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Posted by markeMark | Sep 23, 2015 @ 09:28 AM | 1,222 Views
Not the best of summers in this part of the world, and fewer flying days than in the previous two years due to either wind, rain or a mixture of both. Pleased with the E Flite P51D Mustang with AX3X receiver, and have now added the recently released P47D Thunderbolt to my ever growing number of toys. Not had a chance to fly it yet as the AX3X receiver was incorrectly programmed, and all the surfaces moved in reverse when I carried out the routine tests. Back with Horizon Hobby being re-programmed and hopefully I will get to maiden it next week.
Posted by markeMark | Feb 16, 2015 @ 12:09 PM | 3,596 Views
Have been flying this Mustang for the last few weeks. Much easier than the E Flite Hurricane, and virtually lands itself without nosing over. I find the Hurricane almost impossible to land on grass without it nosing over as it loses speed on the ground. On the other hand the Mustang is almost too easy, and would make a perfect first warbird for someone. Like the look of the Avios Sea Fury, may have to get one providing the forum reviews are favourable.
Posted by markeMark | Dec 05, 2014 @ 11:09 AM | 2,906 Views
A good year for me, all models still intact and flying. Presently have 9 aeroplanes, and my favourites through Spring & Summer were my Parkzone Mosquito which is fitted with retracts & flaps, and the now discontinued E Flite Hurricane. Bought two of these when I heard they were to stop making them, but have only flown one so far. Another fun plane and simple to fly is my Parkzone Trojan.
Just taken delivery of an E Flite P51-D Mustang and a Dynham Cessna 188. Still in their boxes, will put them together sometime, but probably not maiden then until next Spring.
Winter looks to have arrived here, temperatures dropping this weekend to around zero. Good forecast tomorrow, sunny, 3mph wind, although only 3 to 4 degrees C. Will take my ST Beaver over in the morning, fancy a relaxing hour or two and this almost flies itself.
Don't know where this year went, only seems a few weeks back that I was looking forward to Summer.
Posted by markeMark | Mar 17, 2014 @ 11:49 AM | 2,464 Views
Finally maidened the recently released PZ Mosquito which has been sitting in my garage since Xmas, gathering dust due to the terrible weather we have had here for a couple of months.
Very surprised how well it handled, and how easy it is to land. No nose overs like the E Flite Hurricane, and found it only slightly more difficult to fly than the Max Thrust Riot. Would recommend this as an introduction to Warbirds, as I can't see many fighter/bomber aircraft being easier to fly than this.
Posted by markeMark | Mar 09, 2014 @ 01:11 PM | 2,286 Views
The rain has finally stopped, and today actually felt like Spring may have arrived, clear sunny sky with little wind. Got back into the swing of things with my Diamond 2500 this morning, eight or nine relaxing flights. Forecast good for the next week or so, and I am hopeful that I can at last maiden my Parkzone Mosquito which has been sitting patiently in my garage since Christmas.
Posted by markeMark | Feb 06, 2014 @ 05:38 PM | 2,735 Views
Had this model since December, but with the terrible weather here for the last month or so, didn't rush into putting it together. Unable to go to flying field due to constant rain, so have messed around with the cockpit out of boredom more than anything else.
All ready to fly, but may end up waiting until Spring looking at the forecast for the next few weeks.
Posted by markeMark | Nov 06, 2013 @ 06:47 AM | 2,094 Views
Been flying an E Flite Hurricane since the end of Summer, wind has picked up and this handles windy conditions a lot better than my ST Beaver. Looking forward to the release of the Parkzone Mosquito due to be released in the next two or three weeks. Looks like the basic Bind & Fly model will cost around 190 in this part of the world, an extra 50 or so for the optional retracts. Have dropped a few hints to my wife, and she has agreed that this would be a nice xmas present. As I thoughtfully pointed out to her, this will save all the hassle of what to get me this year, and she won't even have to leave the house to look for a present as I will order it online on her behalf. Think she fell for it hook, line & sinker, time will tell.
