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Posted by Arctic Wolf | Today @ 04:12 PM | 60 Views
I am looking for a plan for a messerschmitt 109 .
I would like to build an electric powered one and the size I would like is something between 30cm and 1m wingspan .
Thanks !!!!!

P.S. any tips and/or info (because I'm a newbie ) would be very much
appreciated !!!!
Posted by Arctic Wolf | Today @ 04:01 PM | 66 Views
I would like some help with choosing an electric motor for a messerschmitt 109 that I'm going to build soon ...
The weight will probably be 1000 g .
I am aiming for a price under 40 £
I don't want it to be amazingly fast , just normal (if that exists )

I would like good build quality , durability , at an affordable price.

BRUSHLESS ! I don't know about inrunner and outrunner motors and their pros and cons !!
thanks !!!
Posted by Arctic Wolf | Today @ 03:52 PM | 75 Views
I would like some help with choosing an electric motor for a messerschmitt 109 that I'm going to build soon ...
The weight will probably be 1000 g .
I am aiming for a price under 40 £
I don't want it to be amazingly fast , just normal (if that exists )

I would like good build quality , durability , at an affordable price.

BRUSHLESS ! I don't know about inrunner and outrunner motors and their pros and cons !!
thanks !!!
Posted by ovres | Today @ 01:34 PM | 180 Views
Hobbywing XRotor 20A (4 min 39 sec)

Posted by rdstarwalt | Today @ 01:26 PM | 197 Views
...that Jack Headley published a rubber profile model of the Nothrop research aircraft 'Sierra Sue' in the January 1969 issue of the Norair Modeler newsletter? This interesting aircraft, a pusher prop configuration, is generally not considered to be a Northrop design by some historians.

The actual aircraft survives today and is located at the Western Museum of Flight http://www.wmof.com/ . The WMOF originally was located at Hawthorne Field at the edge of an area probably not far from where Jack Headley, Gus Morfis, and other employees who worked at Northrop were located.

The S-1 and its history is found at http://www.wmof.com/Serria%20Sue.html . Jack Headley's version of Sierra Sue is seen in the attachments as I found them at the NMAM in Muncie, Indiana.

Another model version of the S-1 can be found at the OuterZone website http://www.outerzone.co.uk/plan_details.asp?ID=2003 .The reference at Outerzone says the article is from Aeromodeller September 1956. The download page also has a couple photos of a modeler's build of the plane.

Jack Headley's plans of the 'Sue' are one page and if you look closely you will notice some interesting things about his pencil work. The near isometric cartoon/sketch of the 'Sue' fills white space in the drawing. The title block has '69 after his signature and the page of the issue is labeled '3'. This particular issue, Vol. 6, No. 1, featured a cover photo of a model of the Short Skyvan. This build was by Kevin Flynn. The Skyvan...Continue Reading
Posted by hadriez | Today @ 01:06 PM | 230 Views
RD350 Hex kit from fpv-reconn. Gonna build this rig with config#5.

I'll be using ZTW spider 20A for this build. Unfortunately, despite being advertised as SimonK pre-loaded, it isn't. Easy fix - just flash it. I flashed it to 2014-06-18 and during bench test, works great with CM2208 2000KV motors.

...Continue Reading
Posted by Luis Moya | Today @ 09:47 AM | 344 Views
Wing tips butted at the root shows a tiny bit of space between them hence a littly washout.
Posted by phil alvirez | Today @ 09:08 AM | 418 Views
Akin 45: a stretched super kinetic-see: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...dProduct=39853
the concept: i had the idea of using a hotliner, that is sort of a sailplane with clipped wings, to enhance its performance for soaring by enlarging its wing, as it has all that it takes to make a sailplane, including folding prop. got the super kinetic because has a good size and there is a spare wing available. the original wingspan is 32 inches (815 mm) and enlarged it to 45-1/2, and added some dihedral at the tips. 2 1.5mm cf rods at the sides near the nose to reinforce it, and also some carbon fiber veil to the nose and a piece of 2mm steel wire to the stab spar at the center. added area to the rudder. made an exhaust opening at the top of the canopy near the back to improve air flow to cool the motor and esc. i named it Akin 45 because it is a plane akin to the kinect, just longer wing. weight gain from extra wing is 34 grams, and wing area jumps from 130 to 194 sq in. weight without pack is 333 gr and with the 3x850 (72 gr) is 405. balances at 34 mm with the pack at the back of the canopy compartment. no ailerons to start, although i left the servos at the tips for a future use if needed, but i don't expect so. (then i will remove them and cover the slots). tested it and is erratic, as if the cg is too far forward, so i moved the pack to the under compartment an now balances at 39 mm. now is more predictable, but still more tests are needed. it is fast,...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Today @ 09:01 AM | 424 Views
swift gull 35": a compact sailplane. the idea is to use parts already available and stretch the wing to make a sailplane-for soaring.
starting with parts for a mini-swift 24" http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store...dProduct=11306
plane: http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store...ider_PNF_.html
motor: http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store...or_1800kv.html
servos: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...cro_Servo.html
parts: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...0mm_Parts.html
esc: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...ontroller.html
pack: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...poly_Pack.html
prop: http://www.freakware.de/p/luftschrau...105-a66152.htm
well, i had the chance to fly it and needed a lot of up elevator trim, so i checked the decalage and it was 0-0. meaning that there is no angular difference between wing and stab. no good. and it balances at 33%. so i decreased the stab incidence and tested it. this time it came with a lot of down elevator trim so this means i went too far so i went back to half of the amount and this time came out with no trim, so this is the right decalage. finally! i have learned that some times foam planes misbehave because the fuselage is bent during manuacturing and their tail incidence is changed. also reduced the rudder area a little bit (that i increased before) as it was overly sensitive. the motor i used is not powerful but it climbs at about 30 degrees. if i can find a motor that is more powerful, weighs the same and is same dimensions, i will try it. it is fast, has a flat glide and handles wind well, and needs a good throw.
Posted by brokenspar | Today @ 07:46 AM | 467 Views
I built this Goldberg 1/2A Blazer in the summer of 1974 and flew it many times as a glow-powered free flight. After over 40 years of storage, the old girl was getting a bit tattered.

