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Check out my review of the new RCTimer BeeRotor 160 frame -

Really diggin this little guy, and the RCTimer OZE32 All-In-One FC/PDB/OSD!
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Bad day for DJI F450 (0 min 57 sec)

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Crack Pitts - Cold day (3 min 38 sec)

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I wonder whether RC beginners got the same concern as mine: want to start flying a mini quad for its controllability, but also hesitate for its great controllability. Sometimes too good controllability means “easy to learn and master”, which will end as very boring flying experience.

So how do we ensure not to get a boring mini quad? For me, I think I got a very lovely one: JJRC F180. And it’s more a flyer than a toy decoration.

I’m not going to talk about how amazing flight JJRC F180 can do, instead, I wanna take JJRC F180 for example to discuss three important factors when choosing a mini quad. As for its flying experience, you’d better fly and feel it by yourself.

First of all, I always focus on its appearance including the modeling, the color, the painting, etc. Honestly, I have written many mini quadcopter reviews, specially I prefer to write those who have delicate and unique modeling. You know: “mini” always got an implied meaning “cute” as “big” got an implied meaning “strong”.

JJRC F180 looks like a flying insect. What makes mini quad so popular? Mostly because of its lovely and vivid appearance. We can, in fact, fly many things like the paper airplane. But all I’m longing for is to make the flying more vivid. Therefore, the design of quads takes very first place. As for color, light golden makes JJRC F180 very friendly “insect”.

Secondly, detailed design shows durability and practicability. Fully-covered propeller protection as JJRC F180 takes, I...Continue Reading
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In this week's 'Thanksgiving Eve' show we talk a bit about the DOT Task Force Recommendations that came down on November 21st, as well as some great Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals! Oh, and if your Turkey is all prepped to fry up but you find yourself without propane for your fryer, we've got you covered on that front, too! LoL


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Does anything still show under all your advertisements?
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Micro FPV Racer -Park it like it's Hot (2 min 32 sec)

Lunch Break fun at the park
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Here's my newest addition to the fleet; a Dynaflite Butterfly with a Cox TD09 engine, 2 Hitec HS-81 servos and an all-up weight of 49oz. I highly recommend this kit-- good wood, light but strong construction, excellent plans and instructions, and everything fit together the way it was supposed to, with no adjusting or trim-fitting required. Well worth the eighty bucks from Tower.

I built it in October, but only recently had a good weather window for a maiden flight. I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out to be just exactly what I wanted-- a simple machine for launching high and finding thermals. I did a few simple mods, for my own personal preferences. I went with the Butterfly II tail feathers instead of the stock ones shown on the plans, just because I like their funky lines more. I lowered the wing down onto the fuselage longerons to lose the faux cabin/windshield look. And I left off the landing gear and wheels, because my idea here was to have a motorglider, to be used for soaring in thermals, not for shooting touch-n-goes (I have other, better models for that sort of thing).

The Butterfly is a real sweetheart to fly. Stable and predictable, with a low minimum sink rate at slow speeds and excellent controllability in thermal turns. I used to own a Paragon, and this feels and behaves a lot like that one. A slow turkey vulture looking for some vertical puffs.

The engine is strictly a launching device. I have a one ounce fuel tank mounted behind the firewall, which provides a little over two minutes of full power engine run time-- enough to get the Butterfly up to well over 1500 feet or more (i.e., speck height). I will more likely run just enough fuel for a winch-height launch of about 400 feet, which is all I will need for finding thermals.

Can't wait for spring to get here now! I anticipate many long, enjoyable thermalling flights with this one!
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Just use Code "drunkuncle" on your order of $50 or more from 12AM to Midnight (PST) on Thanksgiving Day!

Come take advantage of our Pre-Black Friday Sale!

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I recently bought a Syma X8W.... and because of some concern over recording quality via WiFi to the iPhone 6, I also bought a Xiaomi Yi action cam.
This has inbuilt sd card and also uses FPV. Here's my problem.... The default setting for the viewing of the image on the iPhone via Xiaomi software is "portrait". This gives you a very small strip of vision at the top of the vertical screen. Not very good for viewing at the best of times, and certainly not on a bright sunny day.

It would make more sense to view it in Landscape.

