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Posted by bebev | Mar 16, 2012 @ 04:16 PM | 2,444 Views
Esky Big Outdoor Lama Upgrades

My BOL was purchased used with everything stock, but also included the fiberglass shark canopy and aluminum tailboom with the mount and boom supports.
Unfortunately with the shark canopy and boom installed it became too heavy for the stock motors to lift. Having read about the brushless boardless upgrade I decided to try it.

Upgrade #1:
A 370 size coaxial brushless conversion combo from an ebay seller (wowmodel) (
This kit has 2 ADH300L 3000Kv motors
2 e-Power 20amp brushless ESC's with the power and motor connectors
2 brushless converters which I didn't need to use.
Additionally I purchased:
An Align RCE 550 gyro, a Dionysus Design Coaxial Mixer, and a better than stock battery. I also put into use a Futaba 7C FM TX with a Hitec Electron 6 Rx which I already had.
Following Simon's brushless/boardless setup guide, the setup worked nicely.

Upgrade #2:
The aluminum blade grips were kind of worn and beatup looking and needed to be replaced, so with Lee The Tree Guy's recommendation I went for the best from Skytec:
I got not only the Skytec blade grips but also the Skytec gears, swash plate, the hubs, the flybar, etc. plus Lee the tree Guy's extended inner shaft

Upgrade #3:
Phase-II Viper blades, that have good stiffness and durability having survived many crashes and awkward landings. I have had the same original set for two and going on three years now without being...Continue Reading
Posted by bebev | Feb 10, 2012 @ 01:58 PM | 2,720 Views
My Upgraded and Modified CX2

Original Stock: Frame, servos, rotor shafts with gears, Inner shaft aluminum head, front half fuselage canopy

Brushless Motors and ESC's: Because I purchased these with the CX2 from another person who bought it from another person, I cannot say for certain what brand they are, but they appear to be similar to a kit that was sold by WOW Hobbies. So I believe that the motors are C10 motors.

Stabilizing Flybar is from Boomtown Hobbies Sport 6.75"

Lower rotor head, swash plate, connectors and blade grips are from an esky lama V2/3

Rotor Blades: Extreme Hard White V1 upper and lower Blades

Tail Boom and fin set are Carbon Fiber by Micro Heli

Aluminum landing skids: Purchased from another user, so I don't know the Co. or brand.

Battery tray: None needed, battery is attached with rubber bands to the landing skids allowing the use of larger than stock size batteries.

Transmitter and Receiver: Both are from a stock Esky Big Outdoor Lama, TX is 4 Channel. RX is 6 channel I am currently using these until a obtain an E-flite Receiver to use with the stock CX2 transmitter.

Gyromixer: an Assan 250 gyro modified to function also as a mixer with programmable functions by an RC Groups user, OlliW

Flight characteristics:
I have only had this current setup with the Gyromixer for a short time, but what I feel describes this most is "Stability and Precision".

These two features make it very...Continue Reading
Posted by bebev | Jun 30, 2011 @ 04:28 PM | 2,528 Views
My first successfully mastered Single rotor fixed pitch helicopters.
The Walkera CB180Z Pro Wind rider and the Walkera 4#6s. Now I don't have to wait for the air to be dead calm to fly. Both of these birds handle a light wind quite well.