I stripped off the old silkspan tissue with acetone to reveal the badly warped structure. Reinforced things with gussets and a bit of carbon fiber at the center section joint, covered the fuselage with silk and shot on a coat of automotive primer as filler. Recovered the wings with heavy grade tissue and brushed on a coat of nitrate dope. Increased the fin area by 50% on the advice of others here on the forum (thanks Franny) and shot the fuselage and fin with Krylon flat white.

Motor is a Chinese brushless and battery is a 750 ma-hr 2-cell lipo.
Posted by oomodel | Today @ 06:01 AM | 518 Views
New Arrival: Tarot Electric Retractable Landing Gear

We've all know about tarot's quadcopters, and we also know the problem with the landing gears when we want to make better videos with them, or with other multicopters, now this will no longer be a problem at all, the tarot electric retractable landing gear has just come out, for detailed information:

This new retractable landing gear has the highest degree of product integration among similar products at present , the overall design is simple, easy for installation, with small space. Exclusive ordered large torque motors, reliable and durable.

It's suitable for Tarot T810 / T960 / T15 / T18 / 810sport / 960sport and other multi-axis aerial vehicles, so this will definitely be a good news for many fpv lovers.
Posted by Dr.Tom | Today @ 04:54 AM | 575 Views
Snimke iz zraka - Showreel 2014 (5 min 54 sec)

@ 2.7K
Posted by aaronkirk | Today @ 03:56 AM | 606 Views
New digital RGB led lights, APA102 LED,sharing the apa102 led datasheet , which control system can work with them?
Posted by RickC_RCAV8R | Today @ 02:13 AM | 716 Views
Gentlemen :

This afternoon saw me salvaging parts from my old inkjet printer in search of nylon gears for use in my V22 Osprey project . I found quite a few of them ; some may be just what is needed . I also ran across a couple of micro-mini sized electronic limit switches belted motor drive units and a few other useable goodies .

The most curious unit that I ran across was the ink pump unit . This pump design is patterned after the medical kidney dialysis type whereby silicone tubing is used . The operation of this precision pump uses an electric motor to rotate an armature which has nylon pinch rollers mounted to it . These pinch rollers squeeze the liquid thru the tubing to motivate it . Perhaps this type of pump could be used to move nitro based fuels instead of water based ink .

I cleaned up this small 1 1/2" x 1 1/8" pump with warm water and then connected it to a small DC motor for testing . This baby is capable of moving a LOT of liquid ! With precise flow . When the motor is stopped , so is the flow . Immediately with no drips or anything . Perhaps something like this could be used in larger scale nitro planes . 2 separate pumps in this single package . Twins anyone ?

I am seriously thinking of using these guys as a closed circuit liquid ballast controller to be able to change the CG of my V22 Osprey while in flight . The CG transition from hover to full forward flight modes problem . A simple pill bottle tank system and clunks with this...Continue Reading
Posted by JureZ | Today @ 12:39 AM | 772 Views
just to get my blog started, here is a link to my flickr RC album:

Jure Z : my flickr album

click on the link above to see pictures and movies of my airplanes and equipment.
Posted by billbabin | Yesterday @ 11:46 PM | 813 Views
Last Wednesday I finally went to Whidbey Island and picked these planes. I am still trying to decided either to keep them, or to sell them.
I guess I should put electronics in them and fly them at least once....Continue Reading
Posted by mjnco | Yesterday @ 10:18 PM | 821 Views
Ran out of fuel at end of video!
Blanik solo (3 min 6 sec)

Posted by TScott1118 | Yesterday @ 10:15 PM | 836 Views
After a few days hiatus I'm back in business.

I decided to use a plywood control horn for the rudder, so I cut a sliver out of the rudder and used thin CA to glue it in. Also added some fiberglass to the back of the rudder horn to firm things up a bit.

I picked up some 400 grit wet dry sandpaper at True Value and gave the whole airframe one more thorough sanding. Then cleaned it with my tack cloth.

So now it's time to start covering. I'm using Ultracote Lite transparent white and red on the wing. On the fuse I'm using some leftover white Parklite. So I'm going to limit the finish to 2 colors and keep it simple. One of my easiest to see thermal ships is done in this color scheme.

I'm getting the hard part over with first. The area where the elevator goes. There's a bunch of nooks and crannies, and there's also lumpy fiberglass. Most of it will be hidden by the elevator, but I'm covering all of the bare wood none the less.
Posted by dys08 | Yesterday @ 10:14 PM | 866 Views
DYS has announced the brushless motor BX2212-920KV which has same function with DJI's, can work with DJI phomton.

From the announcement until now, this motors get good feedbackS from the clients for the excellence performance. DYS also provide the corresponding propeller 9443 with carbon fiber or ABS material to meet different clients' requirements.

Motor data as following,
Configu ration---NP
Stator Diameter---22mm
Stator Length---12mm
Shaft Diameter---3.0mm
Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len).---Φ22×15mm
Weight (g)---28g
No.of Cells(Lipo)---3-5S
Max Continuous current(A)---30A
Max Continuous Power(W)---318W

Magnet specification is 40 uh, the bearing NSK, and the core material is 0.2 mm thick ultra-low loss material, with rotor balancing process, enameled wire can be 220 °.