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Posted by mfwilliams | Jun 01, 2015 @ 01:52 AM | 5,050 Views
I would usually start our NW trip Day 1, Day 2, etc. I’m just going to start it with Day 2.
Day 1 was a complete washout for me. I left my transmitter case at the rental counter in Portland. I realized at Hood River where I’d left it. So after driving over an hour to Hood, I turned around and went back, for another hour drive back to Portland. Unfortunately, PDX lost and found closes at 4PM on Saturday and does not reopen until Monday morning (!!??). Luckily for me an airport policeman, took pity, and reopened the office and allowed me to retrieve my case. I turned around and drove another hour back to Hood.
In the meantime the rest of the crew, Ben, Andrew, Amadeo, and DJ hit the slope at The Dalles. They were able to get some good trim flights in and take in the scenery.
Day 2 was not great. Winds were barely over 5mph. This was a rarity for this time of year. That’s why we come out here in late May/Early June. The windsurfer reports showed the highest wind at the East side of the Dalles. So we ended up at the Dalles site. I flew my light XR combat wing, but could barely stay up in the air. DJ then whipped out his Rifle 1M and treated us to some high speed passes.
DJ almost toasted his Rifle on landing, but got very lucky with just a small ding on the fuse. We decided to try out Klickitat. At Klickitat, the air was the same condition. But after a while the “wonder winds” drifted in at about 4PM and suddenly lift was all...Continue Reading
Posted by mfwilliams | May 30, 2015 @ 07:37 AM | 3,905 Views
This weekend was virtually a carbon copy of last week. Slightly more wind at the end of the day and it started picking up at noon. Again, it was a good chance for the guys to test their heavy birds for the NW trip. Fortunately, no major carnage and all planes left intact.

PS no captions this week. I’m posting this blog on the way to Oregon. No time to caption.
Next posts will come from the NW....Continue Reading
Posted by mfwilliams | May 21, 2015 @ 09:22 PM | 4,346 Views
finally a little more wind. Nothing fantastic, but better than last week. And actually the last hour from 1-2PM, was ripping nicely. Because of our upcoming Oregon Slope Safari (only two weeks!), we needed an opportunity to test out some of our heavy slope birds. As usual, a good time was had by all. No crashes or mid airs (outside of some foamy impacts) and all the planes left intact.

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Posted by mfwilliams | May 15, 2015 @ 08:53 PM | 7,914 Views
Sorry, no blog from last week, several of us were at the FSS #2, TD contest, that our club sponsors
Here’s the link:
Saturday was hot, with a very slight SE breeze. Probably, more thermal generated winds than actually wind. That meant it was an electric and floater day, as evidenced by the photos. The wind did build a little and the last half hour gave us a few breaths of slope lift. Only calamity, was Amadeo's Sunbird. On the maiden flight he had a rough landing and broke his fuse behind the wing. Luckily Jamie took it home and repaired it like new in a couple days (Kudos to Jamie).

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Posted by mfwilliams | Apr 30, 2015 @ 09:41 PM | 4,456 Views
I was out of town for the past two weekends. Fortunately, Larry L took some pics and had a short report from the weekend before last. Thanks Larry!

Sat was a clear hot light wind day. Good turn out and good participation.
The sea breeze front came through at about 1 PM which allowed for some plank flying, Good enough to Gulp and Moth, in the SE bowl.
Tried a new burger joint, Tucker Duke's on Powerline Road just South of Hillsborough Blvd. Good food, but limited menu and sparce, crowded seating. As usual a good time.
Best regards,
Here's a short vid:
Copy of Good enough to Gulp and Moth (1 min 55 sec)

Posted by mfwilliams | Apr 17, 2015 @ 11:11 PM | 6,009 Views
This Saturday was Earth Day for Waste Management. This is a good thing for us. The site is open all day, which meant we weren’t required to leave before 2PM. Typical for us, we all left at about 2PM, because the lift was light and the heat/sun were brutal. Like last week, there were plenty of members flying, lots of RC traffic on the slope and strong thermals rolling through.
And, again, like last week, we all ended up at Le Pizzera for lunch.
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Posted by mfwilliams | Apr 09, 2015 @ 10:12 PM | 4,706 Views
We had a “respite” last weekend with some great winds. This weekend returned to calm and hot. The predominate wind was out of the East, so we ended up on the Powerline Road slope.
Despite the conditions, we had some great thermals roll through. At times, we had 8 -10 planes trying to grab onto one large thermal. All was not fun and games. DJ’s and Jaime’s Filip 400 E’s both went in, within a few minutes of each other. Luckily, they were the only “tragedies” of the day.
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Posted by mfwilliams | Apr 03, 2015 @ 09:03 PM | 5,000 Views
Complete 180 in conditions this weekend. It was cool, windy and comfortable. We had a small weather front come through overnight and it left us with temp’s in the 60’s and a 15-20mph wind out of the North-NW. We broke up into 2 groups. One group in the NW corner and the other group in the NE bowl. I think the lift was better in the NW side of the NE bowl, but turbulence was rough, down low.
I know that several guys had their planes basically slammed into the ground while on low passes. I believe it had something to do with disturbed air rolling over the power plant in front of the NE bowl.
Unfortunately, one was Kit’s new Sunbird, which got it’s fuse pretty twisted up. Sorry Kit! All the other “victims” were foamies which fared much better.

