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Posted by Chuck41 | Yesterday @ 01:44 PM | 1,133 Views
After a week of flying my v666 and simulator and studying everything I could find about the world of multi-motors I have decided on a direction and pulled the plug ordering a MultiWii Pro 3.0 EZ controller, a FlySky 9XB transmitter / receiver and a multitude of parts for my first build. It will be a 280mm FPV platform and will include a GPS and barometer. If I have follow on builds, they will all share this same controller platform for commonality.

Eventually the v666 will be rebuilt to eliminate the brushed motors. If I cannot do that with the existing receiver/flight controller board I will rebuild it as a MultiWii platform complete with a GPS just like my FPV mini except it will be oriented as a camera platform.
Posted by Chuck41 | Jan 20, 2015 @ 08:20 PM | 1,163 Views
Tonight I flew my first video recording flight. Got a couple videos of 2 and 5 minutes duration. Interesting to see video of flips. Wife recorded the event on my cel phone. Everything worked well. The video was much better quality than the FVP display on the transmitter. There were no drop outs on it.
Posted by Chuck41 | Jan 19, 2015 @ 09:50 PM | 1,589 Views
Flew the 666 four times today. Twice tethered with about a 30' cord and the last two free. Spent lots of time hovering and making very gentle maneuvers. Flipped it a couple times, it was really quick. One of these days I am going to do that when I actually intend to do so. It is so easy to touch that button when you didn't plan to! Wrapping that cord around itself didn't help a lot for a gentle landing either.

When the wind died down a bit and I took off the tether cord I had no problem with radio control out to around 100 yds, but the video went squirrely several times when I was returning with the antenna sticking out the back of the unit pointing away from me. No problem when quad was going away from my position. Apparently the quad blocks the signal with that antenna sticking out the back of the unit. I ordered 5.8G helical antennas for video and a 2.4G one for the transmitter along with a SMA female jack for it as well. First mods coming up.

I am coming to the conclusion that this is really a pretty good starter system for raw beginners such as myself, that is, when it works. When I get more experience and feel comfortable setting control sensitivity to 100% instead of 40% I will pull the Styrofoam body off of this thing and see how it performs naked. Until then I figure both me and the quad needs the safety of covers over those props. Right now I am still bumping things way too much for that.

The unit as I received it had a US power adapter for the charger...Continue Reading
Posted by Chuck41 | Jan 18, 2015 @ 10:56 AM | 1,275 Views
Set up v666 in the living room with a cord anchored with a book. Quad was very unstable. Will try to re-calibrate the gyro next time first. Could not trim it in any axis and was beginning to wonder if the "666" designation was a harbinger of evil? Friends were taking pictures while wife was swatting it away with a pillow when it approached furniture. Looked like she was swatting a bug, a really big bug, even by Arkansas standards.
Next try will be outdoors when wind is calm using a longer tether cord. Looking forward to learning FPV with this thing before building a higher performance quad.
Dreaming of constructing a FPV race/obstacle course here on my 25 acres. Have a variety of environments including gentle hillsides, trees, a pond, a stream through a forest, groves of bamboo, and a couple of 300 yd mostly open fields. Should be able to accommodate everything from rank beginner such as myself to accomplished pros.
Posted by Chuck41 | Jan 18, 2015 @ 10:29 AM | 1,317 Views
My Wltoys v666 arrived Thursday. Ordered Jan 6th, received on the 14th from Banggood. Not bad for going halfway around the world. Extra battery and spare motors not yet arrived.