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The ARRIS CM3000Pro could work with GoPro 4 perfectly.


And the price for it is only $259!

ARRIS CM3000Pro 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal is specially designed for GoPro camera. It is compatible with GoPro 3, GoPro 3+ and GoPro 4.
It adopts the basecam simpleBGC 32bit version controller board. With the full carbon fiber design, it will give you super smooth videos.

Here is the video tested with GoPro 4
ARRIS CM3000PRO Brushless Gimbal with GoPro Hero 4 (4 min 50 sec)

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I was having a discussion with a friend the other day. We were talking about which companies today have the most influence on our daily lives. For me at least, Google is definitely one of those companies. I use their suite of software every day to surf the net, send emails and share things with others. And my cell phone is powered by their mobile software creation, Android. So, yeah, Google definitely is a big influence on my daily life.

Pretty soon they will be a bigger influence for others. Google has purchased Titan Aerospace in April of last year. They are now almost ready to start testing "Project Titan", a solar powered drone project that they intend to use to provide internet services to areas who've been affected by a natural disaster.

It's a great idea if you think about it and with our increasing dependency on the internet, probably will be a life saver for those who live in an area ravaged by a hurricane or tornado etc.

Here is the story that prompted my post:

Thanks for reading and fly safe!
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Here are photos of a rare Top Flite Freshman Trainer which I built in 1981. The hump on the top was not built on this plane in an effort to reduce drag. It saw little flight time as I was a new pilot and had another pilot take off and land it for me. Having built it myself from a kit, I kept it all these years. After many years of flying foam airplanes, I finally converted it to electric using a Power 25 (870kv) and an E-Flite 60 amp ESC with a 2,500 mah 4S battery. That took a lot of figuring to get everything to fit right and yet for the plane to be balanced. It has a 48 inch wing span (504 in2) and is likely on the heavy side, at 4.5 lbs., but it still flies well with its thick semi-symmetrical airfoil. There is plenty of elevator area. I was worried the ailerons were too narrow, but since it had flown as a nitro a couple of times some 33 years ago, it should fly again. It is predictable and stable in the air, aerobatic and flies where I point it, unlike a typical trainer. I added a little more rudder area and since these photos more aileron surface area to make it more responsive. The airfoil on the horizontal stabilizer is a 33 year old modification as the stock one was flat. I will add a canopy after I make a few minor modifications. Being solidly constructed and with robust tricycle landing gear, it can handle hard landings like no foam airplane can. The photo without finish is from another builder who had recently aquired a NIB kit. I doubt there is another NIB kit laying around in the world, but in this hobby, it would not surprise me if one surfaced again. If you have an unbuilt kit or even a finished wing one let me know, as I will be interested in acquiring it. I will try hard to avoid crashing this one.
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Some of you may have tried EPO and EPP material FPV planes, but have you ever tried the ones that made of fiber material?

X-UAV just released its new FPV planes that made of new fiber material.



X-UAV Skysurfer MAX and X-UAV One FPV planes are made with totally new structure design and new fiber meterial. Light in weight and easy to fly, make a different flying experience than ever.

The use of fiber meterial is leading the trend. Compared with EPO and EPP materials, the fiber is definitely an upgrade in technology and performance. Its density is between EPO and EPP, but 2-3 times rigidity than the 35 density of EPO and more than 10 times toughness than EPO.

The new material planes are unlikely to be crashed when fly with low weight.

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With social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter literally at your fingertips, every marketer’s dream can finally come true. Instead of creating an advertising campaign, getting it approved and published, and then waiting for sales to creep up in response, marketers can now communicate directly with their audience and receive an instant response (whether positive or negative).

Two prime examples of opportunities to get involved in real-time marketing is with the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. Both boast millions of viewers and commercial spots of a mere 30 seconds cost millions of dollars. Both capture the American attention for a few hours and between the television and social media, brands practically have a captive audience.

Super Bowl XLIX Real-time Marketing

The following are some examples of real-time marketing down well (or not so well).
This year’s Super Bowl was a nail-biter, keeping fans guessing at the outcome until mere seconds before the end. Adweek.com applauded Cheerio’s real-time marketers for this tweet when New England intercepted Russell Wilson’s pass that would have won the game for the Seahawks: “Everyone’s mouth right now:” paired with an enlarged-to-show-texture image of a single Cheerio. The picture says a thousand words (or symbolizes a million mouths, as the case may be).

