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Posted by unitedheavy | Oct 21, 2014 @ 10:22 AM | 1,077 Views
So much stuff on the table right now.

Stuff in the mail
350mm Tricopter
NightHawk 250mm CF Frame
Syma x12
TMotor MN 2204, 12a (x8)


Phantom 1 (only has 2 motors, original, need to sell those)
DJI 920 KV Red motors (x4, need to install in the phantom)
Ebay Gimbal

ZMR 250 (CC3d, Emax 2204, Plush 10a, Spektrum Ar6100, Camera, planning to sell)

Dualsky Hornet (need to train Lawrence on this)
HK 6ch Tx/Rx (^)

Armattan 355 (stock, testing 8" props cut to 7", need to install KK and program)

Dji 450 Clone (mystery 20a, NTM 2826 1000kv - teardown? rebuild?)

UMX YAK 54 180 (repaired cowl & reglued wing)

Micro Quads
Cheerson CX-10
Cheerson CX-10 (needs a replacement motor)
Husban H107d FPV Quadcopter

Aerial Video / Research
Cinetank MK-1L frame
Ardupilot (w GPS, Telem, Power Module, Airspeed, Bluetooth)
20a Afro ESCs (x4, might switch for different escs, need to solder to "power coin", remove motor leads.)
Dualsky Motors (x4, need to cut down motor wires to size)
12" props (2 sets)

MiniQuad Components
Sunnysky 2204 2300kv (4x)
TMotor 1806 2300kv (4x, planning a ultralite <200g build with these)
Cobra 2204 1960kv (4x, NIP, sell these?)
12a SimonK Escs (4x, need to remove heatshrink and heatsink, need to purchase replacement 30mm? heatshrink)

Hoverthings Flip FPV Pro frame (sell this)
KK2.1 Board (install in armattan)
HengLi 2208 1900kv (x4)
20a Red Series SimonK (x4)
20a SimonK (x4)
18a HK SS SimonK (x3 - the...Continue Reading
Posted by unitedheavy | Oct 11, 2014 @ 11:14 PM | 1,218 Views
After being seeing so many other people posting up their craft, I couldn't resist. I'll try to keep my entire collection cataloged here for reference.