Telemetry Radio
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Lot's of video's on my channel, please check it out and subscribe!

Gee Bee EPP 1000mm (8 min 44 sec)

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This was a fun evening flight without me on the sticks. This time I was behind camera while a flying buddy was the one taking command of the unstable air with his Parkzone T-28 Trojan.

A Windy Evening Flight with a Parkzone T-28 Trojan RC Plane (2 min 59 sec)

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I'm almost done with the official RCGroups review of the Tamiya FJ Cruiser. Sitting on top of a durable CC01 chassis, the FJ Cruiser is a nice semi-scale trail rig that's quite capable in stock form.

Here's some photos from the review.
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Hello RC community! About a year ago I found this wonderful and creative hobby, and ever since I have been obsessed! I am only fifteen now, but I have learned a ton! Everybody here is so nice and supportive and sharing.

Anyways, I need some help with my quad that is half built. Because I am young, I don't have a whole lot of money to burn(part of the problem), and I need some help selecting some parts to have a reliable quad. I did a months worth of research trying to balance price with quality, and I may have made an error on the side of price .

My initial setup was as follows;

kk2.1.5 (no case)
turnigy d2830 motors 1000kv
20Amp afro esc with simonk hardware
power distribution board
q450 frame from HK
spectrum parkflyer receiver (I fly line of sight for now)
dx6i tx

The problem with this setup, was that the prop adapters for the motors failed during assembly, and so I used zip ties to hold the props on the motors (I know a terrible but effective solution). I didn't care about vibration, I was eager to get the darn thing flying! Anyways it flew for a while, I even have a video from the quad via an old smartphone on youtube, but unfortunately, all things that go up must come down. The quad did a flip at about 4 ft and landed perfectly! It was a miracle! But I knew that zip ties could never be trusted again... So I went to the hobby store to get new prop adapters, but it turns out they were junk too. They are set screw type that always made the props slip...Continue Reading
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RC has been a amazing amount of fun for me over the past 13 years. I'm done a little of everything it seems. In the past year or so I have been slowly loosing interest and have been frustrated and just not having fun anymore. To that end I am going to get out of the hobby (flying, FPV) and just enjoy some simple RC car/truck setups with my 8yr old son. He has no interest in RC flying and we need to find more things to do that are in common. I'll be selling off everything related to flying over the next several weeks.

Thanks RCGroups for an amazing experience!

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Hey, guys - still breaking in my new camera and thought everyone might want to see this Columbian Navy Tall Ship I shot with it the other day.

This 3 masted ship is a training vessel for the Colombian navy with around 80 cadets on board during the training period.

She is a Colombian Navy tall ship, traveling around the world to introduce people to the South American country.

Colombian Navy Tall Ship ARC Gloria Departs Miami (3 min 27 sec)

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Gentlemen :

I have to vent this subject . Underpowered Models ! I'm pissed .

I would love to have the guy by the neck who suggested the numeric range of :

Watts related to Model Weight .

The generic range for this spec seems to be 100 W / pound for a trainer / docile model , 150 W for a moderate aerobatic model and 200 W for a 3D type aerobatic model . I am finding out thru the unfortunate crash experience about just how much tripe these numbers are .

This year I have totalled off some 4 models since going electric . The most contributing factor common to ALL of the crashes related to being under powered in some way or another . My latest bird , a foamie 1040 gram ULTIMATE flies really well as a trainer with a 3S powered 2830 motor twisting a 10 x 5.5 prop but sux majorly for attempting any aerobatic manouvers that the model was designed for .

The latest mod is to install an Aeolian 3542C 600 W motor to alleviate this under powering issue . Should be able to easily twist a 10 x 7 or 11 x 6 with authority . I can always throttle the thing down but I want to be able to do the aerobatics that this model was designed for . Have some real fun for a change ! I fly trainers really well but am aching to get back into the pattern type manouvers . The ULTIMATEs I have flown before were a blast for this stuff .

That feels better . SO maybe I am thinking about this whole thing in the wrong way . I dunno . Still learning the electric game I guess . If...Continue Reading
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I've been having problems over on the RC logger forums. I've not been able to post my videos, so I'll give it a go here.