Another tweet that got some good response was from Denny’s which Adweek said “made light about the multiple-player scrum that took place right...Continue Reading
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Any guys who know this iEagle or not? Where can I buy it?
In Europe?
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Hello and God bless to all my loyal followers! I have a lot of new things to share.
I have recently had a great streak of good fortune. ( I call them blessings).
Things started with a larger than expected tax refund. (Always a good start! LOL)

I was finally able to address some of the issues that I have been putting off.
First off... I was in desperate need of a newer car. I use my car for my job and the old 15 year old jalopy just wasn't getting it any more. I was successful in obtaining a newer car and it is another Mitsubishi! My last one lasted 15 years...

I recently found out that the finance guy got me lower payments than originally agreed to and it includes a 2 yr extended warranty! Oh happy day!

I got all my bills paid current and I found out my eye sight got better instead of worse! Unbeleivable! It seems that my old glasses prescription was designed for when I was 65 pounds heavier. Since losing the weight, my glucose levels changed and my close up vision now requires a WEAKER prescription. All this time I thought my eyes were getting worse, it was actually the opposite!

I also have been able to indulge in some new RC toys. I am currently awaiting a FPV quadcopter to be delivered. I intend to use this for taking some ariel videos of my boats in the water.

Just last week I was asked to be a leader for a new youth group for teens at my church. I have always wanted to work with teens and this will be a great opportunity to introduce the hobby to some next gen people. Don't see why I can't combine God , community service, fellowship, and RC. Gonna be a lot of fun!

I am a Christian and I believe all this has happened by divine intervention. I now feel like this new year is going to lead to many new things and a new ME! God bless!
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So if you haven't seen my blog I'm not only an avid r/c flyer but I love guns. That being said I'm sure I lost of of you on that last sentience. But while I can (and do) shoot fast accurately, I LOVE old guns. I don't know why or how but there is something about a older gun that gets my blood flowing. Ringing steel from 500 yards or putting all my rounds in a ragged hole at 100 yards makes me happy.

So when I went to my gun store looking for a new hiking pistol, something in 10mm, I glanced around as what they had. I noticed a rolling block 45-70 sitting on the shelf. I am not a huge fan of the rolling block as I have seen one break but it is an older design. The guy mentioned that a regular customer was selling a 1874 Sharps 45-70 which I have lusted after for quite some time. After taking a look at it, I was sold. I had to have it.

That being said, the older guns are an acquired taste. It takes patience and the ability to adapt to the particular gun you have. This is my dream gun is now sitting in my safe and I cant wait to shoot her.

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Just a quick photo bomb of things that I have been picking at in my spare time. I got a new job as a HVAC technician and they keep you busy all day. Way to tired to do much on weekday evenings. So I've been slowing putting things together. Like I have mentioned earlier. People push their unfinished projects on to you, or give you broken planes, parts of planes "The wing is still good.......Continue Reading
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Can someone recommend a fpv setup for the Bonsai wing from hobbyking. I already have camera and transmitter i just need ideas for motor and battery.
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This has to be one of the oldest Habu 32's still alive. My son and I have had it since the beginning. We have passed it back and forth and it won't quit. We fly it on 7s without a heat sink and she is still running....somewhere around 200 flights. Pretty much stock except for the esc, Castle 100. The nose gear strut is home made, it works pretty well.

It was built before all the cool aftermarket fans came out and we never got around to upgrading the fan.

She hasn't been in the air for over a year...... maybe time to find a new home....
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Just signed on for a new job, starting next Monday. Pays better than the previous one, so this should be a good R/C year!
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I've been flying this plane since around December of 2014. I got it during AlleRC's closeout sale on Hyperion parts, so it was a real sweet deal. I've bought a total of four of these, but have only been able to hang on to one. Flying buddies like to look over your inventory and shop after you've done the leg work. I don't mind, because that means more than one of us can debug an airframe, trade notes, and go fly.

It's a fun plane for somebody like me who's just learning aerobatics and I've run over 40 batteries through it so far. The only issue I've had was with the carbon pushrods. I replaced them with good old Dubro 2/56 & steel clevis on all four control surfaces. Since then, everything has been peachy and I've been having a ball. Until today...