Posted by markeMark | Oct 19, 2013 @ 12:16 PM | 2,614 Views
Autumn has well and truly arrived here in S. Wales, heavy thundery showers today and winds gusting to around 35 mph. Still, Summer was kind this year, and had plenty of flying days. Bought myself a couple of E Flite Hurricanes while they were still available, and got one in the air last weekend. Flies nice, and a pretty easy one to use. Not many available now, and managed to get mine for 129.90 including postage PNP version. Won't be many opportunities to get out and about now as weather will probably be rubbish for next few months, so have got me some Depron sheets, glue and bits of wood, carbon rods etc, and plans for a Vulcan build. Should keep me busy through long Winter evenings, and who knows, it may even fly providing I don't mess things up.
Posted by markeMark | Jul 17, 2013 @ 08:48 AM | 2,438 Views
Two of us at the field today, both flying Diamond 2500's. Good thermal, only two gliders in the sky, and we managed to collide at between four and five hundred feet. Both landed without any further problems, but around six inches missing from the end of one of my wings. Have had to order a replacement set. The other glider just had a small dent in the centre of one wing. My first real accident since I started this hobby about seven months back.
Posted by markeMark | Jul 07, 2013 @ 07:40 AM | 2,690 Views
Seemed I committed a major crime today. Stood adjacent to our name pegs. Apparently, I should have been 2 to 3 paces in front of them. Someone decided this was a cardinal sin, and went on for quite some time about it, even though I took my two paces forward when first mentioned. Think I'll return to flying full size aircraft at my local flying club in nearby airport. Less rules and regulations there.
Posted by markeMark | Jun 25, 2013 @ 10:01 AM | 2,922 Views
I continue to read letters printed in various magazines and forums from people who insist that the only way to learn to fly RC planes is by using an instructor and a buddy lead. As far as I am concerned, it is down to personal choice, as flying these models is generally far easier than many people make it out to be. I have only been at this hobby for 6 months, taught myself how to fly at a local farmer's field, and apart from landing in a tree on one occasion, have probably 500+ landings and take offs without any problems. I have 5 planes at the moment, my latest being a Hawker Hurricane, and they are all undamaged and fairly straightforward to fly. I am now a member of a club, and my flying is no worse than the members who have had lessons, or the members who taught themselves in the same way as me. I think it is purely down to personal preference as to how you go about learning to fly these models, and younger people should'nt be put off by thinking that they have to be taught via a buddy lead. Some clubs insist on instruction and then insist on an A cert before you are able to fly on their fields. Is this the reason most photographs in magazines and on line are of people in my age group(over50), are younger people put off by all the perceived rules and regulations etc. Do you really need a piece of paper to say that you are capable of flying model aeroplanes. I may of course be completely wrong, this is just my personal opinion having been involved for only a short time,...Continue Reading
Posted by markeMark | Jun 06, 2013 @ 09:46 AM | 3,199 Views
Best day of the year so far here in S Wales as far as thermals were concerned. Took a Diamond 2500 glider to the flying field, and as the day became hotter, so the thermal activity increased. 30 minute flights were no problem, the main difficulty being the glider getting too high, and starting to lose sight of it. Took a Max Thrust Riot up as well, to mess around between the longer glider flights. Putting together my recently received E Flite Hurricane this weekend, before starting to build a Vulcan out of Depron, having been given the plans earlier this week.
Posted by markeMark | May 28, 2013 @ 10:15 AM | 5,379 Views
Although I've only been flying RC aircraft for about 5 months, my interest in planes dates back many years. I remember as a child looking at a small book called " The Observer Book Of Aircraft" which was basically a page with a photograph and specs relating to the aeroplane in question. This was my first real taste of aircraft.
Next, I started purchasing Airfix kits from the local F W Woolworth store. These were small plastic bags with a piece of card fixed to the top with a picture of the model, and cost one shilling or five pence in todays money(about seven or eight cents I think). They were small scale models, about 20 pieces to glue together and decalls to add to the completed model. You could buy paint to make make them more realistic, and the models were mainly Spitfires, Hurricanes, Messerschmitts and the like. For three shillings and six pence (17.5p) you could by a larger model in a small box, a Mosquito, Avro Anson, Vampire etc were some of my purchases. I think this period was between around 1966 and 1969.
