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Currently have:

CrashTestHobby Assasin combat wing
Freewing Moray
Parkzone Albatros
Blitz RC (formerly E-flite) mini P-40
Multiplex Dogfighter
E-flite Shoestring
Parkzone UM Stryker
E-flite UMX Beast 3D
Multiplex Funjet (with Himax "Funjet Ultra" motor)
Electrifly Sopwith Camel
E-Flite PT-19 with (Powerup 480 Sport)
Skyangel 50mm BAe Hawk (T-45) Red Arrow
Multiplex Twister (with Globalfly MB-1 DF unit)
Skyangel F/A-18
2K RC (Hobby-Lobby) Voodoo Hyper EP Fun Scale Racer
Blade 450 3D
Blade Nano CPX
Blade Nano QX
Eflite UMX Mig 15
Parkzone UM Spitfire
**Parkzone UM P-40
**Maxford USA Northrop Gamma
**Great Planes Evader


My Hangar:


Past models:

*Parkzone Spitfire
*Nanoplane Babyshark
Multiplex Minimag
Hobbyking Avro Lancaster
Skyangel AT-6
*GWS Mr. Lin Magician
Parkzone Habu
Flyzone micro Fokker DR-1
E-flite Cessna 150 Aerobat
PZ UM Mosquito
*Skyangel T-33, F-16
GWS Slow Stick
GWS EPO E-Starter
*Airfield v3 (FMS v6) P-51
*GWS Formosa II
GWS Tiger Moth 400
*Electrifly Fokker DR-1
*Phase3 U-2
*PZ P-51D BL
*Max Jet F-35
PZ T-28
PZ UM T-28
HZ Champ
GWS Pico Tiger Moth
PZ Ultra Micro P-51D
PZ Ultra Micro J-3 Cub
PZ Ultra Micro Cessna
HZ Mini Super Cub
eRC Micro Spitfire
*Airfield (FMS) mini Spitfire
*Airfield (FMS) mini P-40
E-Flite Blade 120 SR
E-Flite mCX, mCX2
E-Flite mSR
mCX Tandem
EXI 450 Carbon Pro Belt drive (AlignT-REX Helicopter clone)


Flown, but never owned:

Skyangel various Fun fighters
Durafly Zephyr V-70
FMS 1600mm A-1 Skyraider
Hobbyking 930mm Blue Pylon Racer
3D MON Speedy (pylon racer)
Electrifly F-16 (55mm)
Eflite Sea Fury reissue
RC Lander F8F-9 Cougar 68mm
ExceedRC Mig 15 70mm
Eflite BAe Hawk 70mm
Parkzone Stryker C and Q
Parkzone Corsair (original)
Parkzone Spitfire (original)
Parkzone P-47
Hobbyzone Super Cub LP
Eflite Apprentice
Nanoplanes NanoShark w/ Keda 400

Wish List:
Nanoplanes Speed Shark
Great Planes Rifle 1M