On my first flight of the day, I happily took off, did a victory roll or two and then puttered around until time to come in. I don't fully deplete my 1300mAH batteries in my 5 minute flights. I typically come in with 60% or so left in a pack. That happens to coincide with my storage voltage, so it's a good place to land. Anyway, back on track. When I did my normal, smooth as chunky peanut butter landing in the grass, I heard an odd noise. Couldn't pinpoint it until I walked over to pick it up. I've cracked the carbon landing gear. Not much I can do now, except find a supplier and wait for delivery.

I'd heard of others breaking the gear in the Enigma thread. I figured either they had bad luck, or mine was particularly good, because my gear was doing fine despite my sometimes bumpy landings. So, it appears that luck has run out and now this plane is grounded. Dang! My favorite plane.

Well, tomorrow, Mr FedEx should be delivering a new Sabre 35 and a 32" EPP Sabre from Value Hobby. I guess I'll have to hustle to get one or both of those ready for the weekend.
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To never be accepted is a blessing, if one likes to be alone.
To be alone is a blessing, if one never get accepted..
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Gentlemen :

Before I get going on this RANT , please understand that I am not anti-USA generally .

I love the Ugly Stick series of airplanes ! Always have for sport flying as I can get away with nearly everything with them . They were 'my little hot rods' for years until they each came to their unfortunate endings . I was getting ready to buy a retro Ugly Stick PNF model from Hobby King this morning as they are on sale for around $72 US . The only stock left is located in the USA West warehouse though . Her lies the problem :

NAFTA . The trades / tariffs agreement in place for trade in North America has it such if one were to visit the states on a day trip an bring back purchases that total under $200 , there are NO duties charged as the labor to generate the paperwork is usually more than the duties collected . This same rule applies to parcels ordered thru the mail or Internet . No duties under $200 are ever applied .

HK in USA West has the $72 airplane in stock . The ONLY shipping option available is to use a courrier (FEDEX) to the tune of $80.80 US . Duties are applied on the $150 total for another $ ? amount . So I would get the model during the next business day ; guaranteed , but the package has now over doubled in price with no other charges invoked yet !

There are countless USA based vendors on Ebay that offer various items . Check their details for shipping before you click on the buy button . Duties are usually applied to ALL items weather you want them or not . Also a standard $35 per item rate for any item is crazy when the item involved is under $5 . See Ebay for yourselves . What is up with the USA shipping rates ? Shipping to the lower 48 is usually free , but I am over the border by 40 miles or so in another country . Watch the rates go ballistic for that .

I avoid shopping the USA based sites like getting the plague due to this shipping disparity . It does come down to the available hobby dollar !

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This video is the byproduct of a lot of fun with John and Shawn along with much intense video editing 25 minutes of raw footage) of them flying their TechOne Mini PopWings.

I hope you guys enjoy what I hope to be is one of the best Mini PopWing videos on YouTube with highlights including Shawn splitting some trees using his Fatshark FPV set-up.

John and Shawn with Their TechOne Mini PopWings From NitroPlanes.com & Pico FPV Camera (4 min 58 sec)

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If you have Flysky GT3B or Turnigy GTX3 there are a bunch of modifications you can do. The first one would be a LiPo 11,4V 3S Zipyy 2200mah with a XT60 connector, we all have favorits and XT60 is covered unlike the "deans". I opened the GTX3 and desoldered the battery box and soldered on XT60 - not much to talk about.

Once I got that going I run into "Overkillrc.com" and "losikid" and got the voltage regulator. It's a 5 Volt regulator R-785.0.0.5:


Since I ordered the 5V regulator i picked up a STM8S Discovery kit, which is a flashing tool and STM8 dev kit. I't should take 30 mins (but I know it might end up being a full day!.

First thing was making a 4-pin cable and connectors. I used an old 14-pin DIP socket and some wires. It took almost an hours and I got an ERROR!

Error : Cannot communicate with the device !
Check the SWIM cable connection and check all the needed pin connections on the SWIM connector.

If the application code uses Swim Disable and Reset pin as Output or has disabled SWIM Clock Divider:
Try Now to SWITCH OFF and ON the application Power Supply while NRST Reset pin is forced low.

Error : < PROGRAM MEMORY reading failed.
Dadgum! So I spent an hours searching the web and came out short. "Check the soldering"... "bad connection...Continue Reading