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Posted by FyreSG | Jul 29, 2013 @ 07:32 PM | 7,565 Views
My trip to California is going to be a huge change for me, my wife, and my 2 year old son. Life seems to be very different from where I'm at now. Cars drive on the right side of the road, tipping at restaurants, four seasons in a year, ... oh my!

As this is a RC forum, I have the following questions:

1. I'll be bringing my 9X transmitter, V922, and FBL80, along with their replacement parts and Li-Po batteries. For the 20-hour flight, I may check in the TX but keep the fragile helis in a hand-carry bag. Do you think TSA over at SFO will give me problems? I have read bad things about TSA, so I'm not sure if the two micro helis may be seen as some dangerous devices.

2. Are there laws on the places I can fly RC helis? Will I get into trouble with the cops if I fly my 100-sized helis at open grass fields near my neighborhood? As an Asian, I'm worried I might get "special" treatment from the cops.

3. I may be buying larger helis while I'm at California, and I have to fly them at fields far from people. But I'm worried about my safety, such as getting robbed while alone at a faraway field. Am I worrying too much?

Thanks guys!