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Posted by Martin Y | May 15, 2011 @ 06:46 PM | 3,127 Views
July 2015


Sorry guys, removed blogs as to keep me safe for flying.

Oct 27/15- Discovered a thread I started a few days ago about some peckerhead keeping tabs on us got deleted. He's just a self apointed knob thinking he can tell us what we can or cant do. Nothing against the rules was said. Can find same one in fpvlab - caution of spy's among us. Seems the mods dont like it so they took it off.
Posted by Martin Y | Aug 07, 2009 @ 02:43 PM | 12,447 Views
Started doing heli's 1986. Without any help. First one is a Shuttle, old sucker but still going. Stopped flying in 93. New one is a Blade 400 3D. This got me back into the hobby in 08 as something to do in the winter in a warehouse I work at. Got first plane this year (09) in March. Started flying it in May, never flown planes before. Now outfitted with osd and fpv gear. Test everything on ground to over 5 1/2 kilometers. Should be more fun in the air going to distance, When I get the nerve to go that far.
I should also say here is a FPV(sort of) setup from 1991 (
First test video part 1 from 1991 (7 min 29 sec)
) this is a part video of it. Using a home made transmitter. It could fit in a matchbox. Used 471 MHZ UHF ch 15. Not being used here at the time so I figured good freq. Camera was cut off a JVC VHS camcorder. Used tape drive to record on. Made heli weigh in at 8 pounds but it flew. Did pretty good, had to stop it's development. Had other things to take care of, being 30 there were skirts to chase and something called work. Seeing this FPV stuff on line made me get back in. Here is part II, yea I know it looks like c...p, you know. I thought I'd put it up anyway.

Part 2 from 1991 (9 min 25 sec)
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