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Posted by HeliKid420 | Apr 24, 2015 @ 04:50 PM | 2,570 Views
I just purchases the Freewing A-10 thunderbolt II from MotionRC.com. Incredible scale appearance!!!!(http://www.motionrc.com/freewing-a-1...page=2#support) I will keep you all posted when it comes in. (I orderd it today at 3:00 pm pst. Let's see motionrc.com's speed) I am really excited to receive this plane! I also purchased 2, 4000 mah batteries for extended flight time and power. I have been flying planes and helis for 5 years, but college tore me away for a while. this is my second edf jet, the first one I had a warthog and it crashed hard into unfixeable pieces.......nuff said bout that........ I have been flying the DHC-2 beaver from flyzone for about 2 months... and still have the original prop perfect plane for beginners and intermediate flyers. it also comes with floats for the water and that is a lot of fun too. STAY Tuned for pics and video of the new A-10. I will have a unboxing video for youtube as there are none yet. I have read all the reviews and downloaded the manual, which does not look to bad. I am ready to speed it up!

Here is my Beaver and my beginning set up....