I've been searching all over, but can't find any fix. Just turning the iPhone horizontally doesn't work. Plus the Syma phone clip is a "landscape" hold, as you may know, although that's probably fixable.
Has anyone had any experience of the problem with this or other cams with FPV?
Thank you in advance for reading this, and any help you can offer,
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I guess I was wrong in naming my new ad hoc sloper the Taylor "Swift" as it is really the two seat version, the FOX! In any event Taylor Swift is a FOX so I wasn't far off at all She is ready to fly now, no expense was avoided in regards to procrastination and waiting for another day to finish building her, a real shame based on my old days of building sailplanes. Here are the latest pics, nothing fancy, never was supposed to be, just a fun project Plan to fly her this weekend as strong easterly winds are in the forcast. Will be back to give a review.
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Following the success of my latest 2S Brushless Conversion, the UMX PT-17 with Dual Servo Ailerons "Bella", I've decided to experiment with my other older, and more flown 1S Brushed Motor UMX PT-17 "Pegasus".

If you haven't seen her old flight videos, my UMX PT-17 "Pegasus" started out her life 5 months ago as an experimental UMX PT-17 using parts from a scrapped UMX Beast 3D to test out a Linked Aileron System, similar to the UMX Beast 3D to assist with the anemic roll rate that is inherent with this model:

UMX PT-17 Stearman II - Linked Ailerons (0 min 23 sec)

And also her Flight Video, also taken 5 months ago.. and yes, that was a bird at the end of the video that went after her to which I responded with the Scissors Maneuver which the bird didn't see coming, lol:

UMX PT-17 Stearman II - Pegasus (3 min 17 sec)
...Continue Reading
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I was trying out GPS Return to Home on Baseflight and it caused my plane to immediately nose dive... anyone know what went wrong?

FT Explorer Crash (1 min 54 sec)

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Just picked up a Quasoar and am hoping for some input. I intend to build the unlimited class 123" version with ailerons, flaps w/full crow + reflex cambering. This kit reads to be aerodynamically awesome but I have never seen one fly, can anyone offer knowledge about it? specifically any weaknesses or I wish I'd done that ideas or, the aerodynamic eye can be deceived and it flies like c-rap, I'm making a build list for it, ($$$ & precious time) let me know!
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Today I received 2 engines in the mail. One I bought and the other Balsaworkbench(Rob) bought on Ebay and had sent straight to me.

First, my engine, A very nice OS FS-48 Surpass. I purchased this engine here on RCG and thought it was a used engine, but upon arrival, I was not sure. I wanted to do a "Box to the Bench" review on it but since I could not tell that it had ever been run, I decided to open it up first for an inspection. I then ran it several times after the initial inspection. As it turns out it isn't quite as pristine as I thought. The high speed needle is bent causing some inconsistency during running and one of the pushrod tubes is dented. Overall it is an extremely nice engine and one I will keep.

The second engine is an Enya 19X. This is a very well used engine and had very little compression. I completely tore this engine down, cleaned up the parts and re-assembled it. It now has very good compression and should run quite well. I still need to clean the carburetor and get it freed up before I can run it.

A total of 4 videos were made covering these engines. They can be viewed on my YouTube channel.
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My Flite Test collection keeps growing... or I should say... Shrinking as is the case with this "Little" one. It's the Flite Test Mini Sportster. I still need to do the cowl and turtle deck and all of the electrics. Should make a nice indoor flyer for winter.

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dropped to $745.46
Current as of 25th November 2015

-details below-

Selling my yuneec q500+ all original accessories. I modified it so that it'll accept any 3s battery with xt60 connector. Specifically the 3dr iris 5200mah 3s battery or the multistar 5200.

It also takes the original yuneec battery as well.

I changed the controllers system files so that the boot up sound is removed. You know that loud ass sound that's played at maxinum volume.

I removed all of the branding.

I took apart the gimbal grip to add a connector that accept a 3s lipo battery(included).

Last longer and fixes the crap designed yunnec should not have release. They've since fixed the grip that accept the correct amount of battery .

Also, modified their cgo2 android app so that you can enable audio recording with out using the stupid transmitter to turn it on. How in intuitive is that?

Anyway 830 and its yours.

Will post pictures up asap.

And shoenyou proof that it works perfectly.

I like this yuneec, but going to get the solo to mess with.

Here is the thread where I posted instructions and my apk for use with the cgo2 and the steady grip.

Here is a video showing the silent start up sound.
Turning off the St10+ start up sound (0 min 40 sec)

Here is the st10+ playing music, and since the transmitter has a headphone jack, you could listen to your jam while flying
Get Lucky with St10± (0 min 14 sec)

Here's pictures of it.

The xt60 stow in the above area, and doesnt move around when you are using the official yuneec battery.

Here it is with the 3dr 5.2A lipo, easily fit the multistar equivalent.

Still has the plastic on it.

dropped to $745.46
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here is the beginnings of a mig 3