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glue hand brian's blog
Posted by glue hand brian | May 25, 2014 @ 07:30 AM | 1,602 Views
My aim is to build an fpv alligator out of an Aquascape Floating Alligator Decoy which i came across on ebay.
can by in the uk from amazon but costs around 80 so i'll wait for my order from the states which cost only 40 with the customs tax and postage included.

I came across this video on youtube, which is just awesome! and gives the idea what it could be like.
rc alligator vs. dog (2 min 55 sec)

I plan on using one of these tiny cameras from banggood
and a wide angle lens from the 808 camera which fits the tiny camera.
along with the tiny 5.8ghz vtx also from banggood.

I want to keep the cost down as there is every chance of lossing it, and have already used this setup on a boat out to 500 meters with great picture.
I'll be waterproofing everything with liquid electical tape which i've already used with great results, could use corrisonx stuff but that gets messy.
for control i'll be using frysky as the beeping when getting close to range is great as i won't be bothering with an osd atm,maybe at a later date i'll change over to uhf and 1.3 for more range, just keeping it cheap and simple to start with.

add more later

a quick update, the gator turned up and is much smaller and heavier than i thought it would be,so not much use atm. back to the drawing board,before i even started lol.
Posted by glue hand brian | Apr 01, 2014 @ 07:28 PM | 2,252 Views
Thought i'd share how i flashed and wired up my uhf relay, not new at all, but i had to look about to get all the info i needed so thought i'd show what i did.
It's all easy enough to do and i'm sure there's other ways to go about this, this is just one way.
First of all to flash the frsky dr8-II plus, i brought the frsky usb cable from hobbyking.
Then i downloaded the firmware for the D8R-XP rx from the frsky site,which also includes the flash tool.
I rearranged the wires into a servo plug to plug into the side port on the dr8-II plus.
The signal pins 7 and 8 need to be shorted to enable program mode.
The dr8-II plus need a 5v power supply, i used a 5v bec.
Plug the frsky usb cable into PC and open the frsky_update_rev11 in the d8r-xp firmware folder downloaded.
Click on file, this should take you to d8rxp_cppm27_build120926 in the same folder.
Open that up and the click on download.
Once done, that's the cppm enabled,if needed there are drivers on the frsky site.

Now for the relay, This was alot easier than i thought it would be.
I made a plug using the 4 way servo plug that came with the frsky usb cable, 1 wire for cppm, 12v and ground for my rmilec tx, the cppm wire goes to signal output 1 on the frsky rx, the 12v and ground from a 3s lipo with a bec on for the 5v to power the frsky rx.