Next came Keil Kraft balsa gliders and planes powered by rubber bands, then later, a few years flying in full size gliders, and now, years later, RC aircraft. Guess I never really grew up.
Posted by markeMark | May 25, 2013 @ 01:08 PM | 3,208 Views
I am relatively new to this hobby, having acquired my first RC plane last December. This was a Dynham EZ Hawk, which I found to be a good starter model, ideal to learn the basics of RC flying. I still use it from time to time, but I also have a Diamond 2500 glider, a Stryker, and a Max Thrust Riot. While I have fun messing around with all four models, my favourite by a mile is the Diamond 2500. In my opinion, this model is in a different class to the other three, and easily has the better flight performance, as well as being the classiest looking of the four. Batteries last for ages, as there is no problem with keeping this up for well over half an hour or so, using the motor for only about 30 second for the initial launch. Obviously, this depends on the weather conditions being favourable. I guess as I add to my fleet, I will find something that I will find even better than anything I have at the present time, but I would certainly recommend the Diamond 2500 to anyone who might be looking to purchase a glider, I don't think you would be disappointed with it, easily my favourite for now.
Posted by markeMark | Apr 28, 2013 @ 11:30 AM | 3,329 Views
Been flying an Art Tech Diamond 2500 glider for the last month or so, and am fairly new to RC aircraft. After reading threads on various forums, and looking at some you tube videos, a variety of issues had been reported by D2500 users, and some of these had resulted in considerable damage to their aircraft. As a result of these people sharing their experiences on these forums, I have made various alterations to my glider in an attempt to avoid the most common problems. I have changed the prop blades, the servos, a washer on the horizontal tail section, and carried out a few other minor alterations based on other users reports. The total cost to me was around 35 (approx $50), and I imagine the original parts that I replaced would have cost about 20 or so. As these problems had been identified some time ago, I am suprised that the manufacturer has not made certain improvements themselves. I would gladly have paid an additional 15 - 20 in order to have had higher spec servos, blades etc. and I am sure that the owners who suffered damage to their gliders would rather have paid a little extra themselves in order to avoid these incidents.
Posted by markeMark | Apr 25, 2013 @ 07:22 AM | 4,249 Views
Anyway, around 30 minutes later, she returned in my car,and proudly produced a 5 foot aluminium pole. I quickly calculated that this would still leave me 10 to 15 foot short of where I wanted to be. I was wrong. It was a magic pole, and seconds later looked like it had taken an entire box of Viagra tablets as she extended it to 20 foot. It was a telescopic pole for cleaning upstair windows and the like. I climbed the tree again, (and the tree attacked me again) and eventually knocked the EZ Hawk out of the branches with the pole, and my wife caught it. Have repaired scratches and dents with filler, and fixed the plane as well. Still flies as good as ever. The RC Planemaster does not have a programme for dealing with this kind of situation. My wife reckons I'm spending too much time flying these things, and is threatening to elope with my next door neighbour. I'm begging her not to, because I know I'll miss him terribly. Will let you know if she stays or if she goes, but whatever she decides, I'll still have my EZ Hawk, an excellent plane for beginners.
Posted by markeMark | Apr 25, 2013 @ 07:10 AM | 4,160 Views
At this point my wife came out with the first of a few suggestions. If I lost weight I would probably be able to climb higher was her first little gem. I did not think that this was a feasible idea due to timescales involved etc. Instead, I tried shaking the tree, and despite considerable movement of said tree, it refused to release it's grip on my treasured EZ Hawk. I slid forlornly to the ground, covered in grazes and pinpricks. The tree had not taken kindly to the violent shaking it had been given. Then came her second gem. :Why don't we go back to the house and return with our ladders:. No roof rack or any other transportation method, and I was certainly not going to carry a set of aluminium ladders 1.5 miles up steep hills.Besides, I should'nt really have been climbing trees, being 57 years old and having had an artery in my heart repaired a couple of months earlier. No matter, she had idea number 3 almost immediately. She would drive down to B & Q (like Home Depot in USA) and see if they had something that may help. I decided to let her get on with it, as I had run out of ideas, although I doubted that they would have a EZ Hawk Tree Rescue section. (cont.)
