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About Our Legal Cause

THIS AFFECTS EVERY VETERAN, EVERY CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES as well as all visitors to the United States. We are helping veterans whose name and/or image has been misappropriated.

OUR CURRENT PROJECT: Help General Yeager keep control his name and help you keep control of yours. Others should not be allowed to benefit from using your name without your consent. Gen. Yeager has filed a Petition with the United States Supreme Court to help every citizen of the United States and anyone investing in America. For those who want to make a contribution to the legal fund currently supporting General Chuck Yeager's Petition to the United States Supreme Court to keep control of your name, please press here. Contributions exceeding actual expenses to file the current Amicus Brief(s) will go to helping veterans with legal issues such as this or will go to a worthy charity supporting the military.

If you want to add your name to an Amicus Brief supporting General Chuck Yeager's Petition to the United States Supreme Court, please leave your name street address, phone number, email, military status, veteran status, and occupation here; we will consider asking you to sign the Amicus Brief. If you opt-in, we will add your name (1st initial and last name) to the list of General Yeager's friends and supporters on this web site. All other contact information will be kept in strict confidence.
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my flying time is limited and not frequent.

So, to avoid the potential downtime i installed the aluminum trim tabs from East RC

i installed their menu wheel previously

the procedure is simple and as with anything in this hobby patience is needed.

all up it took less than a week to receive my order and the install about 20 minutes.