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Archive for November, 2006
Posted by saabguyspg | Nov 16, 2006 @ 11:44 PM | 5,757 Views
Here is a short list of recent hardware I am lucky enough to have installed and flown. All the following hardware has been used with still cameras and video cameras in support of my professional photography company I have been running for the past four years. I have since put that business on hold becuase of our new baby! If you wish to see some work visit www.aaptoday.com

1) Two Mikrokopters (built three of them still own two) one is a "Heavy lifting quad" the other is a co-axial Hexacopter

2)FY-90Q quad controller. A great introduction to multirotors. Easy to set up and use.

3) Two FY-21AP autopilots. One installed on the trusty easy star the other on a high performance Delta wing plane. These systems work incredibly well and are the easiest autopilot to setup and get flying well.

4) one FY-3ZT this is a very easy to setup autopilot with many options for control. Unfortunately winter hit with a vengence and I have not had a chance to fligh test this.

3) Attopilot installed on a delta wing plane. Highly configurable and more complex autopilot that uses thermal piles. Though I do think this is a powerful tool I find that I fly my FY autopilots more often because they are simple.

4) Ardupilot this I never got to work properly, it was a pain to set up, sofware had bugs and I would not trust it to fly any of the planes I put it in.