A few of us have been having problem with the EOX recalibrating it's gyro's during flight.

Originally Posted by yelloo
I've been using my Xtreme for 10 days with a few small crashes, no big deal. By flying a few times today (stock controller), I noticed a problem, after a few minutes of flight the Xtreme kept drifting more and more forward to the point where I have to pull it fully backwards to keep it hover in one place. It keeps getting worse and worse by each flight, there is one thing that helps - land, set off the motors, put it back on right away and lift off again. Then gradually it begins to drift more and more. Only thing i noticed is that the battery and the board gets noticablely warmer than normally. Of course I did the gyro reset many times and I do not use acro mode at all.

Do you think there is a way it could be fixed?
Originally Posted by npotgieter
I am experiencing the exact same issue. Xtreme with stock controller (brand new with no crashes).

Install fully charged battery.

Recalibrate gyros.

Start motors.

Get airborne.

After a minute or two it starts to drift forward.

This gets worse and worse and you have to land to
...Continue Reading
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This will not be a blow by blow build log - merely a log of anomalies and important points about the plane and the build.

My skill level is not what I would call advanced, having built maybe 20 to 25 ARFs, almost all .46 size trainers and sport/aerobatic models. I built some free flight kits many years ago.

Picked up the ARF from my local hobby shop (LHS) on July 10.

My initial impression is that the model is well made, with a low parts count. The covering did not require any ironing to tighten up wrinkles.

This blog will not address electric power, although the ARF caters for that power source and a separate bag of parts for motor mount, etc. is provided.

The instruction manual is terse, to say the least, relying in many cases on just the diagrams without verbiage. In places the text is error-laced, obviously poorly translated into English. For example, this sentence from the instructions on putting together the main landing gear:
"You have to trim each axle using a tool
cutting and cut-off wheel."

Notwithstanding, most intermediate builders should get by.

Here are some deficiencies of the kit, as at time of writing:

1. The printed manual shipped with the kit is monochrome, but shows, without noting verbally, the installation of an Evolution 10cc gas engine. Nowhere on the box or elsewhere is that or any other specific engine mentioned. The online manual at shows what looks like a Saito 4 stroke being...Continue Reading
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Battery bay and gear bay sort of finished.
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Trying to get back into building mode...this is just a test fit on a standard length Aimdroix arm, the real thing is going on extended arms, and on the bottom rather than the top

It's certainly going to have a bit more lift, and 27 more LEDs...

...Continue Reading
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There is a lot of discussion about mounting ESCs out on the ends of the arms. The issue is that the high current flowing thru the power lines feeding the ESCs can form an electric field around the wires. This electric field creates something like a resistance, called an impedance, to the flow of power to the ESC. Unlike pure resistance, which there is nothing you can do about it, you can mitigate the effect of an impedance by balancing the effect of the two contributors to impedance - capacitance and inductance. Since the high current flowing in the ESC feed wires creates an inductive impedance you can reduce the effect by adding capacitance.

If you research the discussion on RCGroups , there is a whole thread on the subject, you will find the recommendation that if you want to put ESC's further out than about 10cm you should add some capacitance.

"As a rule of thumb, for every 4inch/10cm extra length/distance between battery and ESC, add an 220uF extra capacitance near the controller (electrolytic condensators, voltage the same as the capacitors already installed, low ESR type)"

Most ESC's come with a capacitor on the input lines. My solution, and it is only my choice not nessarily the recommended solution for everyone, for my Tarot 680pro what as follows.

I decided to add capacitance and insert the capacitors in the tubes. I wanted the...Continue Reading
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I will update all the thing about iCard in this page , If you are insteresting about this setting box, orlesle there is something wrong when you use it, you can leave
a message for me!

SD card System file:


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My husband recently passed away, he collected many things, but really liked the model airplanes. Among his things I found a Windward Dynaflite ny Mark's Models. It is in the box with everything as he bought it. I know a little about the model, that the Dynaflite was the first. It is old. I hope to put it together for a grandchild, but should I keep it as is for future collectible?

I thought you might could give me more information about it, such as how old is it and if it is of any worth. If you are able to help me, I do appreciate it very much.

Nita Kirkland

Valparaiso, Fl.

Phone 850 496 4026