Posted by markeMark | Apr 25, 2013 @ 06:57 AM | 4,332 Views
Late November 2012, and my wife, Nicola, asked me what I would like for Xmas. I had been considering taking up RC plane flying as a new hobby, and therefore suggested a Dynam EZ Hawk would make a nice present, as I had heard that it was in ideal aircraft for novices like myself. My next step was to purchase an RC Planemaster flight simulator, so that I could get in plenty of practice before trying out the real thing. Everything went well with both the simulator, and then after xmas the actual EZ Hawk itself. I quickly seemed to master it, and had no bumps or scrapes of any significance. Fast forward to March 2013, and I decided one sunny Saturday afternoon to pop up to a local farm about 1.5 miles up the road. Accompanying me in my car in order of priority was my EZ Hawk, my Spektrum DX6i, a nice flask of coffee, and the wife. Everything went well, and the plane was soaring high into the sky as there was a lot of thermal activity around. Deciding to land and relax with a cup of coffee, I made my final approach while chatting to Nicky. The plane made a graceful approach before settling gently into the only tree in the large field that I was using. It sat there approx 30 foot up, swaying gently in the light breeze and the warm Spring sunshine. Naturally, the mishap was not down to my flying ability, but the fact that my wife was holding a conversation with me at a critical time. Women! I proceeded to climb the tree, and manged to get about 15 foot up before the branches would no longer support my weight. I had found the climbing quite a struggle, and must have looked like a contortionist or someone trying to play Twister in a tree. (cont.)
Posted by markeMark | Apr 22, 2013 @ 07:05 AM | 9,046 Views
I have ordered replacement propeller blades for my Diamond 2500, as i have heard a lot of reports of props breaking during flight, and causing damage to the nose of the glider. A colleague at my local flying site had the same problem, and the nose of his glider was totally wrecked. He made a new nose from a polystyrene mug, the sort you get when you buy a hot coffee or soup from a cafe to take out. This is my second powered glider, having learnt on an EZ Hawk which I had four months back. Have'nt had any major bumps with either model yet, and I'm making the alterations to the Diamond to try and go as long as possible without causing any damage to it. Beginners luck so far I think, and I'm sure that somewhere down the line, I'll inevitably end up having some sort of mishap that will end up damaging one of these aircraft. Will carry on learning with the Diamond over the next few months, but I am also going to get something a bit smaller and easier to set up, for those days when you just want to pop over to the flying field for an hour or so. By the way, would recommend EZ Hawk as a starter, almost flies itself, lots of fun and simple to use. I enjoy these rc fliers almost as much as gliding in full size gliders. Used to do a fair bit of flying at my local R.A.F. base many years ago. No powered gliders in those days, we used to fly in a Sedburgh, no canopy, just a small windshield to protect your face from the wind. Winch launches only, would get you up to around 700 to 800...Continue Reading
Posted by markeMark | Apr 21, 2013 @ 11:55 AM | 3,494 Views
Thanks to the people who provide advice with my centre of gravity question. Has helped me considerably being new to this hobby. Have flown the glider with and without the additional tail weights, and it certainly is much easier to handle when I add the extra 20 grams to the tail. This weight provides the correct balance on my C of G machine: I was just surprised that I had to add so much weight in the first place. Anyway, I managed around 15 or so flights yesterday, and it flew well, no problems other than it did'nt really want to land. Touched down gently a few times, only to see it glide gently back off the ground for 10 yards or so, before finally settling down. Rolls a fair distance along the ground on it's wheel before stopping, even with flaps down. Have made one or two minor alterations to it today, based on problems I've read about on internet forums. Going to replace servos fairly soon, and I have secured motor more firmly as plywood base plate was working loose. Replaced wooden washers on horizontal tail section with plastic ones.