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Posted by Dunc Newt | Feb 02, 2015 @ 08:10 AM | 1,461 Views
I am building a "Nottingham" J that I got from the UK. The difference between it and the Canterbury J is the way the ballast is attached. The Nottingham puts the same ballast weight from the Canterbury INSIDE the hull. Since the hull is all one piece you can order them in two color options. Mine is dark Oxford blue with a white bottom.
Since I know that I will never be allowed to play with the rest of the kids on the pond I have gone the other way. I am tarting it up like mad. First step has been to build a series of deck house on what I am calling an "access cover". This piece goes over the openings in the deck and is bolted down into captured nuts. Here is a look at the access cover with the deck houses in place.
I also had a set of sails made that will be poor performers, but will look great sitting in the stand at home.
The aft opening hatch doesn't actually open. It provide access to the rudder post.

BTW: everything is to scale.

My wife's comment is, "I can't believe you are actually going to put that in the water!"