problems with the earth. Best to leave masses of devices to experts who know how to keep things with the earth's field correct. I do think large scale production of magnetic devices should be controlled, if not already.

Physics Lab Demo 6: Magnetic Field (2 min 26 sec)

Posted by Chophop | Jul 30, 2012 @ 05:43 AM | 8,327 Views
I did not waste any time typing a post here. It was well spent.
Posted by Chophop | Jul 22, 2012 @ 06:50 PM | 8,227 Views
I have found that glow fuel causes severe global warming. Spill some in your lap and I guarantee it will warm the globe.
Posted by Chophop | Jul 21, 2012 @ 11:13 PM | 8,025 Views
July 21, 2012

I finally did my 54 inch Cessna in tonight. Went out to fly with no dinner and lost my depth perception. Went out too far on base leg and snagged a power line then it fell to the pavement. Tore the nose out and did strip the rudder servo gears, HS-81. I think I stripped a wing servo gear too, it makes the sound but tracks. I'll take them apart tomorrow to see.

I did crunch two Turnigy 3S 2200's. So after I was done flying my other plane I shot some holes in the batteries. No flames, but an orange glow in the holes and a cloud of smoke. I wanted to see if they would flame, but no flames. More fun than tossing them in a bucket of water to discharge. Now to be sure, they go in a bucket of water for a few days.

No need to say sorry, this was a lesson in rolling with the punches. That plane was a scratch build and it flew and landed just fantastic. Now I'm off to find a 3.5 lb 54 inch to 60 some inch replacement.

Wow, as bad as the Cessna was damaged, I got it flying again in a few days. So don't freak out in front of everyone if you crash. You might get it flying again and not make a fool of yourself.

Oct-Nov has been a bad month. I lost a Great Planes Cirrus and an electrocuted Laser Stick .10 with a sheeted wing mod. Not so good, three planes in a few months. I went years without crashing. I left a trash can in the way and lost the Cirrus trying to move it while flying, the Laser Stick .10 had an aileron servo go bad.
Posted by Chophop | Jul 04, 2012 @ 05:07 AM | 7,974 Views
zzzzit happens