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Posted by Endurance | Aug 12, 2008 @ 10:54 AM | 3,759 Views
I have been working on a project of mine lately that will allow me to control a robot arm naturally with the use of a custom made joystick. The goal of the project was to be able to easily maneuver the robot arm to do tasks that would normally be difficult with a robot arm and at the same time create realistic organic movement.

A short video demonstrating how the custom joystick operates the robot arm can be found here:

Controlling a robot arm naturally (1 min 10 sec)

From the video you can see just how easy it is to maneuver the arm and pick up objects very quickly.

The joystick was created using potentiometers and an AnalogReader from to read in the movements. The AnalogReader shows up under Windows as a standard joystick so custom controllers can be created for games or other applications. For the demo video I used the ServoCommander software and a 25 Servo Controller to convert the signals for the input arm into movements on the robot arm.
Posted by Endurance | Aug 10, 2008 @ 12:59 AM | 3,493 Views
Introducing the RV-1

The RV-1 is a 4WD micro sized robotics development platform. Featuring a rugged ABS chassis, the RV-1 was designed to traverse indoor as well as outdoor environments. In addition to strength, the ABS construction is lightweight and easy to drill and cut, allowing the rover to be modified to the users needs. The RV-1 is compatible with many different hobby robotics products as well as homemade after market parts.

The RV-1 features an interchangeable top plate to allow for sensor mounting options as well as mounts for the Endurance Robotics PT-1 and PT-2 pan and tilt bases.

The following videos show the assembly process.

Chassis Assembly Video

RV-1 Assembly (6 min 12 sec)

Wheel Assembly video Reading
Posted by Endurance | Jul 18, 2008 @ 07:27 PM | 4,107 Views
The following is a short clip demonstrating how the hexapod responds to the Xbox controller movements.

XBOX controlled Hexapod - 25 Servo Controller Demo (2 min 13 sec)
Posted by Endurance | Jul 18, 2008 @ 07:21 PM | 4,228 Views
Replacing the 8 and 16 Servo Controllers, Endurance R/C is proud to announce the release of the latest addition to its product line up; the 25 Servo controller.

Complete with USB interface, 50Hz refresh rate, fully independent adjustable pulse widths, the 25 Servo Controller was designed with the hobbyist as well as the professional in mind. Throw the servo stretcher away! Instead of the standard 1-2ms pulse widths the 25 Servo Controller from Endurance R/C allows pulses of .5-2.5ms to be generated allowing for an extended movement range of some servos.

With its isolated power connection system, the servo and controller electronics power systems are kept completely separate allowing 5v, 6v, and even 9v or higher servos to operate at their proper voltage. This is a great feature for all the new high torque robotic servos on the market.
Need more than 25 channels? With the USB interface adding more channels is easy. The 25 Servo controller is fully backwards compatible with all previous software and examples. In addition, the new controller is Windows XP and Vista compatible. Sample software, examples, videos and API documentation can all be found at

A hexapod robot fabricated from 1/4" ABS sheet has been created to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the 25 Servo Controller.
Posted by Endurance | Jan 24, 2008 @ 12:03 AM | 3,026 Views
I have started carrying a new line of pan and tilt bases on the online store. Come check them out:

There are several mounting accessories for mounting sonar modules and cameras. Give your FPV system range finding capabilities.