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Posted by Fish99 | Jul 07, 2010 @ 06:42 PM | 4,321 Views
Well, had the Su26xp, Spitfire and 109 all out last night, after the wind calmed down a bit. GREAT time, quite a few on-lookers by the time I wrapped up (loads of people find this hobby intersting, just don't see it in the parks much around here) but I can't decide which is my favorite plane!

Love the Spity, my favorite plane of all time, and the PZ model looks awesome in the air, just not a real performance flyer.

The 109, with my new motor setup is a powerhouse, and I love the flaps, it's big and has loads of go, very acrobatic and looks awesome in the sky and on the ground.

That little SU is just a BLAST to fly, very acrobatic, turns on a dime, great harriers, can be flown in next to no space, just a HOOT to fool around with.

Oh well, have to keep flying them all every day till I figure out which one I like best ...
Posted by Fish99 | Jul 06, 2010 @ 09:47 AM | 4,631 Views
Well, my little lady decided to treat me and got me a new PZ SU-26xp about 10 days ago. I had to take it with me on our Canada Day camping trip.

I have to say, bringing the brand new SU-26 along and putting on a couple of "airshows" was a big hit with the kids around the site. Little bird was a lot of fun, but a handfull to fly, with WINDS ALOFT above the trees, calm down below, and "bumpy" transitioning.

All in all though, the new SU-26 is great.
Posted by Fish99 | Jul 06, 2010 @ 09:45 AM | 4,502 Views
Gonna try to put on a bit of an airshow at the park tonight, if the winds cooperate. Bringing out the PZ Spitfire, the PZ Bf109 and the PZ SU-26xp. All three usually draw a few on-lookers. Can't wait to get the 109 up and flying on the new motor!

Will even try to snap a few pictures, if my wife doesn't mind coming along!

Wish me luck ...
Posted by Fish99 | Jun 22, 2010 @ 08:42 PM | 4,422 Views
Well, might as well have something on the BLOG page ...

First off, I consider myself NEW to RC flying. Had a couple of U-Controls (UKIES) when I was a kid, both the 049 and electric type. Never did get the bloody 049 to fly. Flew the electric a bit till I decided to plant it into the pavement, motor came through the front, end of model .. LOL

Loads of FSX and it's pre-decessors experience on the computer, but never got an RC Sim till about 1 month ago.

Got into the RC stuff about 8 or 9 months ago now teaching myself on the Firebird Phantom. Great learning plane for figuring out orientation, etc. Went from there to the PZ Spitfire. LOVE that airplane, and still flying it. (Have a bit of an crank case crack issue, going to try to fix, but if not, may try to MOD IT UP now to a Brushless ... we'll see.)

Got an AXE CX Micro Coax heli in the fall, love that little bird, dead stable, fund to fly inside. Sitting on a shelf right now with burnt out 3-way board. Have to find a cheap replacement.

Picked up a Helimax Novus FP to try to go the next step ... NOT ... what a twitchy little thing. Tough enough, but I was trying to learn in a garage in winter, way too many crashes. Got some reasonable hover time, but without a computer programable Tx, just too much for me. Crashed and sitting on a shelf as well.

Bought the PZ 109 this spring and just loved it for the first 6 flights ... then ... wait for it ... engine issue! (I know, you're shocked!) After...Continue Reading