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Posted by mfwilliams | Mar 25, 2015 @ 10:04 PM | 4,926 Views
Saturday was brutal. I thought it summer, are you sure it’s mid-March? Temps were in the high 80’s. Wind was non-existent and it was pretty dusty. The wind had us running us around the hill. At one point we had a group on the West side, the NE bowl and SE bowl at the same time. The wind, or lack thereof, caused everyone to search for the side with the most thermals. Ultimately all the groups ended up in the SE bowl by day end.

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Posted by mfwilliams | Mar 19, 2015 @ 09:45 PM | 5,923 Views
Wind was just like we love it, 15mph with 20mph gusts, straight into the SE bowl. Had a great time ripping around the slope and bowl. I counted over 20 grinning flyers up top.
Afterwards we headed down to the Peachtree for our usual lunch. To our dismay found it had closed. I guess we have to find another post flying lunch hangout.

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Posted by mfwilliams | Mar 11, 2015 @ 09:57 PM | 5,612 Views
Had a North wind this weekend. It was about a 15mph breeze, so the slope was working great. We were flying the NE bowl, which was good and bad. The bowl made the lift better, but the power plant out front caused the wind to be very turbulent close to the ground. We were disrupted a couple of times by a light rain that came through. Actually, they were more like rain squalls coming in from offshore. Overall it was a pretty good day.

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Posted by mfwilliams | Mar 05, 2015 @ 09:58 PM | 4,687 Views
Sorry no blog, last week. I was out on vacation in New Orleans, doing the family thing. For my first weekend back, flying time was short. Rain was predicted at 80%. Fortunately we had less rain then predicted, with a shower in the morning and one quick shower just after lunch. The wind was good, out of the East. Great for heavier slope stuff. One of our “Old-timers” Ben came down for a visit. He had his two Filips 400’s to test out (slope and electric versions). He got them both out and off the slope, but both had some roughish landings and will need some TLC.

PS ---One our members is on the sick list. Mark A just had some eye surgery, but came out OK.
--- Also, we set our dates for our NorthWest trip this year. May 30 through June 6....Continue Reading
Posted by mfwilliams | Feb 18, 2015 @ 09:30 PM | 6,033 Views
Valentines’s day brought a small group of dedicated flyers to Monarch Hill. Coincidentally, only the bachelors and long-timed married guys. The winds were supposed to be out of the NW. This caused us to break up into two groups. The floater/RES crowd flew off the NW corner. While the sloper crew ended up in the NE Bowl, thanks to the wind actually being out of the North. Nothing new to report, no major crashes, etc. Was actually a nice day with good wind and no rain.
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Posted by mfwilliams | Feb 13, 2015 @ 10:20 PM | 7,340 Views
Weather was good this weekend. We had 15mph East breeze, which allowed us to bring out our heavier stuff. Outside of few wind shifts to the NE the lift remained great. Again, a large crowd was up. In fact, we had enough for a quorum for our officer elections. Only other item to report is DJ’s and Paul’s spectacular mid-air (see pics).

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Posted by mfwilliams | Jan 28, 2015 @ 09:23 PM | 6,159 Views
Pretty crappy weather for last weekend. We had winds of 25mph out of the SW in the morning, with drizzle all around. By noon we had a full on downpour. Once that cleared, the wind shifted to 15mph out of the NW. The crowd was smallish, because of the conditions. Still we had a fun time. No major tragedies. Everyone hoping for good wind and no rain next week.

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Posted by mfwilliams | Jan 14, 2015 @ 09:18 PM | 5,600 Views
Another good weekend. That’s two in a row! Woo hoo! This time we switched bowls, had the NE bowl with 12-15mph winds. Lift was great thanks to the wind staying steady in speed and direction. An added bonus were large thermals rolling in at the same time. Several times I noted slopers specked out because of the slope lift/thermal combos rolling through. We had a large crowd, lots of new members and many of our snowbirds were up. Paul debuted his “new”Zipper. It was flying great until a mid-air with Tom. That was the only major tragedy of the day.
Hoping for even a better next weekend.
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Posted by mfwilliams | Jan 01, 2015 @ 06:55 PM | 5,969 Views
I took a short vacation last week, so I missed last week’s fun. This week I got up there late. I didn’t miss too much. We had a small crowd (8) and the air was light. Also, we had rain threatening us from the South, but it never appeared. The wind direction put us in the SE bowl and we relied on thermals to get out or off the slope.
Oh and Larry L, thanks for the extra pictures....Continue Reading
Posted by mfwilliams | Dec 19, 2014 @ 05:17 PM | 6,486 Views
It was a nice day in the NE bowl. The wind stayed out of the North at a fairly consistent 7-10mph. It wasn’t fantastic slope lift (we were in the wind “shadow” of the Power plant). But it was decent enough to get some slopers out and there some great thermals to back up the slope lift. Everyone had a good time and no major crashes to report.
PS thanks Larry L. He sent me a few shots he had taken....Continue Reading