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Posted by Skiiermike | Jul 14, 2014 @ 03:26 PM | 1,553 Views
So I was using the HK walkera alluminium case which works great for travel but it's just too much assembling now that I'm using a gimbal as well.

I went on a search for a case that would suit my needs.

I found this Plano Workman's Trunk at Walmart. I didn't have the measurements but for $15 I thought it was worth a shot. Turns out it was a perfect fit.

20140714_163256 by skiiermike, on Flickr

20140714_163336 by skiiermike, on Flickr

Next I went to a craft store and bought some 1 inch foam. I cut it to stack inside the box. It does get slightly wider and longer as it gets towards the top so don't cut them all the same size. I also cut the foam about a quarter inch to big so it would compress making it firmer.

I didn't take pictures of it uncut but I do have a series showing how I made everything fit. I cut away less foam with each layer moving towards the bottom as less of the quad needs to reach that far.

I also cut the spot for my transmitter so it stores on an angle so it doesn't put pressure on the sticks or switches.

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Posted by Skiiermike | Jul 03, 2014 @ 10:49 PM | 1,697 Views
These are the mods I used to make my Mobius work with the Walkera G- 2D gimbal. I wanted the lightweight gimbal but I don't use a gopro. There are other options available to use the Mobius but you have to remove the lens from the case. Since I use my Mobius as a dash cam as well this wasn't an option for me.

Also the adapter stays attached to the gimbal and you can insert and remove your Mobius very easily.

You will need this ( and you will have to make some small modifications to it.

I am currently working with the seller to have the modifications done by him. The adapter is very good quality and seems to protect the Mobius and sensor well.

First off you have to cut away roughly half of the mounting plate. Remove the 4 screws mounting the sensor and it pops out with ease. I also took the mount off the motor to ensure any vibrations cause by the dremel didn't travel through the mount into the motor. A dremel cut off disc worked perfect but I did have to take a few breaks because the metal mount was getting hot.
DSC_7904 by skiiermike, on Flickr

Next I added some counter weight to balance out the gimbal. Without this the gimbal still works but the motor has a tendency to loose grip at times. I used an old heli flybar cut to a short length. I CA'd it to the gimbal arm then I used some flybar weights and a washer. ( I actually did this later due to some trial and error and help form some forum members...Continue Reading